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Hawkeyes try to shake sand off their uniforms

IOWA CITY — This is how Tuesday went for the football teams of Iowa State and Iowa:

Cyclones head coach Paul Rhoads joked with Fox Sports Radio host/comedian [...]

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Transcript: Kirk Ferentz’s Tuesday press conference

This is a copy of the transcript of Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz’s press conference Tuesday:

COACH FERENTZ: Welcome. Captains are the same as they’ve been. Louis Trinca Pasat, Quinton Alston on defense, and Brandon S [...]

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Cheap heat: Selected stats about Iowa’s offense

Like almost everyone, I live with self-contradictions.

For instance, I believe with all my heart in eating right. Yet, my ice cream-to-kale intake is roughly 888 million-to-1.

To me, sports writing should primarily be writing, n [...]

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The Hlists: 8 unbeatens in Pac-12, SEC; 2 in Big Ten


1. South Carolina 38, Georgia 35

2. Florida 36, Kentucky 30 (3 OT)

3. Rose-Hulman 74, Illinois College 68 (2 OT)

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Hlas: Hawkeyes’ offense has offended the senses

This isn’t 30 years ago when college football offenses were more conservative, and most of the talent was hoarded by the top 15 or 20 programs.

Now we see offensive fireworks shot off hither and yon. Teams like Oregon and Baylo [...]

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Ranking Big Ten Week 3 Performances: 1. Nebraska, 11. Iowa

This is a ranking of how Big Ten football teams did in Week 3, and Week 3 only.

Week 3 didn’t have the marquee carnage of Week 2, but it really wasn’t any better. The Big Ten had three games against Big 12 teams, were fa [...]

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Halftime thoughts: Iowa 14, Iowa State 3


1. Of all the football coaches at any level on this planet, the least-likely to go for a first down on a 4th-and-8 at the opponent's 16 with a 7-3 second-quarter lead is ...

It apparently isn't the guy who did it. Kirk Ferentz sa [...]

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Hlas: Cyclones reboot, Hawkeyes freeze up

IOWA CITY — He grinned after he missed a 42-yard field goal that briefly seemed like it would cost Iowa State a victory over Iowa in regulation Saturday.

“I knew they had one timeout,” Cyclone sophomore kicker Cole Nette [...]

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Iowa: Home of football diversity

Imagine if Iowa were a faraway land where things are totally different.

Like Wisconsin. Or Minnesota. Or Missouri. Or, yes, Nebraska.

OK, they aren’t that far away and they have plenty of similarities with Iowa. But Satur [...]

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Fun Facts: Iowa State-Iowa

Ah, Iowa State-Iowa. It’s a truly great rivalry. In basketball, anyhow. The best way to pump some fun into the football side of it? Fun Facts, of course.

1. Over the last three years, the combined score in this series is [...]

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Cyclones-Hawkeyes: America offers its predictions

Berry Tramel, The Oklahoman: Iowa 19, ISU 17.

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Hey ISU-Iowa: Real rivalries are more than a trophy


Let's be honest. As football rivalries go, Iowa State-Iowa is pretty weenie, to borrow the phrase of the old barfly commenting on the gang at “Cheers” after they mistakenly continue »

Hlastradamus: Fresh off a Hlastradisaster

The only explanation is that Hlastradamus ate a bad piece of 16th Century fish.

He went 0-5 against the spread last week. He would have gone 0-6, but he only picked five games.

The seer (Season record: 4-6) did the worst thing a [...]

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Hlas Podcast: Sage Rosenfels

This week's guest on the Mike Hlas Podcast is former Iowa State/NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels, who now writes for

Sage talks about Saturday's Iowa State-Iowa game, and about a piece he wrote for his site that was b [...]

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Get Iowa’s football team some helmets

IOWA CITY — There is a reason football players wear helmets. Except they don’t. Not while driving mopeds in Iowa City, anyway.

Drew Ott, Iowa’s rapidly rising star at defensive end, was in an accident while on his moped [...]

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