Exact change by Lynda Waddington

Veteran death is shameful

Statistics are just numbers on a page, something we read before shaking our heads and moving on to the next thing — until they strike close ... »

Reynolds special guest at upcoming ‘Pastors Policy Briefing’

An invitation, stamped with the return address of a West Des Moines UPS Store mailbox, went out this week to Iowa’s faithful.

Those wh ... »

North Liberty diversity discussions underway

While a forum on diversity in North Liberty may have been born in the shadow of national racial and socioeconomic unrest, it would be wholly unfair ... »

Second verse, same as the first

The Iowa Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments this week on the closure of the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo, which was previously deemed unco ... »

21-only ordinances should remain local issue

Ask people in Iowa City whether or not the 21-only ordinance is working, and the answers will be a mixed bag.

Nearly five years and two ball ... »

Love on display at HS game

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It is what I consider a fairly useless holiday, filled as it often is with the vestiges of naive love.

... »
There’s still time to be brave

Sit down and have a conversation with Iowa City blogger Brook Easton and you won’t walk away with the impression that she is a person coping ... »

Hillary Clinton isn’t Iowa caucus grim reaper

A long time ago, months before hordes of Iowans gathered in school gymnasiums and community centers for the 2008 caucuses, I sat inside Iowa Democr ... »

Our mental health system still has cracks

My sister-in-law, Susan, one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, couldn’t fight off a blood infection. She juggled not only my bro ... »

Waze makes a lousy cop stalking tool

When you think about violence against law enforcement, you probably don’t turn a suspicious eye to your smartphone. But some police advocate ... »

What might be lost in Iowa City cottage dispute

This past week has been filled with listening and searching, both producing little satisfaction.

On Tuesday night about 80 people gathered a ... »

Let’s drop the SOTU responses

Let’s be honest: the state of the union response is not strong, nor is it necessary.

This is not a slam against newly minted U.S. Sen. ... »

Let Mason departure herald new age of messy

The People’s Republic of Johnson County is a messy place, often overrun with public meetings and task force investigations. Everyone, it see ... »

Confessions of an Iowa gun snob

Have you ever written or said something from a centrist position only to have those on either side of the issue overreact, confirming your centrist ... »

And thus begins the real work

While some would argue most political campaigns ended last November, I’m not among them.

National campaigns officially ended this week ... »

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