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Calendar call undermines local control

Deciding when a school year starts is a decision that should be left to local school boards, not the Iowa State Fair Board.

That seems like a ... »

Communication could’ve eased dispute

It’s a scenario that plays out all too often in Iowa communities.

City leaders gather and formulate strategic plans intended to shape ... »

Homers & Gomers

Staff Editorial

HOMERS — What’s going right

NEW & ... »

Flood plans impact you

The city of Cedar Rapids’ effort to build flood protection affects you.

Maybe you live or work downtown or in other neighborhoods hit ... »

Don’t stick Iowans with subsidies’ cost

Many Iowans have obtained health coverage under the Affordable Care Act, and many more will be signing up for plans in the coming days. For roughly ... »

Artwork less troubling than UI statement

While we empathize with community members and University of Iowa students who were shocked and concerned by an unauthorized public art display on F ... »

Homers & Gomers


ROCKING THE VOTE: Iowa voters turned out in record numbers for ... »

No vote for Iowa’s felons

When Iowa became a state in the mid-1800s, the adopted Constitution naturally reflected the views of the time. Specific rights were bestowed upon f ... »

Tax credit faces strong headwinds

The good news is the U.S. House has delivered a reprieve to wind energy, voting this week to extend a tax credit that benefits wind energy projects ... »

Visionary ideas for commuters

We hope a study by the Iowa Department of Transportation on commuter transportation needs in Corridor counties proves to be the spark needed to agg ... »

Give back on ‘Giving Tuesday’

Since 2012, the Tuesday following Thanksgiving has been recognized as a day of charitable giving.

The idea for the day was the brainchild of ... »


MISCALCULATION: The past three years of financial statements by Casey’s General Stores will need be revi ... »


HELPING HANDS: It was great to see so many area non-profits, churches, businesses and individuals reaching out ... »

‘I’m a legislator’

Tom Harkin says he’ll miss the legislating most.

“I love legislating. I love working these things out, the interplay. Yeah, I&# ... »

Ferguson can’t answer nat’l concerns

While we’ve known for some time we’d ultimately weigh in on the outcome and unrest in Ferguson, Mo., we did not expect the timing to ... »

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