Sally Mason refills DI’s dance card

Don’t forget to enjoy the dance.

That’s the advice my first newspaper editor offered nearly every time I left to do an intervie ... »

Political Cartoon

Farming practices had to change

To the editor:

I could not let John Braumann’s Nov. 21 letter “Gestation crates should be banned” go unanswered.

... »

Seeds of destruction have been sown

To the editor:

The economic theory of capitalism has been considered in England, the United States and other nations as the system most benef ... »

Reader supports boots on the ground

To the editor:

Thinking of the parents of U.S. Army veteran Peter Kassig, brutally murdered by Jihadists in Syria. This boy will not be comin ... »

Caring for Iowa’s foster children

It’s hard to imagine not being with your family on Christmas morning. While most children are dreaming of what Santa is going to bring them, ... »

Calendar call undermines local control

Deciding when a school year starts is a decision that should be left to local school boards, not the Iowa State Fair Board.

That seems like a ... »

Opening smoke-free casino is not a risk

To the editor:

Tucked into the last paragraph of The Gazette story on the planned legislation to be submitted for consideration concerning th ... »

Improving health care quality and safety

The phrase “first, do no harm” is a guiding principle for doctors, nurses and health care providers the world over. Unfortunately, it ... »

Use military budget to fund refugee aid

To the editor:

As we approach the holidays, in many settings we will be urged to “pray for peace.” But the Omnibus bill says &# ... »

Postal workers saved the day

To the editor:

Being unable to use them, my sister-in-law mailed me two tickets each to the UI vs. Wisconsin and UI vs. Nebraska football gam ... »

Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon

Cutting corners in Marion

So it looks like 2015 will be the year of the roundabout in Marion.

Steady now. Don’t get dizzy.

Marion City Engineer Dan Whitl ... »

Community, private colleges overlooked

To the editor:

Did the Iowa Board of Regents intentionally establish a funding plan designed to create more inefficiencies in Iowa’s h ... »

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