On Iowa by Marc Morehouse

Video Sessions Part 3

Video No. 1 — Outside linebacker Bo Bower’s history as an Iowa football player in about two minutes. It’s a short story, but he’s only a red [...]

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Video Sessions Part 2

Video No. 1 — Sophomore cornerback Greg Mabin had never played a snap before he started Saturday. Yes, he was nervous. Here, he breaks down his game-clinching in [...]

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Video Sessions Part 4

Video No. 1 — WR Kevonte Martin-Manley caught eight passes for 62 yards and converted a few third downs, which is what Iowa WRs refer to as the “money dow [...]

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The Walk Through

Welcome to the 2014 football season.

— Quick weather update: It’s 69 degrees in IC with a 50 percent chance of rain. It’s 93 percent humidity with 14 mph winds (doesn’t feel like it) out of the south.

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Hawkeye linebacker Bower almost wore purple

IOWA CITY — Last year at this time, freshman linebacker Bo Bower had a broken thumb, was a walk-on and was probably a million miles from anyone’s imaginary depth chart.

If you rewind far enough into his recent past, you& [...]

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Video Sessions Part 1

Video No. 1 — Iowa offensive tackle Brandon Scherff says Iowa’s running game has to be more detailed and physical at the point of attack. He also said Iow [...]

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Iowa 31, UNI 23: Fight to the finish

IOWA CITY — Just after the postgame interview time, Carl Davis put his hands on the wall, bent a knee and tried to stretch a calf. It was nearly an hour after the game and the Iowa defensive tackle was still feeling the strain.

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Recruiting class filling up quickly

Here are some Iowa football recruiting notes from HawkeyeReport.com publisher Tom Kakert. We’ll try to do this as the needle moves with Hawkeye recruiting.

Big thanks to Tom! I hope you enjoy.

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2-Minute Drill: The Northern Iowa Panthers



You've probably heard the name Xavier Williams m [...]

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Three and Out: Three players worth talking about


1. He doesn't mind “Meerkat” — “Meerkat” is the nickname that Iowa wide receivers coach Bobby Kennedy put on sophomore continue »

Vital signs


IOWA CITY — Football, if nothing else, is a grand experiment in kinesiology. About a year ago, Iowa football strength and condition coach Chris Doyle took the deep dive into technology, specifically the use of GPS and accelerometer [...]

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Podcast: 'On Iowa' breaks down UNI

The 'On Iowa' podcast returns to break down Iowa's football opener against UNI. The Gazette's Marc Morehouse and Scott Dochterman break down the match-up across all phases of the game, make their predictions, and pick every game of the week across [...]

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Wide receivers poised for production


IOWA CITY — The Iowa wide receiver group is very close to “ballin'.” You know, “ballin'.”

“By 'ball,' as a wide receiver, I mean make plays,” senior wide receiver Kevonte Martin-Manley sa [...]

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Good-Timey Radio Hour Curt answer from Kirk on QB platooning (I'll show myself out)


We're talking about stuff again on the radio.

It's Ed Podolak's 32nd season in Iowa's radio booth. That's fantastic. Still, one of the best in the business. I've chatted about his replacement in the past, not anynmore. Don't look [...]

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Quickest Slants: The latest updates from Iowa City

Northern Iowa has a bit of a quarterback thingie going on.

Sawyer Kollmorgen is the No. 1. He didn’t learn this, however, until he was asked by a reporter on Monday when he was told he’ [...]

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