Exact change by Lynda Waddington

Voter ID still bad for the masses

Some folks didn’t take kindly to my calling voter ID laws a scam in last Sunday’s column. So, in their honor, this week I’d like to add a few more words. Let’s start with “racket” and “fraud.” [...]

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Get some skin in the game

How’s cynicism working out for you?

Perhaps it is ill timing that during 2014 election mega millions racing across televisions, radios, computer screens and roadsides, I’m hoping Eastern Iowans are willing to set aside cynicism [...]

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We need to vote no on voter ID

It’s safe to say it now. Voter ID is a scam.

That’s not exactly how the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office put it in their new hefty Voter ID report, but their c [...]

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Be the mirror they need to see

We aren’t doing right by our young adults.

Perched on the edge of a large pink bubble — part sofa, part catchall — I waited for my teenage daughter to model one of the homecoming dresses she had in the changing room. I c [...]

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Ernst disingenuous on ‘personhood’

It’s time for Iowans to jump in the weeds. And, thanks to all the manure spread as part of and on behalf of the U.S. Senate campaigns of Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley, you should know these weeds are deep.

Reproduction is a very person [...]

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There’s a lesson in Atlantic City

I wandered aimlessly for hours, the quintessential tourist wanting to hold and press each experience between the pages of a mental travel memoir.

I spent the better part of a day walking the historic boardwalk in Atlantic City, N.J., having [...]

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ESPN is missing something

(Author’s note: ESPN has stated there is no discussion on domestic violence planned for pregame tonight. “Contrary to published reports in Esquire, there was no panel on domestic violence ever plan [...]

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Religion, not politics, shifting on marriage

If you read headlines or your Facebook feed this week, you may have wondered if you somehow woke up in 2009.

The two major gubernatorial candidates turned back the clock to engage on the not-so-pressing issue of marriage. Specifically, one g [...]

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Too many questions on MRAP

Back during my college years, when there seemed to be unlimited time to sit with friends and discuss hopes and dreams, I once expressed my desire to go on a game show and win a new car.

“It would be cool,” I dreamily pronounce [...]

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In Iowa, rural being defined as unequal

Long-anticipated growth has finally come to rural Iowa, but is hardly the harbinger of prosperity so many wanted.

A study released this month by Iowa State University sociologist Dr. David Peters crunches 40 years of U.S. Census data, showi [...]

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Telemed case will find justice

No matter our stance on controversy de jour, we can agree on the importance of an independent judiciary. No one wants to stand before a judge and wonder if his or her ruling is based on placement of a wet finger in the political winds.

We u [...]

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It’s not just the money, honey

Food and living expenses have new meaning for three Eastern Iowa state senators who recently accepted a national challenge to “Live the Wage” for one week. Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City and Tom Courtney of Burlin [...]

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Another year, hole remains

He should have turned sweet 16 today.

It’s kind of funny, or maybe just sad, that even today, 16 years after our son was stillborn, I still pause and wonder what he’d be doing if he had lived. Maybe he’d be running foot [...]

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Local opposition to ‘ineffective’ immigration program not enough

Iowans concerned about increased crime resulting from a decision by some law enforcement agencies not to honor federal immigration detention requests should take solace in new evidence that the local-federal partnership does little, if anything, t [...]

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Addressing the GOP gender gap

Labeling the GOP as the party of “old white men” reached new fervor in the wake of a report commissioned by two major Republican groups, which detailed the currently insurmountable gender gap faced by the party.

The report, le [...]

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