Letters to the Editor

Positive change difficult to achieve

To the editor:

Regarding Phil Alexander’s March 22 column “What’s the best way to share our causes?”:

I&#x ... »

City only interested in making money

To the editor:

If the City of Cedar Rapids was interested in safety, they would have photo radar signs that are 4 x 8 with blinking lights on ... »

Medicare dictates health needs

To the editor:

For many years I have used a common blood pressure medication called “Amlodipine Besylate 5 mg” twice a day. Aro ... »

Budget cuts will affect patients

To the editor:

If you run a business and find you need more money to continue doing business, then you raise prices to stay afloat.

Whe ... »

Vote yes on CCSD bond referendum

To the editor:

As longtime residents, parents and alumni of College Community School District, we are urging patrons to vote yes on a bond re ... »

Get involved to change the process

To the editor:

Lynda Waddington laments the loss of public discourse, “sunshine” in her terms, for input on school board superi ... »

Bully pulpit, yes; pulpit bully, no

To the editor:

T.R. Roosevelt, our 26th president, is famous for coining two enduring phrases: the “bully pulpit” as well as &# ... »

Safer crossing on 42nd not a priority

To the editor:

I am a bicycle rider and I wish to comment on the plans for a safer crossing on 42nd Street NE by the railroad tracks.

I ... »

Warren is champion for working families

To the editor:

Here’s why Elizabeth Warren, senior Senator from Massachusetts, should run for president. She’s a champion for w ... »

Ernst has stained political career

To the editor:

Well, Joni Ernst, you’ve “made ‘em squeal” all right, but I don’t think this was quite the ... »

Act of kindness shown at Mo Show

To the editor:

On March 14, we attended the Mo Show concert at Washington High School. The auditorium was packed. We looked and looked for a ... »

Tanning beds boost chance of cancer

To the editor:

Recently, the University of Iowa College of Public Health released its Cancer in Iowa: 2015 report. Among the most startling ... »

Climate change is a scare tactic

To the editor:

For all the Chicken Littles out there, climate change is a big hoax and politically motivated by those attempting to gain pow ... »

Education funding should be a priority

To the editor:

Several excellent opinion pieces regarding priority problems in general and the condition and future of Iowa’s educati ... »

Taxing bicyclists is a ludicrous idea

To the editor:

Regarding the March 15 letter “Bicycle tax could help repair roads”:

The proposal to tax bicyclists $5, p ... »