On Iowa by Marc Morehouse

2-Minute Drill: Pittsburgh Panthers

(Photo credit: Stephen Mally/The Gazette)

Pitt had defensive tackle Aaron Donald last season. He was the schools best defensive lineman ever. Like [...]

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3 and Out: Ott shakes off moped accident

1) Wrapping up the moped thing — It wasn’t the fact that Iowa defensive end Drew Ott was in a moped accident. He’d been through that before, sort of.

He lives on a farm in Trumb [...]

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Putting the ‘senior’ in senior wide receiver

The nice way to put it is that Kevonte Martin-Manley is an “old soul.”

That’s where his uncle, Sisco McKinney, goes with the “Kevonte is old” storyline. McKinney helped raise Martin-Manley. He rememb [...]

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Podcast: 'On Iowa' previews Pittsburgh

CEDAR RAPIDS -- The 'On Iowa' podcast returns to preview Iowa's upcoming game against Pittsburgh.

The Gazette's Scott Dochterman and Marc Morehouse break down the matchup in all phases of the game, and they also pick games around the Big T [...]

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Targeting hits the Hawkeyes

IOWA CITY — The other half of Jordan Lomax’s targeting penalty kicks in this week.

The junior free safety, ejected in the fourth quarter of last week’s loss to Iowa State, will have to sit out the first half when [...]

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Good-Timey Radio Hour

Hi, everybody.

Gary Dolphin sounds chipper. Man has a ton of energy. Good Dubuque County, fella.

This is your weekly Kirk Ferentz radio show highlight show post. It’s stream of consciousness. Just know that going in.

< [...]

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Video Sessions Part 3

Video No. 1 — Iowa WR Tevaun Smith showed some frustration last week. The WRs want a bigger piece of this. Can you blame them?

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Video Sessions Part 2

Video No. 1 — Iowa OT Andrew Donnal on the running game: “Sometimes, you have to do other things. Sometimes, you’ve got to throw the ball. You [...]

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Audio: Hawkeyes talk Pitt

Hear what Hawkeye players had to say a few days removed from their loss to Iowa State, and as they looked ahead to this week's game against Pittsburgh.