Letters to the Editor

Loss creates an opportunity to change

To the editor:

Two columnists could not have had more differing perspectives on the murderous terrorist acts in Charleston than Kathleen Par ... »

Some bicyclists do not obey the rules

To the editor:

Back when I rode my bike in the 1940s and 1950s, I watched out for cars, not the other way around. I rode mostly on sidewalks ... »

Today’s fashion not attractive on women

To the editor;

I suspect women’s fashions assaulting our sensitivities are forcing today’s society to gorge on chocolate and h ... »

Missing memorials honored son’s life

To the editor:

Since our son, Dave, died in November 2010, our family has kept his memory alive many different ways.

On his grave at ... »

Common core about centralized control

To the editor:

In response to “Get answers from common core” letter of May 13, the 10 pose ... »

Buy Iowa meat from local farmers

To the editor:

Regarding the June 21 article “Want groceries? You can go online for that”:

I like this article, however, ... »

Climate change cannot be ignored

To the editor:

Even the Pope is aboard the stop climate change train.

The Pope’s encyclical, released June 18, addressed clima ... »

City council deserves acknowledgment

To the editor:

Kudos should go out to the Cedar Rapids City Council members on two counts.

The agreement to guarantee the Westdale pro ... »

Swamps, weeds control water runoff

To the editor:

Regarding the May 26 letter “C.R. city parks full of weeds, swamps”:

I can only speak regarding the Hunt ... »

Pope appluaded for taking climate position

To the editor:

Though I am not a follower of any religious leader or religion, I applaud Pope Francis’s encyclical, specifically on t ... »

Don’t let killer determine flag’s meaning

To the editor:

In reference to the incident in Charleston, S.C.

It’s just a shame that one killer can control the United State ... »

Take action to protect climate

To the editor:

Like many other Iowans, I care deeply about my beliefs and where they originate. Growing up, my dad would stress the importan ... »

Solar is better for our environment

To the editor:

Iowa’s solar energy industry is booming. We have come a long way in a few years since the Prairiewoods Franciscan Spir ... »

Paying living wage good for economy

To the editor:

I applaud The Gazette for publishing Mike Owen’s editorial “Reversing Iowa’s low wage legacy” on ... »

Elected officials should follow law

To the editor:

I see letter writers saying that there would be no issue with speed camera tickets if we followed the law, followed the speed ... »