In Iowa, rural being defined as unequal

Long-anticipated growth has finally come to rural Iowa, but is hardly the harbinger of prosperity so many wanted.

A study released this month by Iowa State University sociologist Dr. David Peters crunches 40 years of U.S. Census data, showi [...]

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Outside bucks running the show in Iowa’s Senate race

If you’ve got a bad case of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”- style doe-eyed patriotic optimism, I’ve got a surefire cure.

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Telemed case will find justice

No matter our stance on controversy de jour, we can agree on the importance of an independent judiciary. No one wants to stand before a judge and wonder if his or her ruling is based on placement of a wet finger in the political winds.

We u [...]

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Sad saga, wrong priorities

SIOUX CENTER — So your state Environmental Protection Commission didn’t exactly bulldoze a rule requiring builders to put four inches of topsoil back on finished construction sites.

But members did start the bulldozer’s [...]

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Playing doctor at the Capitol

This is what happens when the Legislature plays doctor.

Lawmakers approved a bill that, on the surface, looked like it allowed families to use oil extracted from marijuana to treat kids with a severe form of epilepsy. It was hailed as a big [...]

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It’s not just the money, honey

Food and living expenses have new meaning for three Eastern Iowa state senators who recently accepted a national challenge to “Live the Wage” for one week. Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City and Tom Courtney of Burlin [...]

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Changing how I look at water

I was asked by the League of Women Voters to speak on water quality issues at a forum Saturday at the Indian Creek Nature Center. Here is some of what I planned to say, if it turns out I remained upright and unbruis [...]

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Another year, hole remains

He should have turned sweet 16 today.

It’s kind of funny, or maybe just sad, that even today, 16 years after our son was stillborn, I still pause and wonder what he’d be doing if he had lived. Maybe he’d be running foot [...]

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Something lost at the checkpoint

Another tragic day. Another opportunity for the purveyors of metal detectors.

This time it was the Jackson County Courthouse in Maquoketa, where a guy angry about his property taxes ends up pulling a gun at a Board of Supervisors meeting. [...]

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Surprise us by showing up to vote

There’s an election today in Cedar Rapids.

Don’t feel bad if this news catches you unaware. You’re not alone.

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Local opposition to ‘ineffective’ immigration program not enough

Iowans concerned about increased crime resulting from a decision by some law enforcement agencies not to honor federal immigration detention requests should take solace in new evidence that the local-federal partnership does little, if anything, t [...]

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A thought or two (or three) about ‘Dine. Dwell. Do.’

So downtown Cedar Rapids has a snappy new slogan, logo and banners.

The slogan? “Dine. Dwell. Do.”

Immediately, I felt hu [...]

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Addressing the GOP gender gap

Labeling the GOP as the party of “old white men” reached new fervor in the wake of a report commissioned by two major Republican groups, which detailed the currently insurmountable gender gap faced by the party.

The report, le [...]

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Camera situation is irritating

Excuse me while I vent on the speed camera saga.

This is one of those rare issues where I’m basically irritated by just about everyone involved. I’m irritated by the autopilot policing that the cameras represent, and I think i [...]

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Political ads coming to a TV near you. Or maybe not.

Warning: Satire.

Labor Day marks the traditional start of the fall election campaign.

We’re going to see a lot of TV ads. I have received top-secret transcripts of some ads you may be see [...]

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