24 hour Dorman

Branstad’s open to smoke-free casino, but casino lobby has more clout

When I asked Gov. Terry Branstad for his opinion on a possible legislative effort to put a smoke-free casino in Cedar Rapids, I expected the [...]

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One fall race worth endorsing

Not everybody running this fall has made me cringe, sigh or reach for the remote.

My daughter Tess, a seventh-grader, tried cross country for the first time. Today she’s scheduled to be striding around Noelridge Park for her last meet [...]

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More fun with campaign mailers

“TODAY, IOWA IS BOOMING…” proclaims a mailer from the Republican Party of Iowa, promoting Gov. Terry Branstad’s re-election bid. Unlike four years ago, when Iowa as all bleak and sad and grainy black and white.

B [...]

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Only one poll really matters, but it’s not this one

A telephone rings. Again. And again.

Hello. This is an automated survey regarding the upcoming election conducted by Please, Don’t Hang Up Research, LLC. It will take five to eight minutes of your time.

1. Are you likely to vot [...]

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Citations across the nation

Cedar Rapids’ traffic cameras sure have played a mean game of license plate bingo.

Since 2010, motorists from all 50 states have received camera citations for speeding through Cedar Rapids, according to figures continue »

Read, roll eyes, recycle, repeat

I'm not an official fact-checker. But occasionally, I play one in my driveway.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to smile, knowingly, at the candidate mailers stuffing my mailbox, and swiftly deposit them in the recycling bin. Perhaps they'll c [...]

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A voice outside the debate

Rick Stewart swears he’s “not a radical.” But he’s got a radical idea.

If you’re on the ballot, you ought to be on the stage.

That didn’t happen Sunday for Stewart, who is an independent candi [...]

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Equality in tying the knot has changed Iowa politics

In eight short years, we’ve gone 180 degrees on marriage politics in Iowa.

Consider this past week.

Democratic nominee for governor Jack Hatch warned that if Republicans take over the Legisalture and Gov. Terry Branstad is re-e [...]

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Postcards from the Auditor

Postcards have the Linn-Mar School District on edge.

Blame Linn County Auditor Joel Miller. His office sent postcards to registered voters in the district informing them of an April 1 special election renewing a Physical Plant and Equipment [...]

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A debate that failed to develop

It’s a real shame that the race for governor is over, otherwise we might be having an important debate over the course of economic development policies.

Sure, not a single ballot has been cast. But we’ve got polls, so who need [...]

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Outside bucks running the show in Iowa’s Senate race

If you’ve got a bad case of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”- style doe-eyed patriotic optimism, I’ve got a surefire cure.

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Sad saga, wrong priorities

SIOUX CENTER — So your state Environmental Protection Commission didn’t exactly bulldoze a rule requiring builders to put four inches of topsoil back on finished construction sites.

But members did start the bulldozer’s [...]

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Playing doctor at the Capitol

This is what happens when the Legislature plays doctor.

Lawmakers approved a bill that, on the surface, looked like it allowed families to use oil extracted from marijuana to treat kids with a severe form of epilepsy. It was hailed as a big [...]

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Changing how I look at water

I was asked by the League of Women Voters to speak on water quality issues at a forum Saturday at the Indian Creek Nature Center. Here is some of what I planned to say, if it turns out I remained upright and unbruis [...]

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Something lost at the checkpoint

Another tragic day. Another opportunity for the purveyors of metal detectors.

This time it was the Jackson County Courthouse in Maquoketa, where a guy angry about his property taxes ends up pulling a gun at a Board of Supervisors meeting. [...]

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