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l Because of health concerns, state lawmakers are considering banning tanning facilities from allowing people younger than age 18 to use a tanning ... »

Budget cuts will affect patients

To the editor:

If you run a business and find you need more money to continue doing business, then you raise prices to stay afloat.

Whe ... »

Vote yes on CCSD bond referendum

To the editor:

As longtime residents, parents and alumni of College Community School District, we are urging patrons to vote yes on a bond re ... »

Answers: Traffic Cameras

Now that the DOT has ruled some of the Cedar Rapids traffic cameras have to be relocated or removed, what should happen to the citations issued by ... »

Branstad should stand up for equality

So I’ve made a surprise cameo appearance in the big legal tussle between Iowa’s governor and the state’s former workers’ ... »

Get involved to change the process

To the editor:

Lynda Waddington laments the loss of public discourse, “sunshine” in her terms, for input on school board superi ... »

It’s time to rethink how we test K-12

On March 1, The Gazette editorial board questioned the wisdom of the expensive and yet-to-be proven computer-based testing program for Iowa student ... »

The Week — Cruz news amuses and Hoosiers take culture war to overtime


It was U.S. Sen. ... »

We need a long-term solution to improve water quality

On March 10, Des Moines Water Works filed suit against three Iowa counties for pollution of the municipal water supply. Specifically, the Board of ... »

Bully pulpit, yes; pulpit bully, no

To the editor:

T.R. Roosevelt, our 26th president, is famous for coining two enduring phrases: the “bully pulpit” as well as &# ... »

Has UKIP arrived in Iowa?

A significant (and I believe growing) number of Iowans no longer fit neatly into the two historic political categories that have dominated American ... »

Safer crossing on 42nd not a priority

To the editor:

I am a bicycle rider and I wish to comment on the plans for a safer crossing on 42nd Street NE by the railroad tracks.

I ... »

Warren is champion for working families

To the editor:

Here’s why Elizabeth Warren, senior Senator from Massachusetts, should run for president. She’s a champion for w ... »

Political Cartoon

Smarter Balanced tests a better option

I appreciate The Gazette’s interest in the work of a task force created by the Iowa Legislature to recommend a state assessment progr ... »