Cutting corners in Marion

So it looks like 2015 will be the year of the roundabout in Marion.

Steady now. Don’t get dizzy.

Marion City Engineer Dan Whitl ... »

Butter cow beats local control

Here's a novel idea.

Each year, on a rotating basis, an Iowa school board should get to approve Gov. Terry Branstad's calendar. They decide ... »

Bringing the University of Iowa out of its fog

Last Friday morning, as I turned the corner of Clinton and Washington streets en route to a breakfast meeting, a figure on the Pentacrest caught my ... »

Memories, ideas roll in for Wood

A  couple of weeks ago, I asked for your thoughts on how best to celebrate Grant Wood’s 125th birthday in 2016. Some of my colleagues ... »

Coffee (and more) with cops

It may have hit a nerve.

My »

Checking on Linn-Mar’s pick

First, let’s get one thing straight. Quintin Shepherd has no plans to cancel Halloween.

“I would say never,” said Shephe ... »

Straw poll should be replaced

Can Iowa Republicans resist the draw of straw?

Republican Party of Iowa Chairman »

Pork pander tough to swallow

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has joined the Iowa caucuses’ pantheon of pander. He’ll be presented with the coveted Golden Pork Chop ... »

There is no solitary path to economic diversity

With or without the blessing of federal assistance programs, the existing strategy for economic diversity in the Iowa City Community School Distric ... »

Protests are evidence of exclusion

One of the best things about working in the media is the access it provides to all facets of the community. When combined with innate curiosity and ... »

Gatekeeper calls it a ‘heavy lift’

Back in April, state Sen. Liz Mathis sat at her desk in the Iowa Senate watching a live online feed of the Racing and Gaming Commission’s vo ... »

My way, and that’s an order

When it comes to governing by executive order, I’m not a fan.

So when President Barack Obama issued his order last month giving tempor ... »

Thankful for end of Benghazi conspiracies

There has not been a single week I’ve failed to receive an email message from a reader questioning or demanding why I’ve not written ... »

Drumsticks for the deserving

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all.

Years back, when I first came to town, I used my Thanksgiving column to hand out honorary turkey drumsticks t ... »

Searching for ways to celebrate Grant Wood’s impact on world

Maybe you’ve seen »

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