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Fight bullying with civility, resilience

Staff editorial

Iowa lawmakers this session are taking yet another look at legislation intended to fight bullying in our schools.

The ... »

Parts of Iowa casino bill are worth debating

It was launched with much fanfare locally, but an effort to alter Iowa’s casino gambling landscape and make room for a smoke-free facility i ... »

Reframe our notions of retirement

In 15 years, Iowa will look quite different.

The Hawkeye State, like most states, is aging.

Today, about 15 percent of Iowans are age ... »

24/7 Sobriety Program worth pursuing

There appear to be many positives and few negatives to a self-funding sobriety program being discussed in the legislature.

... »

Lesser pot penalty is welcome change

It’s good to see a bipartisan group of Iowa lawmakers working together to reduce criminal penalties for possession of very small amounts of ... »

Iowa Legal Aid funding: Find a fix to ensure access to justice

Finances should not be a barrier to justice.

So it is good to see the judicial branch actively seeking solutions to dwindling state and fede ... »

Homers & Gomers


HOTEL FORT DES MOINES: A $40 million renovation of Hotel Fort Des Moi ... »

Forfeiture laws need to be strengthened to promote transparency, protect accused

Civil forfeiture has been getting a lot of attention lately, with large-dollar seizures making headlines in Iowa and other states, and U.S. Attorne ... »

Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention bill is a welcome start

With the U.S. Senate’s unanimous consent last week, the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act headed to the White House for ... »

AIB, University of Iowa merger is a positive, but raises issues

According to Iowa’s Constitution, the state’s seat of government is “fixed by law” at the city of Des Moines, while the ... »

Remember Black History Month, act throughout the year

Nearly 40 years after it was proposed, why do we still celebrate Black History Month?

Why keep remembering the shameful past, especially wh ... »

Fantasy football, fireworks, school start date and licensure: A few places Iowa law should pull back

Iowa lawmakers spend a lot of time thinking up and debating ways for government to expand its reach. Most legislative sessions yield at least a few ... »

Iowans deserve a realistic aid debate

Iowans deserve an honest debate over how best to fund public school districts. We didn’t get one in the Iowa House this week.

Majorit ... »

Welcome cooperation on Cedar Lake

Staff Editorial,

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett called it a “big step forward.” We hope he’s on the money.

The may ... »

Electing regents is not the answer

The idea that politics and cronyism should not be part of the state Board of Regents selection process is a no-brainer. Determining the best path t ... »

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