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Iowa lacks law terminating parental rights of convicted rapists

DES MOINES — A woman is raped, becomes pregnant and carries the child.

Her attacker is arrested, tried and found guilty — yet s ... »

Schools face budget deadline with state aid unknown

DES MOINES — The consequences of the Legislature’s education funding impasse are taking shape as school districts certify their budge ... »

‘Religious freedom’ law unlikely in Iowa

DES MOINES — One way Rich Eychaner measures Iowa’s progress in the treatment of gay individuals is how often his life is threatened. ... »

Bill would allow more EpiPen use in schools

A bill in the Iowa Legislature would give schools more freedom to use EpiPens when students have allergic reactions — potentially saving liv ... »

Texting while driving ban could face opposition in state House

DES MOINES — Rep. Gary Worthan believes Iowa roads would be safer if the rule requiring him to use only a hands-free phone when he’s ... »

School start date bill hits procedural roadblock in Senate

DES MOINES – Add a legislative decision on the date that schools will be allowed to begin fall classes to the list of education issues in li ... »

Iowa Senate approves ban on minors using tanning beds

DES MOINES — Iowa minors under 18 years of age would be banned from commercial tanning salons under a bill that narrowly won bipartisan appr ... »

Cedar Rapids legislator seeking middle ground on ‘Right to Assistance’ bill

DES MOINES — A Cedar Rapids lawmaker is seeking middle ground on a legislative proposal city officials see as a threat to their comprehensiv ... »

House bill would set statewide regulation of Uber, transportation network companies

DES MOINES — The Iowa House has approved a bill to establish common rules for transportation networks companies such as Uber.

Rep. Chr ... »

Data: Democrats, older Iowans use absentee ballots most

IOWA CITY — Democrats and older Iowans would have to adjust their early voting habits the most if a bill that cleared the Iowa House require ... »

Iowa lawmaker explains photo of him reading book on state House floor

DES MOINES — Iowa Rep. Ross Paustian, R-Walcott, said a photo that showed him reading a book titled “Sex After Sixty” during I ... »

Legislative debate begins over funding employee compensation

DES MOINES — Now that new two-year collective bargaining contracts have been set with unionized state employees, the question at the Statehou ... »

Iowa Senate raises penalty for texting while driving

DES MOINES — Drivers could be pulled over and face a $30 fine for texting while driving under a proposal approved by the Iowa Senate 44-6 Tu ... »

Bus dilemma: rural districts burdened by transportation costs

DES MOINES — As rural Iowa school districts consolidate to trim expenses, and a decades-old school funding formula remains unchanged, many r ... »

Iowa Senate votes to make school start date a local decision

DES MOINES — Iowa senators voted Tuesday to nix the state’s school start date law and give K-12 schools control over when they want t ... »