24 hour Dorman

Connecting the dots between Scott Walker, Happy Chef and a very big umpire in Ryan

When you’re running for president, or testing the waters, the last thing you want to come off as is some big stiff, standing like a statue w ... »

The Week — A King assails the Supremes and stubborn, corn-loving Iowans shrug at a famous professor.


The legal arguments for allowing states to ban same ... »

Council bets on Westdale

Westdale’s ambitious transformation from dead mall to multiuse development may be short of cash, but it had no shortage of identities at Tue ... »

RSVP gets complex for GOP

Some Republicans seeking to lead the free world have been asked in recent days ... »

Iowans weigh in against tossing topsoil rule

So your Iowa Environmental Protection Commission h ... »

Capitol nannies strike back

So the nannies are making a Statehouse comeback. You knew they would.

Back in February, ... »

Band law sparks memories, and more music

Sometimes, a column leads me to something unexpected. ... »

The Week — Marijuana, Hillary’s next trip and hot new spring fashions


Did you get a load of ... »

Small stops and a very big bubble

MONTICELLO — Some have cracked wise about what Hillary Clinton’s campaign 2016 slogan should be. After watching her first Iowa event ... »

Cedar Rapids’ DOT appeal is uphill fight

So Cedar Rapids is going to fight for its right to put speed cameras where it pleases. For safety, of course.

Local control is at stake. Fil ... »

Legislators bickering over school bucks should be reforming local government funding

So the sitzkrieg over K-12 school funding continues at the Statehouse as school districts approach the legal deadline for certifying their budgets. ... »

Branstad knows what’s best

Only the governor knows.

Gov. Terry Branstad knows more about closing mental health facilities than ... »

A Wiccan blessing for lawmakers

Corrected to reflect that Maynard will be giving an invocation in the House only.

So a Wiccan priestes ... »

While Indiana stumbles, equality could become Iowa’s sales pitch

So we’ve learned, thanks to Indiana’s baffling legislative backflip into pariah canyon, that discrimination can be bad for business. ... »

The Week — Cruz swings, the Fair wins and Braley heads for the mountains.


First impression: Ted Cruz is no snooze.

The U. ... »