Letters to the Editor

Protect land from eminent domain

To the editor:

I completely agree with Lynda Waddington’s May 17 column “Eminent domain bill deserves fair hearing.”

... »
Choices limited with food stamps

To the editor:

As part of my Problems of Modern Society class at Mount Vernon High School, I took part in the food stamp challenge.

In ... »

Traffic camera letters are hilarious

To the editor:

Letters, especially those from out-of-state complaining about the cameras on Interstate 380, are hilarious.

I am grinnin ... »

Elizabeth Warren is the voice we need

To the editor:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the crucial voice missing from the 2016 presidential race. Hardworking Iowans, like me, are looking f ... »

U.S. established as a secular Republic

To the editor:

In regard to Steve Hufferd’s May 13 letter “We have a right to pursue happiness”:

Why is Hufferd as ... »

Lawmakers wasting time, resources

To the editor:

Wake up, Iowans! The legislative agenda for the next few years has been determined by ALEC with their penny wise, pound-foolis ... »

Sighting of owl on flagpole was symbolic

To the editor:

On Saturday night, as I was about to turn in, I happened to glance out our front window and saw an owl alighting on our flagpo ... »

Encourage use of permeable paving

To the editor:

Our city has gone through one major flood and we don’t want another. Our rivers and streams have poor water quality, bu ... »

Donations made kite festivals a reality

To the editor:

The Johnson County Community Partnership for Protecting Children was able to give away more than 300 kites to kids in Johnson ... »

CR parks full of weeds, swamps

To the editor:

It’s past time for the city of Cedar Rapids to put money in other places rather than downtown. Everyone knows about the ... »

Climate change talk is about details

To the editor:

Global warming alarmists are fond of labeling skeptics as deniers and claiming that the science is settled. Yet, I don’ ... »

Obamacare offers many benefits

To the editor:

After reading an article about the benefits of expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, the stud ... »

Veteran grateful for Honor Flight

To the editor:

Outstanding, uplifting, memorable! These words come to mind when I think of the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight on April 21. It was ... »

Address potential traffic problems

To the editor:

Enthusiasm and excitement was displayed at the groundbreaking ceremony for the new North Liberty high school. However, for t ... »

Vietnam veterans are not forgotten

Dear soldiers who died in Vietnam,

You are not forgotten. I am sad that you died because of a war. While visiting the Vietnam War Memorial in ... »