The many possibilities in a ‘pivot’

So Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett has announced plans to “pivot.”

He told reporters in Des Moines Friday, ... »

Connecting the dots between Scott Walker, Happy Chef and a very big umpire in Ryan

When you’re running for president, or testing the waters, the last thing you want to come off as is some big stiff, standing like a statue w ... »

Iowa advocates push for police oversight, accountability

This column would have been less difficult to write earlier in the week, before Baltimore was engulfed in flames. But it wouldn’t have been ... »

The Week — A King assails the Supremes and stubborn, corn-loving Iowans shrug at a famous professor.


The legal arguments for allowing states to ban same ... »

Bird flu outbreak is a disaster

More than 10 million Iowa birds, mostly commercial layer hens, have been or soon will be culled in an effort to combat the spread of H5N2, an avian ... »

Council bets on Westdale

Westdale’s ambitious transformation from dead mall to multiuse development may be short of cash, but it had no shortage of identities at Tue ... »

RSVP gets complex for GOP

Some Republicans seeking to lead the free world have been asked in recent days ... »

Iowans weigh in against tossing topsoil rule

So your Iowa Environmental Protection Commission h ... »

Cedar County historians say ‘Little House’ worth saving

Adam Robinson knows, one way or another, the tiny farmhouse and smokehouse that have stood for more than 100 years just steps from the back of his ... »

Capitol nannies strike back

So the nannies are making a Statehouse comeback. You knew they would.

Back in February, ... »

Should Iowa have more official state symbols?

Tennessee’s ... »

Band law sparks memories, and more music

Sometimes, a column leads me to something unexpected. ... »

The Week — Marijuana, Hillary’s next trip and hot new spring fashions


Did you get a load of ... »

And how will they know us?

This column was filed late. You see, I’d planned to begin it with a prayer for the harm of another person. Seriously. I considered being a c ... »

Small stops and a very big bubble

MONTICELLO — Some have cracked wise about what Hillary Clinton’s campaign 2016 slogan should be. After watching her first Iowa event ... »