SCARCE FUNDS: The good news: In only five days, Iowa farmers snapped up $1.4 million in state cost share funds for new nutrient reduction strategies, showing just how eager farmers are to do their part to improve water quality in the state.

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HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Three historic redevelopment projects moved forward last week.

Cedar Rapids City Council members approved economic development incentives for the Sokol Gymnasium property at 417 Third St. SE in downtown and the Common [...]

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Treat owners with respect

This would seem like a good time for some diplomacy on the west bank.

The City of Cedar Rapids is planning for a flood protection system on the northwest side. Levees and green space. And, eventually, that’s likely going to mean buyin [...]

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Cracking the unblessed pasta code

Several years ago, a dinner mishap altered my perspective.

While visiting with my abundant Southern relatives — gatherings always noisy, crowded and overflowing with food — I helped my two daughters with their plates, and sent [...]

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Time for ICCSD to get to work

The Iowa City Community School District should be feeling revitalized this week and, I hope, ready to tackle some persistent challenges.

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Mow ditches, beautify our area

Driving around the Cedar Rapids, Solon and Ely area, I was disgusted with our ditches along the road.

Iowa should be ashamed how they look. Drive to other states and the roads look neat.

Why is it we cannot mow our ditches? Our ditch [...]

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Public health concerns about e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity, even though they are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and their health effects and potential risks are, at this time, largely unknown.

While some new studies have shown tha [...]

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Wapsi River is not a hidden gem

In the July 16 article “Touring the Gems of Buchanan County” in the Jesup Citizen Herald, Dan Cohen, director of the Buchanan County Conservation Board, encouraged people to tour “the gems of Buchanan County,” of which [...]

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Our economic development plan

As the second largest city in Iowa, we compete for a strong workforce and new business investment with communities across the Midwest.

Many of these, like Cedar Rapids, have great schools, skilled workers, competitive wages, low cost of liv [...]

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Hatch cash stash is historic. And that’s not good.

Jack Hatch’s campaign finance numbers released this week were eye-popping. And not in a good way, if you’d like to see him become governor.

Hatch, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, raised $269,320 in the most recent reporti [...]

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E-cigarettes benefit by helping smokers quit

Nearly 40 years ago, Professor Michael Russell wrote in the British Medical Journal, “People smoke for nicotine but they die from the tar.”

In public health and tobacco control, this is not a particularly controversial stateme [...]

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Wrong articles placed on front page

Regarding the July 18 article “Iowa keeps helmets off”:

The article shouted at me with all caps and bold type indicating how vital it is for me to read the content.

Do you really think that is as important as the “ [...]

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UnityPoint provides top medical care

Let me provide a different focus to The Gazette article about the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics being among the nation’s elite hospitals (“UI Hospitals among nation’s ‘elite’,” July 18).


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Tax reform must be balanced effort

Tax reform has been in the public policy debate for some time.

Of the many policies up for discussion, President Barack Obama is proposing a new energy tax policy. His proposals are troubling for a variety of reasons. Not only is this polic [...]

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Regardless of casino, city’s future is bright

Two months have passed since the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission made the decision to deny a casino license for the proposed Cedar Crossing Casino in downtown Cedar Rapids. As an investor in this project and a member of the governing board, I sh [...]

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