Staff Editorials

Info needed on Kadyn’s Law outcomes

While news that a high percentage of Linn County motorists ticketed under the new school bus law have cases either pleaded down or dismissed is dis ... »

Supervisors should turn on cameras

Smile, Linn County Board of Supervisors. You’re on Joel Miller’s camera.

Miller, the Linn County Auditor, carried a video came ... »

“Right to Assistance” law would make Iowa’s local nuisance ordinances better

Ongoing discussions between state lawmakers and City of Cedar Rapids officials have kept a possible “Right to Assistance” bill in the ... »

Kirkwood Community College grabs bright spotlight

Politics watchers are still debating the merits of Hillary Clinton’s first trip to Iowa as a presidential candidate in 2016. Her brief, two- ... »

Forfeiture deserves scrutiny, reform

When individuals on opposite ends of the political spectrum take aim at the same issue, something is clearly amiss.

Iowa Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D- ... »

Homers & Gomers


BODY CAMERAS: Iowa City police soon will be equipped with body cameras, and the price tag was significantly ... »

Are our rural communities worth saving?

In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt stood before Congress and discussed “the unwholesome tendency” of people to move out of rural a ... »

Not too late to fix ‘peeping Tom’ law

Lawmakers missed an opportunity last week to revise Iowa’s invasion of privacy law and subject “peeping Toms” to tougher penal ... »

CR, Linn Co. are learning to play ball

While there is no lack of conversation in and around the Corridor on collaborative opportunities and joint ventures, it’s rare to find an ex ... »

Moving forward

More than two months ago, we called ... »

Nearing a flood protection destination

The long road to a final Cedar Rapids flood protection plan is nearing its destination.

After a series of public hearings over the last sever ... »

Don’t wait on tragedy for EpiPen change

Iowa’s current rules for administering potentially lifesaving epinephrine injections to students suffering from allergic reactions are out o ... »

Provide more tools to fight K2

The ever-shifting makeup of dangerous synthetic drugs, sold and marketed under names such K2, bath salts and spice, has been a consistent source of ... »

Iowa school funding impasse is about competing values, not money

Last week, the school funding impasse took another ugly turn, with Democratic and Republican leaders accusing each other of playing politics with o ... »

‘Right to Assistance’ bill necessary

Feeling safe in your own home and neighborhood is a critical quality-of-life issue — especially for those who are victims of crime.

A ... »