‘Sit down, shut up’ is no strategy

I’m fairly sure Southern heritage has me genetically predisposed to scrappiness.

I love a good debate and have sometimes purposefully ... »

Crossing party lines in HD 68

Linn County Supervisor Brent Oleson is in hot water for putting loyalty to a friend before his partisan duties, and for putting a photo on Facebook ... »

Endorsing the art of persuasion

So today marks the end of endorsement season, that heady time each even-numbered autumn when newspapers such as this one are buried in reader accol ... »

Holding our noses, casting our votes

Twenty-six Novembers ago, I used my open campus period to leave school and cast my very first vote.

I hopped into my family’s hulking ... »

Think LOST stinks? Hold your nose, blame lawmakers.

No one wants to pay more taxes, but sometimes it really is the best of the bad options.

When Johnson County voters flip their ballots this No ... »

Questions piling up for Ernst

Joni Ernst seems to be disrespecting quite a few folks.

You may have read in our U.S. Senate endorsement that Ernst, Republican candidate fo ... »

Same old routine on pay raise

So much for my good ideas.

Last fall, after the Cedar Rapids City Council voted to give City Manager Jeff Pomeranz a pay raise, I suggested ... »

Ernst sees a dependent generation

Note: Corrected to reflect that average food assistannce in Iowa is $120 per month, per individual.

< ... »

Voter ID still bad for the masses

Some folks didn’t take kindly to my calling voter ID laws a scam in last Sunday’s column. So, in their honor, this week I’d li ... »

Branstad’s open to smoke-free casino, but casino lobby has more clout

When I asked Gov. Terry Branstad for his opinion on »

Get some skin in the game

How’s cynicism working out for you?

Perhaps it is ill timing that during 2014 election mega millions racing across televisions, radios ... »

One fall race worth endorsing

Not everybody running this fall has made me cringe, sigh or reach for the remote.

My daughter Tess, a seventh-grader, tried cross country for ... »

More fun with campaign mailers

“TODAY, IOWA IS BOOMING…” proclaims a mailer from the Republican Party of Iowa, promoting Gov. Terry Branstad’s re-elec ... »

We need to vote no on voter ID

It’s safe to say it now. Voter ID is a scam.

That’s not exactly how the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office put it in ... »

Only one poll really matters, but it’s not this one

A telephone rings. Again. And again.

Hello. This is an automated survey regarding the upcoming election conducted by Please, Don’t Han ... »

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