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Hi, I'm Gazette/ sports columnist Mike Hlas. This is the Hlog. We will meet here, discuss things, and then go forth in the world to implement our plans.

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The Hlists: College football’s toughest force is lightning

If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, Michael Corleone said in “The Godfather Part II,” it’s that people love lists.

Who am I to deny the public of its desires? So here are the Hl [...]

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Hawkeyes in the NFL: 22 on active rosters

You think your job can be tough?

How would you like to be Allen Reisner today? The former Iowa tight end from Marion had three touchdown catches in the preseason for the Minnesota Vikings. He was rookie Teddy Bridgewater’s top [...]

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Week 1: Cyclones crash, Badgers bust

Like the first week of the college football season, this column will be all over the place.

The Big Ten had to feel like it was holding a balloon at a county fair Saturday night, then the SEC popped it and walked away laughing into the night [...]

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Week 1 Big Ten Ranking: 1. Penn State, 9. Iowa

This isn’t a power ranking or a cumulative ranking. I rank the Big Ten football teams strictly by their performance in the weekend just ended.

That’s very difficult in August/September, because everybody plays some flots [...]

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Halftime thoughts from Kinnick


Halftime thoughts from UNI-Iowa, with the Hawkeyes ahead, 17-13:


1. When you have nine penalties and are the visiting team, and the opponent has none, you're lucky to be down by just four points.

2. On the other [...]

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Dog bites man, Hawkeyes edge UNI

IOWA CITY — In hindsight, this was as predictable a result as University of Iowa football games have.

Northern Iowa pushes the Hawkeyes harder than they want to be pushed, shows all sorts of savvy and skill, makes Iowa fans swe [...]

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Hawkeyes best of West? Give it a firm maybe

Originally, this was going to be a cautionary essay suggesting Iowa fans not put much faith in forecasts of a Big Ten West title.

They’re out there. Some 10-2 projections here and there, an occasional 11-1. High times.

But why d [...]

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Fun Facts: UNI-Iowa

If it’s Friday in football season, it’s time for Fun Facts. So here they are!

1. Since 1985, Northern Iowa has 10 wins over FBS teams. Four came against Iowa State, three against Kansas State, and one each against [...]

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Hlastradamus returns to save the world

By Mike Hlas, The Gazette


It's been a long time since Hlastradamus was seen in these parts. He spent the off-season taking a twerking class.

But the prophet has returned in time for Week 1 to make some college football pr [...]

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Spartans overwhelming pick to win Big Ten


There's a lot more predicting to be done for the coming college football season than any before it.

We never had the College Football Playoff before. And with it comes a lot of doubt about the Big Ten., an E [...]

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