On Iowa by Marc Morehouse

Considering 6-4

It’s so easy to deride 6-4. It’s all over the internet today, this being the 10-year anniversary of Iowa’s dramatic 6-4 ... »

Podcast: ‘On Iowa’ reviews Maryland loss

CEDAR RAPIDS -- The 'On Iowa' podcast returns to break down an ugly Hawkeye performance in a 38-31 loss to Maryland.

The Gazette's Marc Mor ... »

Stat Pak: Just one B1G loss, but way too winnable, way too many breakdowns




1. It ended ... »

Maryland 38, Iowa 31: Everything ravaged

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — They play the coach’s postgame news conference over the PA here at Byrd Stadium. Maryland coach Randy Edsa ... »

Video Sessions — It’s a wrap

Video 1 — Iowa QB Jake Rudock talks about a pick 6 that put a severe dent in the Hawkeyes’ chances on Saturday.

Video 2 ... »

The Walk Through

Is the mascot really named Testudo? I kind of like that.

Visited the White House last night. What fantastic history. Thank you, Tyler ... »

For second week, Iowa’s defense burned on the ground

COLLEGE PARK, Md. — You saw Indiana running back Tevin Coleman run through Iowa last week and you kind of got it. Coleman is part bul ... »

Enter ‘The Buddha:’ Instincts make Desmond King an impact corner

When Yvette Powell’s son was born, he was a hefty kid. Desmond King came into the world 9 pounds, 8 ounces. He had chubby cheeks and ... »

2-Minute Drill: The Maryland Terrapins

(Maryland linebacker L.A. Goree/Mark Konezny-USA Today ... »

3 and Out: Canzeri getting healthy


1. Checking in on Canzeri ... After where junior running back Jordan Canzeri ended last season, you w ... »

Podcast: ‘On Iowa’ talks B1G hoops media day, previews Maryland

CEDAR RAPIDS -- The 'On Iowa' podcast returns to talk Hawkeye football and basketball.

The Gazette's Scott Dochterman phones in from Chicag ... »

Miller Time Bowling with Pat Angerer

This is a repost and maybe a re-post of a re-repost. Anyway, if you have something good, milk it, right? »

The art of WR blocking

IOWA CITY — Yes, that was a pretty block that Jacob Hillyer put on Indiana safety Chase Dutra last week. It was crisp and definitive. ... »

Good-Timey Radio Hour

This is your weekly Kirk Ferentz radio show highlight show post. It’s stream of consciousness. Just know that going in.

— ... »

The Quickest Slants


I've been going through a little bit of a posting nightmare. Apparently, my profile is glitched. I think you probably already knew that.< ... »