Letters to the Editor

Politicians must hold oath as sacred

On Nov. 4, in order to regain honor and stability for our state and our nation, we have an opportunity to select and replace the United States Congress with honorable oath keeping representatives of government.

It is imperative that we bring [...]

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Study candidates before casting vote

After listening to Mariannette Miller-Meeks on Iowa Press never answer a question outright and verbosely expound on the same old, tired, Republican talking points we have been hearing ever since announcing their one goal was to destroy the preside [...]

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Work together for a better country

The job of running for any office in Congress is now decided by the very rich thanks to our Supreme Court.

The race for Tom Harkin’s position via Joni Ernst and Congressman Bruce Braley is a great example. The Republican is on record [...]

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Restore prestige to the U.S. Senate

One must conclude that Bruce Braley is not qualified to be a U.S. Senator based on his TV and radio advertisements. The Senate is supposed to be a deliberative and prestigious body and historically has been more collegial and far less partisan tha [...]

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Ernst wants to take away freedoms

When Joni Ernst wears her Army uniform she protects the freedom of all Americans. When she puts on her farm clothes she is different.

Ernst fights against the freedom of low income and singles and all Americans to have affordable health car [...]

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Renewable energy is healthier choice

I write in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “Clean Power Plan” to cut carbon pollution from power plants for the first time.

Since power plants produce nearly 40 percent of the carbon pollution [...]

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Jake Porter has a plan in place

So often with politics it seems we don’t like the candidates. Listening to the ads on the radio it’s as though we are choosing which candidate we dislike the least. That isn’t always true, as is the case this year with our cho [...]

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Interstate safer with cameras

It is my opinion that those folks who want to do away with the traffic cameras on Interstate 380 were either not around or can’t remember what it was like before they were installed. Or perhaps they have a death wish.

Driving through [...]

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People can change with right support

Regarding the article on sex offenders (“Long-term paroles for sex offenses on the rise,” Aug. 17), I believe people can and do change, with support systems such as counseling, mentors, group therapy and churches.

In the state [...]

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City should abide by Iowa DOT rules

I find it interesting that the City of Cedar Rapids feels it does not have to abide by the Department of Transportation rules regarding traffic cameras and the city is primarily operating the cameras in the interest of safety of the public.


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Writer supports Carson for president

Dr. Ben Carson is a unique man. He was born in Detroit in impoverished conditions. His Mother was married very young to his Father. The marriage, sadly, didn’t last. She worked several jobs to keep the family fed and to pay the rent where t [...]

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School supply lists unreasonable

I read with disbelief the list of backpack items for elementary students (“Doing the math,” Aug. 10).

Time was when the first three grades started with two or three pencils (with erasers), maybe a ruler and an eight color box o [...]

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Drug traffic a concern for resident

I am concerned about the drug traffic in our city.

On Sept. 10, a car hit a porch and took the porch off the house next to Good News Baptist Church on Third Avenue SW. The car proceeded into the parking lot and totaled one of the cars there [...]

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ISIS not immediate threat to U.S.

It is time for the United States to pull back its military involvement in the Middle East.

ISIS is a terrible thing, but most experts agree that it is not an immediate threat to the United States. We have a Department of Homeland Security. [...]

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Move speed limit signs to comply

The Iowa Department of Transportation tells us that two of the Cedar Rapids speed cameras are not at their required 1,000 foot distance from a speed limit sign that shows a drop in speed.

Let’s do this: move the speed limit signs. Pr [...]

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