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U.S., South African hostages in Yemen killed in rescue attempt

SANAA/ADEN (Reuters) — A U.S. journalist and a South African teacher held by al Qaeda militants in Yemen were killed alongside 10 of their c ... »

Hagel resigning as defense secretary, official says

WASHINGTON — WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The White House said President Barack Obama and U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel "arrived together" at ... »

Havel’s commitment to freedom honored at Capitol

WASHINGTON — A bust of Vaclav Havel, playwright, dissident and first president of the Czech Republic, was unveiled amid grand pageantry and h ... »

Reports: Armed man with criminal record rode elevator with Obama in Atlanta

WASHINGTON — A security contractor with a gun and three prior convictions for assault and battery was allowed on an elevator with President ... »

U.S. Secret Service director Pierson resigns under fire

WASHINGTON — U.S. Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned under fire on Wednesday after a series of security lapses came to light inv ... »

U.S. attorney general announces grant to study police racial profiling

WASHINGTON — U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday announced the award of a $4.75 million three-year grant to a group of educational ... »

Grassley encourages Obama to ‘be strong’ in response to Islamic State

CEDAR RAPIDS — Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley believes President Barack Obama has the authority to take military action to protect Americans ... »

Obama calls for police to respect protesters in Ferguson

FERGUSON Mo./EDGARTOWN Mass. — President Barack Obama on Thursday said that police should respect protesters after four nights of racially c ... »

FAA bans U.S. airlines from flying over Iraq

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on Friday restricted U.S. airlines and commercial operators from flying over Iraq while armed conflict rag ... »

Iowans still working to find homes for unaccompanied immigrant children

Federal officials announced this week they’re no longer searching for temporary housing for the recent surge of unaccompanied immigrant chil ... »

Trapped in Gaza, young people dream of a better life

After spending most of the monthlong Gaza war trapped at home watching the news for hours, Palestinian Salam al-Bayid returned to her university fo ... »

Surge in ebola cases spurs WHO emergency meeting

LONDON — The World Health Organization’s emergency committee will meet next week to tackle the worst ever outbreak of the Ebola virus ... »

Ukraine says it has suspended attacks to let experts reach plane crash site

Ukraine said on Thursday it had suspended offensive operations in its military campaign in east Ukraine to help international experts reach the dow ... »

Iowa business leaders hopeful of positive impact from new workforce law

Local business leaders are hopeful a new workforce innovation law adopted last week will give a boost to the workforce development efforts in Easte ... »

Federal highway plan would provide breathing room for Iowa

An Iowa transportation official said if a temporary highway funding bill passed by the U.S. House on Tuesday becomes law, it should keep road and t ... »

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