Letters to the Editor

Get to know Amy Nielsen at Oct. 8 forum

Knocking on doors for Amy Nielsen’s mayoral campaign in North Liberty confirms my belief that she will bring the fresh perspective we need in the mayor’s chair.

I’ve learned that my neighbors and I want more information [...]

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Ernst reveals little in statements

Any day now I would like to hear a fuller explanation of what Joni Ernst’s much-touted “Iowa Values” consist of, beyond oft-repeated repeated vague flag-mom-and-apple-pie tributes. So far, her ideas appear to include “p [...]

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GOP principles are disconcerting

David Chung writes in his Sept. 22 column “Nothing wrong with party-line voting” that he votes party-line Republican “precisely because (he) supports principles over party.” He will vote a straight ticket based on princ [...]

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Ernst voting record not acceptable

Regarding the Sept. 8 article “Hospitals in expansion states performing well”:

In a nutshell it says that the hospitals in states that expanded Medicaid are in better shape than in states that did not. On May 22, 2013, Joni Ern [...]

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Ferentz seems allergic to success

I have supported Kirk Ferentz since he started as head coach. He had proved himself as an o-line coach under Fry, and like Hayden Fry, he turned the Hawkeyes into winners again. But is it only me, or does anyone else believe he seems allergic to s [...]

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Follow laws or pay the price

I find it hard to believe that people are trying to justify their breaking the law by hoping to have the speed limit and stop light cameras banned. What difference does it make who operates the cameras; whether the cameras are 1,000 feet ahead of [...]

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Our borders also need protection

Recently, unauthorized individuals jumped the fence around the White House and tried to get entrance.

If President Barack Obama does not want a fence along our southern border to protect Americans from undesirables, then why does Obama have [...]

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Cast a vote to make a difference

If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance.

If you condone incompetence and corruption within this scandal ridden administration, you can keep it. If you’r [...]

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Our currency is being debased

“Obama raised my grocery prices by 30 percent.” I made that statement to Dr. Ben Carson as I was getting my photo op with him in his book signing tour around Iowa. He questioned, “Only 30 percent?” My answer was “ [...]

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Hatch didn’t benefit from subsidies

Gov. Terry Branstad has repeatedly claimed Jack Hatch’s business inappropriately profited from government subsidies. Television ads paid for by the Republican Governors Association claim Hatch’s vote on eminent domain benefited him f [...]

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Paul Pate is a true public servant

I feel very strongly about the race for Secretary of State. There are very few times that we get to elect a true public servant.

A true public servant is someone who comes out of his private life to help Iowa and then return to that private [...]

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Iowa DOT hinders business climate

Recently, the Iowa Department of Transportation ordered Cedar Valley Winery to remove a sign located on the owner’s property, even though grape vines are planted on that farm and vineyard equipment is maintained and stored on that farm.


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Linn County auditor cares about people

Regarding the Sept. 24 article “Auditor rides bus to register voters”:

It seems Joel Miller angered Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson when he spent time riding the city bus to register voters. Oleson felt that Miller, a Demo [...]

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Football players treated differently

Recently, three National Football League players have been indicted either for assaulting a woman or abuse of children.

Tim Tebow and Kurt Warner also played in the NFL. Both were ridiculed, mocked and demonized by the media for their moral [...]

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Learn about issues facing universities

If you’re like me, you find it daunting to understand the layers of issues and challenges at state universities in Iowa. Have the regents overreached or are they finally catching up? What obligation do the three universities have to ensure [...]

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