Letters to the Editor

Ernst not best choice for Senate

Joni Ernst is doing well in the polls. Apparently her quaint folksy campaign with flags, soldiers, church steeples, old tractors, claims of what she’ll do is appealing. Sen. Chuck Grassley’s endorsement: “Will bring common sen [...]

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Vote Blum to serve 1st District

There are two distinct choices in the race for Iowa’s 1st District congressman.

Pat Murphy is a big-government, tax-and-spend, “liberal’s liberal” who enjoyed 25 years in the Iowa Legislature. While there, Murphy [...]

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Rizer is right choice for District 68

As the father of an Air Force veteran, I am excited that retired Col. Ken Rizer is running to represent the citizens of Iowa House District 68. Leadership is important, and never more so than today. We need a representative who is able to work wit [...]

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Rick Stewart is an ideal candidate

It is time to end the two party monopoly that has been destroying our government. In a recent column, Todd Dorman opened my eyes to a great choice for U.S. Senate — Rick Stewart. See: rickstewart.com.

Stewart is an ideal candidate. H [...]

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Forget the bashing & give us facts

I am in total agreement with those who are making every effort to get voters out.

Our forefathers fought and gave their lives for this privilege. Many of today’s voters tell you they are too busy or do not know which candidate will d [...]

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Democratic Central Committee supports JoCo bond issues

The Johnson County Democratic Central Committee has passed this resolution: “The Johnson County Democrats support passage of the $33.4 million bond issue to erect and equip a County Courthouse Annex located adjacent to, incorporating and co [...]

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Vote no for Local-Option Sales Tax

The Iowa City Council is pushing the local-option sales tax (LOST). The reason given is that the rules for how property is assessed for the purpose of taxation have changed and the city is going to lose money.

With the expected loss of fund [...]

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Rizer is ready to move Iowa forward

Ken Rizer is an outstanding candidate for Iowa House in District 68. His accomplishments read like a true American hero.

After a distinguished career in the Air Force, Rizer has returned home and served as a senior vice president with Goodwi [...]

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Stanerson works for constituents

The residents of Linn and Buchanan counties have an outstanding young representative, Quentin Stanerson, who has been working in the Iowa House for them the last two years.

I have had the privilege of working with Stanerson in the House cham [...]

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Vernon is a well-qualified candidate

Monica Vernon is running for lieutenant governor. Over the past couple of years I have had the opportunity to talk with Councilwoman Vernon on several occasions and have heard her speak to groups on climate change and equal pay for women. I have f [...]

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It is time to make casinos smoke-free

When CVS announced it would stop selling tobacco products, I was relieved. It was inspiring to see the company take action for the betterment of their customers’ health and their shareholders’ bottom line. It’s time for the st [...]

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Let’s work to end world hunger

Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize Foundation, recently spoke about the award ceremony held Oct. 16 in Des Moines. He spoke also of his attending an event in the country of Iran where the importance of the work of Iowa nat [...]

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Vote Branstad out of office

Retire Gov. Terry Branstad on Nov. 4.

It is time to throw him a retirement party and not a victory party.

In the absence of term limits, citizens of Iowa need to vote for another candidate for our governor.

One man should not h [...]

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Imam deserves gratitude of citizens

Thanks to Imam Hassan Mahmoud of the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids. He wrote “It is time that we, Muslims, speak out against the crimes of ISIS” and he spoke out in that letter (“Muslim silence must come to an end,” Oc [...]

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Cut salaries, not jobs, to save money

I have misgivings about the Board of Regent’s hiring Deloitte, an out-of-state consulting firm to recommend measures to cut costs at regents institutions.

I have worked at the University of Iowa for 34 years as administrator and have [...]

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