Branstad spends nearly $4 million since July on re-election bid

By Rod Boshart, Gazette Des Moines Bureau

DES MOINES — Republican Terry Branstad spent nearly $4 million since mid-July in his bid to win an unprecedented sixth term as Iowa’s governor.

New campaign disclosure reports fil [...]

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Warren: Don’t let the billionaires decide Iowa’s next senator

IOWA CITY — Sixteen days away from the midterm election, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., told Iowa voters they need to vote and “fight back” against policies that favor America’s wealthy and do not focus on strengthenin [...]

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Braley plans three campaign stops, debuts new ad

DES MOINES — Bruce Braley’s campaign schedule on the first day after Iowa’s U.S. Senate candidates’ final debate includes three events and the debut of a new campaign ad.

Braley, a Democratic U.S. House member fro [...]

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Braley, Ernst disagree on ad spending in final debate

SIOUX CITY — U.S. Senate candidates Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley in a debate last night said they don’t like the slew of negative campaign ads being broadcast this election cycle but disagreed on whether changes must be pursued.

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Slim majority of Iowans support higher minimum wage

CEDAR RAPIDS — A slim majority of Iowans favors raising the minimum wage, a position that could hurt Republicans in general and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Joni Ernst and, according to a poll released this morning.

Public Policy Polling [...]

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12-point shift by independents make Iowa U.S. Senate race ‘too close to call’

CEDAR RAPIDS — In the race for the first open Iowa U.S. Senate seat in nearly four decades, a shift by independent voters toward Democratic U.S. Senate hopeful Bruce Braley makes that contest too close to call.

He trails Republican s [...]

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Iowa City diner’s popularity as political venue grew out of marketing ploy

IOWA CITY — Combine one part Norman Rockwell, one part family diner, one part neighborhood coffee shop and one part greasy spoon — in the best sense of the term — and you have Hamburg Inn No. 2.

Mix liberally with politi [...]

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Hatch proposes tax exemption for public pensions

DES MOINES — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Hatch on Tuesday proposed to exempt public pensions from state income taxation.

In a speech to the Iowa State Police Association in Ames, Hatch said his Tax-Exempt Public Ser [...]

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Fertilizer runoff viewpoints differ in state ag campaigns

The candidates for Iowa’s agriculture secretary present a clear choice on one of the state’s most pressing issues — how to reduce the fertilizer runoff that is polluting the state’s water and contributing to a dead zone [...]

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Braley seeks clear contrast with Ernst on Social Security

CEDAR RAPIDS — U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley arrived at Kingston Hill retirement center in northwest Cedar Rapids Monday with a pumpkin in his arms and message about Social Security.

During a news conference and photo opp with residents of t [...]

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Romney rallies support for Ernst in Des Moines

WEST DES MOINES — Former Republican candidate presidential nominee Mitt Romney lumped President Barack Obama and U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley, D-Iowa, together Sunday in taking shots at Democratic policies while touting Republican senatorial cand [...]

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In debate, Blum and Murphy draw contrasts on ISIS, Ebola, militarized police

CEDAR RAPIDS — Candidates for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District offered slightly different views last night for how the United States should handle foreign threats, such as Islamic State jihadists.

In a debate at Coe College in [...]

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National liberal group claims Ernst violated conflict of interest statutes

DES MOINES — A national liberal group’s complaint over Joni Ernst’s alleged involvement in construction contracts awarded in Montgomery County when she was the auditor there was forwarded Tuesday to the county attorney.


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Branstad defends administration, length of service

CEDAR RAPIDS — Gov. Terry Branstad defended his hand-picked director of the state’s largest agency as well as the length of time he’s been in office during a visit Monday to Cedar Rapids.

Branstad, a Republican seeking a [...]

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Iowa Senate race could determine control: Brown

CEDAR RAPIDS — It’s easy for people to mix up Iowa and Ohio, but Buckeye State Sen. Sherrod Brown knows the difference.

Brown, who represents a state with 18 Electoral College votes, conceded that Iowa is more important in the [...]

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