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Hlas: Again, Hawkeyes find the road to results

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Without knowing how the rest of the season had turned out, what if you were Iowa at the start of this basketball ... »

Aaron White’s 3-game run among Big Ten’s 2015 best

Iowa senior Aaron White had his career week last week. Of that, there is no denying.

In games at Nebraska last Sunday, at home against ... »

Fun Facts: Iowa-Indiana

It’s not a short drive from Cedar Rapids to Bloomington. Nor is it the easiest trip when Tuesday’s weather forecast called for ... »

Hlas: A perfect seniors showcase for Hawkeye women

IOWA CITY — That is how you (don’t) say farewell.

The Iowa women’s basketball team had what can accurately be cal ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes salvage state’s Saturday hoops-athon

A Saturday men’s basketball television triple-header, with all three state schools on the road. Six hours and 30 minutes, three different ES ... »

Fun Facts: Iowa-Penn State

There are those who would have you believe wrestling and ice hockey are more-popular winter sports at Penn State right now than men’s ... »

Hlas: Sheepishly, I’ll say Hawkeyes playing like lions

We’ve become conditioned not to make positive declarations about the Iowa men’s basketball team.

From last season and se ... »

Fun Facts: Illinois-Iowa

This is Iowa’s next-to-last home men’s basketball game. Time flies.

Once, someone told me “Time flies, why don&#x ... »

Keith Olbermann is us, and we should relax a bit more

I like Keith Olbermann.

I don’t agree with all of his commentary on his “Olbermann” ESPN program. But I do ... »

Iowa, ISU, UNI all trending up

That was a pretty good 5-day stretch for the three Iowa state university men’s basketball teams. Perfect, really.

Iowa State wo ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes go from soul-searchers to soul-crushers

LINCOLN, Neb. — The last time Iowa destroyed back-to-back Big Ten men’s basketball teams this way was 1944, and it may have cr ... »

Fun Facts: Iowa-Nebraska

Tonight is Academy Awards Night.

But before the Oscars, Iowa plays Nebraska in basketball. I’ll be on the Big Red carpet at Lin ... »

Fun Facts: Rutgers-Iowa

The Rutgers-Iowa men’s basketball rivalry is as old as the hills, as deep as the oceans, as fiery as ... »

Hlas: Hawkeyes dunk troubles, drown Rutgers

IOWA CITY — Iowa dunked the basketball seven times Thursday night.

Adam Woodbury, the 7-foot-1 Iowa center who is the first to ... »

Prediction: Iowa gets that elusive 10th Big Ten win

Iowa basketball fans, I’m doubling down.

A week ago, I suggested the Hawkeyes were in a good position to challenge for second-p ... »

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