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Hi, I'm Gazette/ sports columnist Mike Hlas. This is the Hlog. We will meet here, discuss things, and then go forth in the world to implement our plans.

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Hlas Podcast: Tom Oates, Wisconsin State-Journal

It's Wisconsin-Iowa Week, so the Mike Hlas Podcast features a guest who is well-versed on the subjects of Melvin Gordon, Gary Andersen, and all things Badgers.

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Niagara women’s basketball team: Toughing out storm


I was feeling pretty fed up with my cable television provider because I haven't been able to get certain channels since Sunday night and they aren't sending a technician to my house until Friday morning.


I'm still not h [...]

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Melvin Gordon is no 1-game or 1-season wonder


OK, so you know Wisconsin running back Melvin Gordon is good. There's something about seeing a guy rush for 408 yards against Nebraska that leaves a favorable impression.


But Gordon's excellence has been going on for a [...]

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Hlas: Hawkeyes have faced no defense like Wisconsin’s


IOWA CITY — You'll probably have been Melvin Gordon-ed to tears by the time Saturday's Wisconsin-Iowa football game arrives, but an equally fearsome force awaits the Hawkeyes.

There can be just one No. 1 defense in the coun [...]

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The Hlists: You can’t control your own destiny

College football, lists, combined. Here we go.


1. Northwestern 43, Notre Dame 40 (OT)

2. Florida State 30, Miami 26

3. Oregon S [...]

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It’s Monday, the weather is rotten, Des Moines is happy

Out of nowhere this afternoon, I feel horrible. So I think I’ll write something.

The news Des Moines got first- and second-round NCAA men’s Division I basketball tournament games in 2016 was good on two fronts.

One [...]

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Fun Facts: North Dakota State-Iowa


North Dakota State is an unusual out-of-state nonconference home opponent for Iowa in one regard: It was very good last season.

When you win 26 games and an NCAA tournament contest over Oklahoma last season, you shouldn't need a [...]

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Hlas: It’s Melvin Gordon vs. Team X (Hawkeyes) Saturday


Everything is set up for Iowa's football team to beat Wisconsin Saturday and have a shot to win the Big Ten West.

(Please, just play along.)

First, know that no running back in the history of college football had back-to- [...]

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Big Ten Week 12 efforts: 1. Wis., 5. Iowa, 14. Neb.


Some weeks, it's been hard to find a lot of Big Ten football heroics. Not so on Saturday.

It starts (and ends) with Melvin Gordon of Wisconsin and his 408 rushing yards, of course. But let us note the league was 2-0 in nonconfere [...]

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Hlas: All Hawkeyes needed to do was start finishing

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Just when all evidence pointed to Iowa’s football team plotting to drive its coaches and fans stark raving mad, it instead shifted all torment to its helpless opponent.

What the Hawkeyes did in putting [...]

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