24 hour Dorman

Branstad should share his plans

Our governor is pledging to serve his entire sixth term if he’s re-elected this fall. Swell. But good luck figuring out what he wants to do with four more years.

At multiple points during last week’s State Fair debate between G [...]

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Soaking up Iowa

(Today’s Insight section featured several essays on what being an Iowan means. Here’s my contribution)

On the muggy May night after my high school graduation, I was cruising gravel roads with a couple of guys in a beat u [...]

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Work to keep Options open

Come senators, congressmen, please heed the call. Because it could be Janet Wagner, and she’s not letting you off the hook.

“I have to tell you, I’m angry,” said Wagner, who was among the multitude who came to continue »

Thoughts on the punchfest in the pavilion

So Republican Gov. Terry Branstad and his Democratic challenger Jack Hatch debated in a livestock pavilion at the Iowa State Fair this afternoon. I watched it online, so I missed out on the aroma. Shoot.

Many scribes noted the very special [...]

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40 years after Watergate, impeachment loses its weight

So it’s been 40 years since President Nixon resigned as the Watergate scandal exploded in the summer of 1974. I was 3 at the time, so I wasn’t paying much attention.

On Friday I was driving to work, listening to longtime Nation [...]

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In Tennessee, a reminder that judicial retention remains a target

In many ways, the judicial retention fight that gripped Iowa during the last two election cycles feels like a storm that’s blown over.

It has been nearly four years since Iowa voters tossed out three justices of the Iowa Supreme Cour [...]

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Godfrey saga shows executive power must have limits

Someday, if we ever have a different governor, let’s hope he or she learns from the saga of Christopher Godfrey.

Godfrey is Iowa’s workers’ compensation commissioner. Or at least he will be until later this month, when h [...]

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Law of the land

Call it the battle of the semicolon.

“Article I, section 8 of the Iowa Constitution of 1857 mirrors the language of the (federal) Fourth Amendment except for a semicolon that was placed between the reasonableness clause and the warran [...]

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Corbett’s casino push heads to the Statehouse

Last week, we got the Lambertorium. This week, we get Corbett’s reforms.

On Thursday, Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission Chairman Lamberti continue »

Setting the record straight

So the mayor thinks my Sunday column was sensational.

“Todd Dorman likes to sensationalize issues from time to time,” Cedar Rapids Mayor Ro [...]

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Neighborhood Olympics defy trends, invent “whack-a-ball”

A bunch of kids in our neighborhood tackled a pair of nagging societal problems on Saturday. And they didn’t even know it.

They didn’t hold a symposium or conference. Nobody broke into small groups or crafted a mission statemen [...]

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Treat owners with respect

This would seem like a good time for some diplomacy on the west bank.

The City of Cedar Rapids is planning for a flood protection system on the northwest side. Levees and green space. And, eventually, that’s likely going to mean buyin [...]

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Hatch cash stash is historic. And that’s not good.

Jack Hatch’s campaign finance numbers released this week were eye-popping. And not in a good way, if you’d like to see him become governor.

Hatch, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, raised $269,320 in the most recent reporti [...]

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Video gambling grows like weeds in Illinois

If you’re still bummed about Cedar Rapids missing out on gambling, you can always meander into Illinois.

In the Land of Lincoln, you can’t swing a bag of disposable income these days without hitting a little gambling parlor. Fi [...]

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Governor follows an ill wind

Our weather vane governor always knows which way the political wind is blowing.

So it was no great surprise last week when Gov. Terry Branstad swiftly slammed the state’s door on the idea of sheltering any of the undocumented immigra [...]

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