Exact change by Lynda Waddington

Cohabitation of roundheels and biddies

Hawkeye Martini: three measures of prune juice, one of vodka, half a measure of Metamucil Clear and Natural. Shake it very well until it’s i ... »

While you weren’t looking

Did you get distracted by Congressional Keystone XL discussions?

While the U.S. Senate debated a bill approving construction of the Keystone ... »

Property tax breaks on the backs of ballplayers?

The squeeze is on, and it might be a home run. Or not.

The petition placed online by »

FBI latest gov agency to use press

When the videotape of journalist Daniel Pearl’s brutal murder was released in 2002, it was handed to an undercover FBI operative posing as a ... »

It’s a privilege to invoke racism

Something ugly has happened in Eastern Iowa.

Cornell College’s »

Time for clearer message

Voters like to pride themselves on sending messages through the ballot box and, most of the time, such messages are easily received and understood. ... »

Looking ahead as election craziness nears end

Rejoice, fellow Iowans. We’ve outlived the seemingly never-ending stream of political nastiness that attempted to hijack our lives — ... »

‘Sit down, shut up’ is no strategy

I’m fairly sure Southern heritage has me genetically predisposed to scrappiness.

I love a good debate and have sometimes purposefully ... »

Think LOST stinks? Hold your nose, blame lawmakers.

No one wants to pay more taxes, but sometimes it really is the best of the bad options.

When Johnson County voters flip their ballots this No ... »

Questions piling up for Ernst

Joni Ernst seems to be disrespecting quite a few folks.

You may have read in our U.S. Senate endorsement that Ernst, Republican candidate fo ... »

Voter ID still bad for the masses

Some folks didn’t take kindly to my calling voter ID laws a scam in last Sunday’s column. So, in their honor, this week I’d li ... »

Get some skin in the game

How’s cynicism working out for you?

Perhaps it is ill timing that during 2014 election mega millions racing across televisions, radios ... »

We need to vote no on voter ID

It’s safe to say it now. Voter ID is a scam.

That’s not exactly how the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office put it in ... »

Be the mirror they need to see

We aren’t doing right by our young adults.

Perched on the edge of a large pink bubble — part sofa, part catchall — I wai ... »

Ernst disingenuous on ‘personhood’

It’s time for Iowans to jump in the weeds. And, thanks to all the manure spread as part of and on behalf of the U.S. Senate campaigns of Jon ... »

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