Protect speech on campus

Freedom of speech, one of the most revered hallmarks of our democracy, is endangered on college campuses across the United States. Consider this sm ... »

Did Speaker John Boehner break the law in inviting Netanyahu to address Congress?

Speaker John Boehner’s invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress without first notifyin ... »

Blame game hasn’t resolved Fort Madison prison delays

Unacceptable is the word Iowa voters should remember as state officials and lawmakers engage in blame game politics while tax dollars are repeatedl ... »

Sunset the 2001 AUMF

To the editor:

Recently, President Barack Obama sent his proposal to Congress for military force against the group known as ISIL. The proposa ... »

Move privacy bill forward

There is now just under a week until the start of the “First Funnel” of this legislative session. With the exception of appropriation ... »

Political Cartoon

Prohibit teens from using tanning beds

To the editor:

I traveled to Des Moines recently as part of a group of volunteers for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network to m ... »

Lawmakers urged to vote against SF 213

To the editor:

Each year we have (on average) 400 driving deaths per year in Iowa and every day new drivers approach the road with intermedia ... »

Homers and Gomers


MANAGED CARE: State Department of Human Services leaders say their plan to switch payments for Medicaid ser ... »

Answers: Minimum Wage

Should Iowa have a minimum wage? If so, what’s the right amount?

... »

Ask: Smulekoff’s Building

The city of Cedar Rapids is accepting redevelopment proposals for the former Smulekoff’s building at 97 Thir ... »

SMARTER BALANCED: Recommended assessment for Iowa’s K-12 students carries a hefty price tag, and for what?

Staff editorial

If state lawmakers follow the recommendation of a task force, Iowa school districts will no longer use the Iowa Assessments, ... »

Support Iowa State Fair this tax season

To the editor:

Annually attracting more than a million people from all over the world, the Iowa State Fair is Iowa’s greatest celebrat ... »

Spending wisely to improve Cedar Rapids schools

Members of the Cedar Rapids Community School District Oversight Committee are proud to support the district in providing students and staff with we ... »

Country has turned its back on the poor

To the editor:

We will not find solutions in Republicans or Democrats that perpetuate the same old tired promises and broken solutions.

... »
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