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Hlas Podcast: Adam Kramer, a.k.a @KeggsnEggs

This week's Mike Hlas Podcast is with Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs), the lead national college football writ ... »

Hlas: Big Ten football is riches and rags

No one will hold any clothing drives for Big Ten football. But to borrow from Mr. Springsteen, some days the conference looks like a rich ma ... »

Hlas: Iowa State basketball bosses run over Hawkeyes

IOWA CITY — In a dark comedy called “Wag the Dog,” Hollywood producer Stanley Motss (played by Dustin Hoffman) constantly says ... »

Fun Facts: Iowa State-Iowa

Do we even need a preamble for Iowa State-Iowa basketball? It’s fun.

This isn’t football, where the ISU-Iowa game of Sep ... »

Advice to Dejean-Jones: Give neighbors silent treatment

(Updated at the bottom of the post)

As far as crimes go, Bryce Dejean-Jones’ biggest ... »

Gary Andersen leaves Wisconsin for Oregon State

Less than three weeks ago, I i »

Hlas Podcast: Hawkeye Elvis

This week’s Mike Hlas Podcast is with – thank you, thank you very much – Hawkeye El ... »

Ten Big Ten bowl teams, 10 underdogs

This is kind of incredible.

A record-tying 10 Big Ten teams are going to bowl games, but none are favored to win them. If things go ac ... »

Fun Facts: Alcorn State-Iowa

The North Florida men’s basketball team won at Purdue Saturday. North Florida plays at Iowa on Dec. 22.

Which means Alcorn Stat ... »

Hlas: Calling Hawkeyes’ bowl matchup great taxes credibility

OK, this may not be what you’d call stirring.

Iowa (7-5) is playing a 6-6 Tennessee team in Jacksonville, Fla., on Jan. 2, the day aft ... »

Fun Facts: Maryland, Baltimore County-Iowa

Not every one of Iowa’s nonconference games involves North Carolina. Maryland, Baltimore County (That’s right, a comma instead ... »

Hlas: UNI torn apart by Indiana refugee Roberson

NORMAL, Ill. — This is how one team’s national-title hopes were born six months ago, and how another’s died Saturday: »

Gary Barta: Foundation still strong enough with Ferentz

Iowa Athletic Director Gary Barta wanted to talk to the media Friday, and says he will do again Saturday in Carver-Hawkeye Arena before the ... »

If Hawkeyes go West, they could face a handful

Wrap your mind around this:

Iowa, with a 7-5 record, could face a 10-win division-champion from the Pacific-12 Conference in a bowl ga ... »

Kirk Ferentz no longer Big Ten’s oldest head football coach

Nebraska hired an old dude.

Just kidding. Because 61 isn’t old. Mick Jagger is 71. Iowa has a U.S. Senator, Chuck Grassley, who ... »

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