24 hour Dorman

Civil rights fill critics with dread

Great Scott, it’s Dred Scott.

At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe now in the heady days following the U.S. S ... »

Confederate battle flag, at long last, yields to the reality of history

So in the wake of a horrendous crime of racial hatred in a Charleston church, we’re finally rolling up the battle banners of a rebellion soa ... »

The Week -- Equality, hyberbole and pancakes

I’m sure many Iowans who witnessed the arrival of Friday’s landm ... »

Priorities in need of adjustment

As contrasts go, it’s pretty striking.

On Friday the Iowa Economic Development Authority ... »

The dirt on Father’s Day, after all these years

Father’s Day has me thinking about dirt. And no, this isn’t another topsoil column. Promise.

It’s that my dad, Howard Do ... »

EPC washes away the topsoil rule

Iowa’s Environmental Protection Commission took a short field trip to a parking lot outside their meeting on Tuesday.

There, they saw ... »

Searching for sustanence in Iowa’s water quality tussle

I guess it’s fitting for an organization that bites the hind-ends of so many Iowa public officials that run afoul of its principles to serve ... »

The Week - Straw Poll belongs to the ages

(Obligatory warning: Satire)

Straw Poll, a once politically potent presidential king-maker who drew thousands of Iowa Republicans and media i ... »

Cedar Rapids Council in no mood for mercy

A week ago, I wrote that avoiding a ... »

A session that failed to sparkle

So 2015 will go down as a year state lawmakers raised our gas tax and seriously lowered our expectations of their ability to do just about anything ... »

Triple feature — Transparency, nicotine and cannibals

It’s not quantum mechanics or neuroscience or discovering a fifth season.

It’s really very simple.

If you’re doi ... »

The Week — Showers, secret plans and unimportant tenderloins


So word comes this week of reason No. 5,117 why Mike Huckabee, former Arkansa ... »

Taking a high-speed half-loaf

Is “Cedar Trapids — Where the Fifth Season is for Braking,” on its way to becoming “Compromise City?”

Coul ... »

Straw fades and Bernie is mobbed

Finally, things are getting interesting in caucusland.

Iowa Republicans are clawing and scratching to save the once-mammoth August GOP Straw ... »

CR still is driving for an east-side levee, but the funding’s gone dry

It seems many people don’t want to read any more stuff about the, uh, watery unpleasantness back in 2008. A couple folks have told me if the ... »