Staff Editorials

Hit the pause button on Knutson

The Knutson Building has been standing on the west side of the Cedar River downtown since 1887. We think it should be allowed to remain there a whi ... »

Easing debt burden takes planning

Hopes and dreams and debt. That is what a majority of Iowa’s recent college graduates are left with as they walk across the stage and enter ... »

Against the current: Critical inland waterways fight for critical investments

President Barack Obama’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget plan delivers the right message about the nation’s massive and critical infrastructu ... »

A sad stalemate at the Statehouse

Here we go again.

The Iowa Legislature is mired in a stalemate over the size and scope of the state’s 2016 budget. A legislative sess ... »

Climate change demands attention

We are not scientists. But when 188 researchers and scientists from 39 Iowa colleges and universities ... »

Commencement wisdom for us all

It's commencement season; a time to offer heartfelt congratulations to Corridor and Iowa graduates, and to their families and instructors who helpe ... »

Iowa legislators should act on eminent domain

We share the concerns of state lawmakers ... »

Stronger laws regarding ‘puppy mills’

Animal advocates say Iowa is one of the worst states for “puppy mills” — large-scale dog breeding operations that treat animal ... »

More on line at MHIs than union jobs

Iowa lawmakers are consider ... »

Melcher-Dallas shows consolidation isn’t only for schools

The past three decades haven't been all wine and roses for the south-central Iowa community of Melcher-Dallas, but there's no mistaking that they'v ... »

Investing in Iowa wind energy is worth the effort

Although Iowa leads the nation in wind energy production and the economic benefits are notable, there is considerable untapped potential.

Las ... »

Battle against trafficking continues

State lawmakers deserve credit for recent advancements against human trafficking.

The Iowa Code chapter dealing with human trafficking ... »

Info needed on Kadyn’s Law outcomes

While news that a high percentage of Linn County motorists ticketed under the new school bus law have cases either pleaded down or dismissed is dis ... »

Supervisors should turn on cameras

Smile, Linn County Board of Supervisors. You’re on Joel Miller’s camera.

Miller, the Linn County Auditor, carried a video came ... »

“Right to Assistance” law would make Iowa’s local nuisance ordinances better

Ongoing discussions between state lawmakers and City of Cedar Rapids officials have kept a possible “Right to Assistance” bill in the ... »