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Hi, I'm Gazette/ sports columnist Mike Hlas. This is the Hlog. We will meet here, discuss things, and then go forth in the world to implement our plans.

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Hlas Podcast: Adam Kramer, a.k.a @KeggsnEggs

This week's Mike Hlas Podcast is with Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs), the lead national college football writer for Bleacher Report.

We discuss the coaching changes at Michigan, Nebraska and Wisconsin, [...]

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Hlas: Big Ten football is riches and rags

No one will hold any clothing drives for Big Ten football. But to borrow from Mr. Springsteen, some days the conference looks like a rich man in a poor man’s shirt.

There’s so much money and clout in the league, so many [...]

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Hlas: Iowa State basketball bosses run over Hawkeyes

IOWA CITY — In a dark comedy called “Wag the Dog,” Hollywood producer Stanley Motss (played by Dustin Hoffman) constantly says “That’s nothing!” with bluster when faced with potential catastrophes.

I [...]

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Fun Facts: Iowa State-Iowa

Do we even need a preamble for Iowa State-Iowa basketball? It’s fun.

This isn’t football, where the ISU-Iowa game of September offers little but reminders of unhappiness for both teams. Iowa lost 20-17 to a team that wen [...]

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Advice to Dejean-Jones: Give neighbors silent treatment

(Updated at the bottom of the post)

As far as crimes go, Bryce Dejean-Jones’ biggest one may be being a jerk.

If you’ve had police to your apartment several times telling [...]

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Gary Andersen leaves Wisconsin for Oregon State

Less than three weeks ago, I interviewed Wisconsin Athletic Director Barry Alvarez in a Cedar Rapids sandwich shop.


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Hlas Podcast: Hawkeye Elvis

This week’s Mike Hlas Podcast is with – thank you, thank you very much – Hawkeye Elvis!

You may have seen him at Iowa football or basketball games. He was shown by ESPN duri [...]

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Ten Big Ten bowl teams, 10 underdogs

This is kind of incredible.

A record-tying 10 Big Ten teams are going to bowl games, but none are favored to win them. If things go according to the chalk, Iowa will be trying to save face for the conference on Jan. 2 when it plays Te [...]

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Fun Facts: Alcorn State-Iowa

The North Florida men’s basketball team won at Purdue Saturday. North Florida plays at Iowa on Dec. 22.

Which means Alcorn State, Iowa’s foe tonight, is the last of the pushovers on the Hawkeyes’ schedule.

W [...]

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Hlas: Calling Hawkeyes’ bowl matchup great taxes credibility

OK, this may not be what you’d call stirring.

Iowa (7-5) is playing a 6-6 Tennessee team in Jacksonville, Fla., on Jan. 2, the day after all the good bowl games other than the national-championship have ended. Get to work on selling t [...]

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