For garden guy, the lot beckons

In February, Ed Thornton will be starting seeds. In the meantime, he’s started a petition.

It’s »

Let the speculation commence

This is the sort of weather that lends itself to sitting by the fire, sipping a hot beverage of your choice, gazing into the dancing flames and pon ... »

Iowa water fund likely staying dry

Will this be the year our state lawmakers finally take the plunge for clean water? Don’t hold your breath.

Folks from the Nature Cons ... »

Property tax breaks on the backs of ballplayers?

The squeeze is on, and it might be a home run. Or not.

The petition placed online by »

FBI latest gov agency to use press

When the videotape of journalist Daniel Pearl’s brutal murder was released in 2002, it was handed to an undercover FBI operative posing as a ... »

Fueling up for a gas tax debate

Now that we’re safely past the election, talk has turned to the prospect of raising Iowa’s gas tax. Funny how that happens.

Ac ... »

Ghosts that should be preserved

As a kid, I remember standing in front of enormous glass cases in the Iowa Statehouse rotunda. Inside were dozens of battle flags from the Civil Wa ... »

It’s a privilege to invoke racism

Something ugly has happened in Eastern Iowa.

Cornell College’s »

A political wasteland, courtesy of big spenders from beyond our borders

What a waste.

That’s been the most common sentiment I’ve heard, both from Republicans and Democrats, when talk turns to the pil ... »

Time for clearer message

Voters like to pride themselves on sending messages through the ballot box and, most of the time, such messages are easily received and understood. ... »

The squeal that roared - Ernst blazes to historic win

First, let’s acknowledge the history.

Joni Ernst’s victory tonight in Iowa’s U.S. Senate race is a big moment. The Red O ... »

Voters here could make history

Iowa voters likely will make some history today. The question is how much?

For starters, if a string of lopsided polls are accurate, Republic ... »

Lessons learned from 2014 campaign

Be kind to chickens.

If there’s a big lesson we can all agree on from the 2014 campaign in Iowa, I think that’s it. If some of ... »

Looking ahead as election craziness nears end

Rejoice, fellow Iowans. We’ve outlived the seemingly never-ending stream of political nastiness that attempted to hijack our lives — ... »

‘Sit down, shut up’ is no strategy

I’m fairly sure Southern heritage has me genetically predisposed to scrappiness.

I love a good debate and have sometimes purposefully ... »

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