A new blue measure of progress

About two-thirds of the way through his ... »

Reynolds special guest at upcoming ‘Pastors Policy Briefing’

An invitation, stamped with the return address of a West Des Moines UPS Store mailbox, went out this week to Iowa’s faithful.

Those wh ... »

Mayor Corbett’s State of the City — Looking back.

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett will deliver his sixth State of the City speech today. His first, back in 2010, was in the old Crowne Plaza ballroom ... »

Done and undone at the Iowa’s Capitol

We’re getting simultaneous lessons on how things get done at the Statehouse, and how they don’t get done.

First, take the effo ... »

North Liberty diversity discussions underway

While a forum on diversity in North Liberty may have been born in the shadow of national racial and socioeconomic unrest, it would be wholly unfair ... »

A Radio Experience moves west

On Wednesday morning, I sat in front of a microphone in the 600 WMT radio studio, across the desk from Bob Bruce.

His show has officially be ... »

The Week — Ways, Means, Red Carpets and Polls


Sometimes, when votes are slim, you gotta get shady.

On Thursday, with a ga ... »

Second verse, same as the first

The Iowa Supreme Court is expected to hear arguments this week on the closure of the Iowa Juvenile Home in Toledo, which was previously deemed unco ... »

21-only ordinances should remain local issue

Ask people in Iowa City whether or not the 21-only ordinance is working, and the answers will be a mixed bag.

Nearly five years and two ball ... »

Equality drive races forward

We’re fast approaching the sixth anniversary of the Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling establishing marriage equality as a constit ... »

The Week — Scrambling nannies, a call for peace in our time and Branstad’s crafty head-fake


Members of Iowa’s grand General Assembly are facing a Billy Joel dilemma. Judgin ... »

Love on display at HS game

Valentine’s Day is upon us again. It is what I consider a fairly useless holiday, filled as it often is with the vestiges of naive love.

... »
A smarter penalty for marijuana

Back in the late 90s, when I started covering the Legislature, Iowa was in the midst of a get-tough era. Rarely did lawmakers see a harsh, flashy c ... »

A budding writer goes old school

It was a curious sound I hadn’t heard in a very long time.

“Tap ... tap ... tap.” It came from our basement, where my ni ... »

There’s still time to be brave

Sit down and have a conversation with Iowa City blogger Brook Easton and you won’t walk away with the impression that she is a person coping ... »

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