Ask: Daily Commute

How would you improve your daily commute?

The Iowa Department of Transportation is conducting a survey for commuters along the I-3 [...]

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Political Cartoon

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Imam deserves gratitude of citizens

Thanks to Imam Hassan Mahmoud of the Islamic Center of Cedar Rapids. He wrote “It is time that we, Muslims, speak out against the crimes of ISIS” and he spoke out in that letter (“Muslim silence must come to an end,” Oc [...]

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WELCOME HOME: Home sales rose throughout the Creative Corridor and state during September. More than 3,100 homes were sold in September, a slight increase from the same month in 2013. In the Cedar Rapids area, 3 [...]

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Cut salaries, not jobs, to save money

I have misgivings about the Board of Regent’s hiring Deloitte, an out-of-state consulting firm to recommend measures to cut costs at regents institutions.

I have worked at the University of Iowa for 34 years as administrator and have [...]

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CAT TORTURE: A West Liberty man, Leo A. Nopoulos, has been charged with animal torture after police viewed a video of him abusing his roommate’s cat “non-stop for a period lasting longer than three [...]

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Wal-Mart not a good fit for neighborhood

A Wal-Mart or mega store of any flavor would be a poor fit. First, the traffic would be a nightmare and water run off might flood 39th and 38th streets, already a problem. Why not single family housing, like what is along East Post Road?

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Voter ID still bad for the masses

Some folks didn’t take kindly to my calling voter ID laws a scam in last Sunday’s column. So, in their honor, this week I’d like to add a few more words. Let’s start with “racket” and “fraud.” [...]

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End the negative campaign ads

Enough of the negative campaign ads already.

Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst need to focus on the issues that our state and nation are facing.

If they spend our money as poorly in Washington as they are spending on the election, I don [...]

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Branstad’s open to smoke-free casino, but casino lobby has more clout

When I asked Gov. Terry Branstad for his opinion on a possible legislative effort to put a smoke-free casino in Cedar Rapids, I expected the [...]

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I will fight for your best interests, not special interests

As we work to recover from the worst recession since the Great Depression, bipartisanship and working together will be critical to growing an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and connected.

Having grown up in poverty, I [...]

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Ernst’s suggestion worth discussion

Senate candidate Joni Ernst has proposed that consideration be given to allow workers to direct and to privately invest their Social Security contributions. But some people are all atwitter that this would be risky and would jeopardize one’ [...]

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Voter ID will help protect your vote

I disagree with Lynda Waddington’s view on voter identification (“We need to vote no on voter ID,” Oct. 12).

I am a young voter and support photo identification. Photo identification is very common today, we see employe [...]

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Rizer exhibits leadership qualities

Every once in awhile a citizen emerges to run for public office, bringing an extraordinary mix of education, experience, character and leadership qualities. It has been a pleasure for me to know such a person, Col. Ken Rizer (Ret.), Republican can [...]

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I’m someone who will work for working families, not the rich

There’s a lot wrong with Congress today — too much gridlock and too little compromise. When it does act, Congress too often looks out for the interests of the wealthy, the powerful and the well-connected — like the billionaire [...]

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