Group to teach hunting, foraging skills

JOHNSON COUNTY — Through a new program called Edible Outdoors, Corridor residents will be able to learn how to fish, forage and hunt.

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Morels: Questing for the mysterious mushrooms

Morels are of course fun to seek and good to eat, but their appeal is enhanced by the mystery surrounding when and where to find them.

Scienc ... »

Hunting wild turkey from pickup truck

Not sure whether scouting turkeys from the seat of my pickup makes me smart or lazy.

It worked again Thursday for about the ninth time in the ... »

Cedar River rat’s secret fishing hole bears many a bass

With broken concrete protecting an eroded bank on an outside bend of the Cedar River, Gary McNeese’s secret hole did not, at first glance, l ... »

Getting refreshed in the wild

Editor’s note: John Lawrence Hanson, Ed.D., of Marion teaches U.S. history with an emphasis on environmental issues at Linn-Mar High School. ... »

Chronic Wasting Disease doesn’t seem to be a big issue in Iowa

All deer samples tested during a special collection effort this winter in Allamakee County came back negative for the always fatal chronic wasting ... »

No horsing around

STANWOOD — Horse riding is a competition sport many people don’t think about, but one that can take more time and money than m ... »

Signs of spring: trillium, syrup, and construction barrels cited by Iowans

Passions and predilections determine what many Eastern Iowans rate as their favorite signs of spring.

Hawk researcher Jon Stravers of McGre ... »

Outdoors: Thoughts on a rare visit from a sandhill crane

A rare overwintering sandhill crane — or a thoroughly confused migrant — showed up in my neighborhood in mid February.

The bird ... »

No positive samples so far in Iowa tests for diseased deer

No positive tests for chronic wasting disease have been recorded among the first 26 samples collected in a special surveillance effort in Allamakee ... »

Two time Cedar Rapids Bassmasters fisherman of the year going for the hat trick

Having won his second straight Cedar Rapids Bassmasters fisherman of the year title, Justin Lubbock will be striving this year to join the elite co ... »

Researchers dispute claim that eagle populations are crashing

State, federal and other bald eagle researchers dispute the recent assertion by Terrence Ingram, executive director of the Eagle Nature Foundation, ... »

National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic in Des Moines to focus on water quality, wildlife habitat

A special session on agriculture’s critical relationship with water quality and wildlife habitat will highlight the National Pheasant Fest & ... »

Iowa DNR wants to prevent spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer

HARPERS FERRY — An unprecedented special deer hunt will likely be conducted near here in the coming weeks to gather tissue samples for addit ... »

In ice fishing, you take what you get until you can catch what you can

WILLIAMS, Minn. — The generally meaningless expression, “it is what it is,” actually held some meaning for me and my seven fri ... »