Exact change by Lynda Waddington

Should Iowa have more official state symbols?

Tennessee’s ... »

And how will they know us?

This column was filed late. You see, I’d planned to begin it with a prayer for the harm of another person. Seriously. I considered being a c ... »

A ‘rock star’ caucus won’t serve rural America

If rumors are believed, this is the day Iowa Democrats have either been wanting or dreading: Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her entry into ... »

Rayhons case reveals law’s flaws

Jury selection took place this week in the trial of Henry Rayhons, a former Iowa lawmaker who stands ... »

Lack of openness has led to ‘Save Iowa History’ concerns

In politics, the truth is too often drowned out by perceptions, and such perceptions are driven by a lack of transparency.

Like most of you, ... »

Indiana is just the beginning

When the U.S. Supreme Court returned its decision in the Hobby Lobby contraception coverage case, I argued the set stage would be of little benefit ... »

Why Hillary Clinton isn’t a done deal

Despite its auspicious beginnings in about 500 BC and subsequent debate, the idea that nature abhors a vacuum was imprinted upon American conscious ... »

Has UKIP arrived in Iowa?

A significant (and I believe growing) number of Iowans no longer fit neatly into the two historic political categories that have dominated American ... »

Political spin turning voters off

A  new study by a Philadelphia media watchdog group has found that, in the lead-up to the 2014 midterm elections, more time during broadcast ... »

Goodbye, Sunshine

Few times in history has a time period devoted to awareness of a cause been bookended by two high-profile examples. Yet, that is exactly the case f ... »

Villatoro closer to deportation

An Iowa City pastor swept up in a federal initiative to arrest and expel migrant criminals from the country has been relocated to a detention facil ... »

All about that race (no trouble)

Decades ago, when our family came to Iowa, I found the Hawkeye State uncomfortable.

Not only did our oldest daughter and I have twangy southe ... »

Villatoro not ‘worst of the worst’

If actions taken by the federal government are of any consequence, we should all be feeling a little more safe this week.

As part of its ong ... »

Pew research important in diversity issue

From an anecdotal standpoint, this is something many already felt.

The Pew Research Center has released a new “Local News in a Digital ... »

Ferguson, Iowa City more different than similar

When officials in Ferguson, Mo. held a news conference to respond to ... »