Scanning for interest in policy

Prepare to be scanned, Cedar Rapidians.

Your City Council on Tuesday, “without council or public comment” as Rick Smith ... »

Summer’s swarm of warnings

Ah, summer.

Sweet corn, tomatoes and a swarm of media reports and official warnings on all the ways summer can snuff us out like a citronell ... »

We’ve been Trumped, but don’t worry, Iowans

So I’m not losing any sleep over Donald Trump.

Being conscious, most of the time, I can’t help but notice others are more work ... »

Branstad energizes Democrats

Iowa Democrats gave out their ... »

People, struggles get lost in transgender hype

Like many readers, I observed Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out party from afar. Unlike many of you, it wasn’t the first time I or those cl ... »

Find a place to disconnect before summer’s over

My cellular provider has a series of TV ads claiming its powerful coverage will reach unexpected places. One insists “now the middle of nowh ... »

Pardon me for not rejoicing

Another day, another spitting match between Gov. Terry Branstad and a public employee union.

The latest lawsuit was launched by AFSCME in res ... »

A wide open race for mayor in Marion

So Mayor Snooks is moving on.

‘I was on the fence for a while,” said Marion Mayor Allen “Snooks” Bouska, who tol ... »

The ‘stache always knows best in Iowa

Fun fact: Iowa is the only state with a ‘stache-cameral form of government. It’s true.

Sure, civics class taught us a bunch of ... »

The big issue with the other Branstad veto

Perhaps Gov. Terry Branstad doesn’t have a clear understanding of what benefit cliffs are or how they hamper economic advancement.

Ami ... »

Johnson County Community ID begins next week

Rollout of the long anticipated Johnson County Community ID begins Friday, another Midwestern first courtesy of the People’s Republic.


No room for hate in our state

This may be what happens when history is hidden or allowed to fall into the trap of selective memory.

Cedar Rapids police believe ... »

Let’s not forget the ladies

Thanks to Schoolhouse Rock, I can no longer read the preamble to the Constitution. I must sing it.

“W ... »

The president and the press

(My annual Independence Day-ish shot of patriotic satire)

White House briefing room, ... »

A call for a better soil discussion in Cedar Rapids

Scott Overland followed the Iowa Environmental Protection Commission’s handling of the four-inch topsoil rule and thinks Cedar Rapids could ... »