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Thankful for community support

In this season of Thanksgiving, we at Four Oaks are grateful for the community’s overwhelming support of our TotalChild initiative and fundi ... »

Time for politicians to address gas tax

To the editor:

On Nov. 13, I read Todd Dorman’s column “Fueling up for a gas tax debate.” I agree that now is the time f ... »

Say no to Wickiup Hill campground

To the editor:

The Linn County Board of Supervisors has made plans to build a campground in the heart of Wickiup Hill Nature Center.

... »

While you weren’t looking

Did you get distracted by Congressional Keystone XL discussions?

While the U.S. Senate debated a bill approving construction of the Keystone ... »

Protect infant from Whooping Cough

To the editor:

If you have ever listened to an infant cough so hard that he cannot catch is breath, you will never miss an opportunity to get ... »

Embrace money spent on elections

To the editor:

Todd Dorman’s article bemoaning the money spent on the elections missed the point (“Outside cash made Senate rac ... »

Lawmakers - Think outside the lanes

Transportation funding seems to be the early leader in the race to become the biggest issue facing the Iowa Legislature in 2015.

Fresh from h ... »

National debt exists to protect us

To the editor:

It is very unfortunate that every day citizens fail to understand our nation’s debt. Without it we wouldn’t be h ... »

Renewable energy is viable now

In an Oct. 1 op-ed, Chet Sullivan stated renewable energy (wind and solar) were not reliable energy options based solely on government subsidies, a ... »

Letter writer was right on target

To the editor:

Regarding Joe Page’s letter “Voters will suffer the consequences” published Nov. 10:

Thank you, Jo ... »

Gestation crates should be banned

To the editor:

Soon, the onslaught of presidential hopefuls crisscrossing our state will be in full swing. I hope these politicians realize t ... »

Political Cartoon

Military deserved more recognition

To the editor:

A headline in the Oct. 29 Gazette reads “Obama urges support for health workers.”

In the article, Preside ... »

Veteran appreciated for his sacrifices

To the editor:

On Nov. 10, my dad received a beautiful flower arrangement in red/white/blue from a friend who works pushing carts at a grocer ... »

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