Exact change by Lynda Waddington

Has UKIP arrived in Iowa?

A significant (and I believe growing) number of Iowans no longer fit neatly into the two historic political categories that have dominated American ... »

Political spin turning voters off

A  new study by a Philadelphia media watchdog group has found that, in the lead-up to the 2014 midterm elections, more time during broadcast ... »

Goodbye, Sunshine

Few times in history has a time period devoted to awareness of a cause been bookended by two high-profile examples. Yet, that is exactly the case f ... »

Villatoro closer to deportation

An Iowa City pastor swept up in a federal initiative to arrest and expel migrant criminals from the country has been relocated to a detention facil ... »

All about that race (no trouble)

Decades ago, when our family came to Iowa, I found the Hawkeye State uncomfortable.

Not only did our oldest daughter and I have twangy southe ... »

Villatoro not ‘worst of the worst’

If actions taken by the federal government are of any consequence, we should all be feeling a little more safe this week.

As part of its ong ... »

Pew research important in diversity issue

From an anecdotal standpoint, this is something many already felt.

The Pew Research Center has released a new “Local News in a Digital ... »

Ferguson, Iowa City more different than similar

When officials in Ferguson, Mo. held a news conference to respond to ... »

Veteran death is shameful

Statistics are just numbers on a page, something we read before shaking our heads and moving on to the next thing — until they strike close ... »

Reynolds special guest at upcoming ‘Pastors Policy Briefing’

An invitation, stamped with the return address of a West Des Moines UPS Store mailbox, went out this week to Iowa’s faithful.

Those wh ... »

North Liberty diversity discussions underway

While a forum on diversity in North Liberty may have been born in the shadow of national racial and socioeconomic unrest, it would be wholly unfair ... »

Second verse, same as the first

The Iowa Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments this week on the closure of the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo, which was previously deemed unco ... »

21-only ordinances should remain local issue

Ask people in Iowa City whether or not the 21-only ordinance is working, and the answers will be a mixed bag.

Nearly five years and two ball ... »

Love on display at HS game

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It is what I consider a fairly useless holiday, filled as it often is with the vestiges of naive love.

... »
There’s still time to be brave

Sit down and have a conversation with Iowa City blogger Brook Easton and you won’t walk away with the impression that she is a person coping ... »