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Hi, I'm Gazette/ sports columnist Mike Hlas. This is the Hlog. We will meet here, discuss things, and then go forth in the world to implement our plans.

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Halftime thoughts: Pittsburgh 17, Iowa 7


PITTSBURGH — It's no mystery what Iowa has to do to win this game, or have a chance to win it.

Either it contains Pitt's rushing game much better than it has in the first half, or it goes home with a bruising loss.


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Hlas: Everyone was right about Hawkeyes, everyone’s happy

PITTSBURGH — This win was for everybody.

This Iowa 24-20 win over Pittsburgh was for the outside world that insisted head coach Kirk Ferentz and offensive coordinator Greg Davis needed to change their ways and use underutilized offens [...]

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Can Hawkeyes find redemption far from home?

Mike Hlas, The Gazette


Besides costing Iowa its unbeaten status, last Saturday's loss to Iowa State doused cold Monongahela River water on today's Hawkeyes-Pittsburgh game.

This would have been a battle of 3-0 teams from [...]

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Fun Facts: Iowa-Pittsburgh

I’ve been to a few American cities for college football work trips. Of those, Pittsburgh ranks high on my list of favorites.

It may have more b [...]

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Hlastradamus: Take Hawkeyes (with the points)

Even centuries-old know-it-alls are mystified by the Big Ten’s bungling.

Hlastradamus has gone kaplooey the last two weeks by having a misguided belief the Big Ten still plays competitive football. His 1-3-1 record against the [...]

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Hlas Podcast: Patrick Vint, Black Heart Gold Pants

It's September 17 and not all is well. Not, that is, if you're Patrick Vint of Black Heart Gold Pants. Pat is more than a little disenchanted with the Iowa Hawkeyes' football program and its head coach, [...]

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Hawkeyes try to shake sand off their uniforms

IOWA CITY — This is how Tuesday went for the football teams of Iowa State and Iowa:

Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoads joked with Fox Sports Radio host/comedian [...]

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Transcript: Kirk Ferentz’s Tuesday press conference

This is a copy of the transcript of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz’s press conference Tuesday:

COACH FERENTZ: Welcome. Captains are the same as they’ve been. Louis Trinca Pasat, Quinton Alston on defense, and Brandon S [...]

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Cheap heat: Selected stats about Iowa’s offense

Like almost everyone, I live with self-contradictions.

For instance, I believe with all my heart in eating right. Yet, my ice cream-to-kale intake is roughly 888 million-to-1.

To me, sports writing should primarily be writing, n [...]

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The Hlists: 8 unbeatens in Pac-12, SEC; 2 in Big Ten


1. South Carolina 38, Georgia 35

2. Florida 36, Kentucky 30 (3 OT)

3. Rose-Hulman 74, Illinois College 68 (2 OT)

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