Braley, Ernst release new TV ads

DES MOINES — Bruce Braley and Joni Ernst, the top candidates in Iowa's U.S. Senate race, released new campaign ads Monday.

Braley's ad touts his effort in 2011 to pass legislation designed to encourage businesses to hire people who h [...]

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Branstad willing to look at medical marijuana proposals

DES MOINES — Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday he has not ruled out a proposal to grow and dispense marijuana for limited medical use, but he added any such arrangement would have to be under tight state regulation to prevent illegal purposes [...]

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Blum: Holding office is a calling, not a career

CEDAR RAPIDS — There are two reasons people run for public office, according to Republican U.S. House 1st District candidate Rod Blum.

There are those — like his opponent state Rep. Pat Murphy, he told the Cedar Rapids Downtown [...]

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Clintons push for Iowa Democrats in 2014

INDIANOLA — Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon rallying support for Iowa Democratic candidates, testing the 2016 presidential waters in the nation's kickoff nominating state, and [...]

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In accepting tributes, Harkin asks one more election favor

INDIANOLA — It was Sen. Tom Harkin's party, but he also was the guest of honor as speaker after speaker praised and thanked him for 40 years of service in Congress.

The Iowa Democrat, who will retire from the U.S. Senate in January, [...]

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U.S. House Iowa incumbents lead in new sampling

CEDAR RAPIDS — Iowa’s incumbent congressmen hold double-digit leads with less than eight weeks before the Nov. 4 election while there are competitive races for two open House seats, according to a Loras College poll.

It also fo [...]

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Republicans criticize Braley’s support for federal prison near Iowa-Illinois border

Republicans on Wednesday took to task Democrat Bruce Braley’s support for opening a federal prison near the Iowa-Illinois border, claiming that indicates Braley’s willingness to allow the transfer of terrorist prisoners to the Midwes [...]

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Iowa Secretary of State candidate Pate wants to encourage voter turnout

CEDAR RAPIDS — Republican candidate for Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate has released his plan to encourage voter participation, strengthen election integrity with verifiable voter identification and embrace technology to make voter regist [...]

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Dubuque County Libertarian plans penny-a-vote campaign strategy

CEDAR RAPIDS — Some people might call it a gimmick, but David Snowden Overby, a self-described “old liberal from the ’60s,” prefers to call his Election Day plan to pay people to vote for him “guerrilla theater.& [...]

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Branstad, Reynolds offer higher education plan for Iowa

By Rod Boshart, Gazette Des Moines Bureau

DES MOINES – Gov. Terry Branstad and his running mate, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, traveled to college campuses Tuesday offering their plan for making higher education affordable and reducing stude [...]

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Poll: Branstad stretches lead over Hatch to 22 percent

DES MOINES — Republican Gov. Terry Branstad has posted a wide lead over Democratic challenger Jack Hatch in a new Loras College Poll conducted after the Labor Day holiday.

The survey of 1,200 likely 2014 general election voters conduc [...]

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McCain condemns NextGen Climate attack on Ernst in Iowa ads

CEDAR RAPIDS — Sen. John McCain is calling on U.S. Senate candidate Bruce Braley to condemn a super PAC’s ad claiming Republican Joni Ernst is undercutting American troops’ efforts.

“This time they’ve gone [...]

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Hatch, Branstad take to the airwaves

DES MOINES — The race for governor in Iowa took to the airwaves Monday.

Democratic challenger Jack Hatch, a state senator from Des Moines, began his fall television advertising campaign with a 30-second commercial focusing on a theme [...]

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Loras poll shows Braley taking lead in U.S. Senate race

CEDAR RAPIDS — A new poll showing Iowa Democratic U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley opening a lead over Republican state Sen. Joni Ernst is an indication he’s gaining momentum, but U.S. Senate race is far from over, according to the Braley camp [...]

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Potential 2016 candidates showing more love to Iowa than New Hampshire

CEDAR RAPIDS — In New Hampshire, an old saying goes, they pick presidents. In Iowa, they pick corn.

This year, however, Iowa is growing a bumper crop of corn and presidential candidates.

And New Hampshire has noticed.


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