Exact change by Lynda Waddington

It’s not just the money, honey

Food and living expenses have new meaning for three Eastern Iowa state senators who recently accepted a national challenge to “Live the Wage” for one week. Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City and Tom Courtney of Burlin [...]

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Another year, hole remains

He should have turned sweet 16 today.

It’s kind of funny, or maybe just sad, that even today, 16 years after our son was stillborn, I still pause and wonder what he’d be doing if he had lived. Maybe he’d be running foot [...]

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Local opposition to ‘ineffective’ immigration program not enough

Iowans concerned about increased crime resulting from a decision by some law enforcement agencies not to honor federal immigration detention requests should take solace in new evidence that the local-federal partnership does little, if anything, t [...]

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Addressing the GOP gender gap

Labeling the GOP as the party of “old white men” reached new fervor in the wake of a report commissioned by two major Republican groups, which detailed the currently insurmountable gender gap faced by the party.

The report, le [...]

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A case for oversight

PICHER, Okla. — The devastation of small towns near the Oklahoma-Kansas state line and at the heart of the Tar Creek Superfund site appears fairly straightforward. In the most simple terms, the problem is as prominent and overwhelming as th [...]

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Stage set for Ft. Madison battlefield

Although leaders in Fort Madison have not reversed an earlier decision to split a historic parcel of land and allow retail development on one section, they have entered into an agreement aimed at historic preservation and management of the remaind [...]

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Renewing the promise of Women’s Equality Day

On this day in 1920, not yet 100 years ago, Congress granted women the right to vote. This day — now celebrated as “Women’s Equality Day” — marks the end of an 80-year campaign for women’s suffrage.

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Kick-start diversity with board

Much consternation has taken place over the past few years in Johnson County due to the Iowa City Schools’ facilities plan and diversity policy. Here’s a suggestion: let’s start enacting needed changes in the way board members [...]

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You don’t want to go home again

The picture tucked into my photo album wasn’t what I expected.

In that photo, I’m a little girl, holding a beach ball and snuggled into my father’s bare chest as his feet are covered by sand and the tide in Galveston, T [...]

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Developing War of 1812 location shortsighted

City leaders in Fort Madison have agreed to split a plot of land they know to be historic. While dividing the parcel does not immediately endanger further investigation or preservation of the site, it does clear the way for a section of the proper [...]

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Bittersweet balancing act of life

In the summer of 1988, I was 20-years-old. had two years of college under my belt, and sneaked out of my parents’ house for the first time.

The overstuffed car had 4-60 air conditioning — four windows down, traveling at 60 mile [...]

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Iowa can learn from the Missouri tragedy

Michael Brown was an 18-year-old black man who died Saturday, gunned down by police outside his apartment complex. He was scheduled to begin classes at Vatterott College today and, according to friends who agreed to interviews, Brown wanted to be [...]

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Public K-12 is a solid investment

“It won’t hurt to look.”

That was the advice of the school registration worker as she smiled and extended a paper with state income eligibility guidelines toward me. She had asked if our family qualified for free or red [...]

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Voting ban is a mark of poverty

President Lyndon B. Johnson announced a “War on Poverty” as part of his 1964 State of the Union address, promising and mandating the nat [...]

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Bertrand defamation case changes nothing

In September 1895, Woodrow Wilson was more than two decades away from his move into the White House and spent a great deal of time studying government via the lens of history.

It was at this time, well before history and political science we [...]

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