Health threatened by tobacco products

To the editor:

Tobacco products still threaten the health of millions around the world whether they smoke or not.

Let’s pursue ... »

Tailgating is unsafe and unnecessary

To the editor:

Every day, whether it be on city streets or Interstate 380, I get tailgated. Someone rides my back bumper as if it had super g ... »

Be respectful of others’ opinions

To the editor:

I would like to clear up a term used by Floyd Sandford in his April 28 letter “Do not be threatened by scientific facts ... »

The Week -- Moon travelers and straw poll skippers

Why is it that our legislators have time to v ... »

Do not eliminate the arts in our schools

To the editor:

On May 9, the Iowa Large Group Music Festival was held at various sites across the state. The festival features the curricular ... »

Drivers deserve tickets when speeding

To the editor:

Regarding the May 10 article “Is C.R. getting national rep as speed trap?”

As for the fact that a good per ... »

For one D.C. day, veterans from Eastern Iowa see all they can see

When you see the sights in Washington with an Honor Flight, you get the full motorcade experience. Wherever we went, our three-bus caravan had a Pa ... »

Free speech not always appreciated

To the editor:

Recently, there appeared a letter from Delaware County decrying the lack of sweet speech c ... »

A sad stalemate at the Statehouse

Here we go again.

The Iowa Legislature is mired in a stalemate over the size and scope of the state’s 2016 budget. A legislative sess ... »

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Progress toward trade expansion

Legislation to expand international trade is moving forward in the Senate. I voted in favor of debating a bill to restore Trade Promotion Authority ... »

Fix Iowa’s broken mental health system for children

I am writing to ask the Iowa legislative conference committee on SF 505 to approve section 100 of the bill, which calls for a Children’s Men ... »

Soil rule running out of time

There was a refreshing shot of honesty at this week’s Environmental Protection Commission meeting, where members again talked about scrappin ... »

Consider fostering our youth

At the Junior League of Cedar Rapids’ Fostering Strength event in April, Junior League President Molly Baynes gave public testimony of her e ... »

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