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‘Right to Assistance’ bill necessary

Feeling safe in your own home and neighborhood is a critical quality-of-life issue — especially for those who are victims of crime.

A ... »

Iowa DOT traffic camera ruling is reasonable

In 2013, when the Iowa Department of Transportation wrote new rules governing the use of automated traffic enforcement cameras, we saw the move as ... »

Civil rights standards are a good move

There are several reasons we feel a decision by the ... »

Make open government a daily priority

Throughout the week, Gazette staffers have celebrated Sunshine Week — a too short annual reminder that the public’s work should be do ... »

Iowa City government awash in sunshine

Iowa City residents are rarely more than a few clicks or a phone call away from information on city government, which is too often a rarity in Iowa ... »

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MUSIC TO THE EARS: Students in Jane Schlabaugh’s digital citizenship class at the Iowa Mennonite Sch ... »

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PUBLIC HEALTH: Linn County Public Health in Cedar Rapids has become the first public health department in t ... »

Sunshine Week is important, but so is the spirit of laws on open meetings, records

It’s Sunshine Week, the yearly moment when those of us who care about government transparency shine a spotlight on the Iowa laws intended to ... »

Camera data should be easier to get

It’s been six months since Cedar Rapids officials were told by the Iowa Department of Transportation that a pair of speed cameras on Interst ... »

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AMERICAN GOTHIC: The famous American Gothic House in Eldon will open ... »

Concealed weapons permits: Protect the public’s right to know

Iowans deserve to know what actions government takes on our behalf, affecting our lives and using our money. That’s why we have laws requiri ... »

Blame game hasn’t resolved Fort Madison prison delays

Unacceptable is the word Iowa voters should remember as state officials and lawmakers engage in blame game politics while tax dollars are repeatedl ... »

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MANAGED CARE: State Department of Human Services leaders say their plan to switch payments for Medicaid ser ... »

SMARTER BALANCED: Recommended assessment for Iowa’s K-12 students carries a hefty price tag, and for what?

Staff editorial

If state lawmakers follow the recommendation of a task force, Iowa school districts will no longer use the Iowa Assessments, ... »

Fight bullying with civility, resilience

Staff editorial

Iowa lawmakers this session are taking yet another look at legislation intended to fight bullying in our schools.

The ... »