No stogies with your bogeys?

So they’re coming after the puffing duffers.

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Embrace Cedar Rapids’ speedy new brand

Cedar Rapids’ speed cameras have given this fair city what no branding effort or marketing firm could deliver: a genuine, authentic, organic ... »

Providing for the living honors the dead

Monday I will honor my brother, who gave his life in Vietnam while serving our nation.

I won’t stand at his gravesite and mourn, nor w ... »

Variety by choice, not mandate

Column readers, some in dismay, have been reaching out over the past few weeks while channeling Ronald Reagan.

“There you go again&#x ... »

The Week -- Moon travelers and straw poll skippers

Why is it that our legislators have time to v ... »

Soil rule running out of time

There was a refreshing shot of honesty at this week’s Environmental Protection Commission meeting, where members again talked about scrappin ... »

Partnership must tackle real issues

Note: This is a condensed for print version of ... »

Eminent domain bill deserves fair hearing

A  decade has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court decided private property could be legally seized by the government and handed to a differe ... »

Losing the wisdom of strangers

Since grade school, I’ve kept a notebook to document the pearls of humor and wisdom dispensed by strangers.

The first entry was court ... »

The Week — Water wars and the Straw Prom loses its theme


So a couple of weeks ago, I noted Mayor Ron Corbett’s plan for a “piv ... »

Linn feud remains very fluid

Linn County Auditor Joel Miller carried a big bottle of blue Gatorade to the lectern Monday as he faced question time from the Board of Supervisors ... »

Paranormal investigation at Abbe Center? Why not?

The shuttered Linn County facility that formerly housed Abbe Center for Community Mental Health has remained useful as a training site. Last year i ... »

A little caucus advice

(Warning: Satire)

Ring … Ring … Ring


“Jeb, little bro! It’s W. 43 calling …”

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‘Looker’ offers peek into women’s realities, seeks empowerment

There are certain things women seem to just know.

Walk with a buddy. Park under a streetlight. Pretend it ... »

Let voters weigh in on the feud

Let’s have voters settle this thing.

The “thing” to which I refer is the endless feud between the Linn County Board of S ... »