Welcome cooperation on Cedar Lake

Staff Editorial,

Cedar Rapids Mayor Ron Corbett called it a “big step forward.” We hope he’s on the money.

The may ... »

Political Cartoon

Iowa school start dates now set by edict from above

So the Iowa Department of Education has launched No Butter Cow Left Behind.

Of course, the department has a different name for what it rolled ... »

Electing regents is not the answer

The idea that politics and cronyism should not be part of the state Board of Regents selection process is a no-brainer. Determining the best path t ... »

Wake up, Speaker of the House

To the editor:

During the State of the Union address on Jan. 20, the only way I knew House Speaker John Boehner was awake was when he got his ... »

Cleanup costs not customers’ burden

To the editor:

A lawsuit against three northwestern counties regarding the management of drainage districts that have high concentrations of ... »

Pipeline spills bad for environment

To the editor:

Just say no to the Keystone XL pipeline project. I wish to refute William Peterson’s Jan. 17 letter “Obama shoul ... »

Accountability of fuel taxes is needed

To the editor:

Raising gas taxes while fuel costs are lower is attractive to the spend-more elected and nonelected Des Moines and Washington ... »

A dictator wouldn’t admit a mistake

To the editor:

I’m incredulous when people say President Barack Obama is a dictator. The definition of a dictator is “a ruler w ... »

Homers & Gomers

HOMERS — What’s going right


Rock Island Clean Line threatens the American dream

Growing up, we were taught if you worked hard, you could live the “American dream” of owning your own place and make a good living. O ... »

Stand united against terrorism

To the editor:

Why were President Barack Obama and his Attorney General Eric Holder quick to condemn the injured policeman in Ferguson, Mo., ... »

Avoid a ticket by following the law

To the editor:

I am puzzled by the resistance and anger directed toward the speed cameras. Speed limits have been established for a long time ... »

Let’s put our priorities in order

To the editor:

Please, let us put things in their proper perspective.

How many professional football players take a half day a week of ... »

Fan expected more from Iowa Hawkeyes

To the editor:

A few observations from a grandma who enjoys watching the Iowa Hawkeye football team.

I expected more from the TaxSlaye ... »

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