Which laws are living or dying on funnel week at the Iowa Legislature?

DES MOINES — An effort to expand broadband Internet access in Iowa — a priority of Gov. Terry Branstad two years in the making ȁ ... »

Gun bills advance in Iowa House, Senate

DES MOINES — A bill that “advances Iowans' constitutional rights” — specifically 2nd Amendment gun rights, won bipartisan s ... »

Abortion bill clears Iowa House subcommittee

DES MOINES — Doctors would be required to show a pregnant woman an ultrasound image of her unborn fetus before performing an abortion or ris ... »

Bill would end straight-party voting in Iowa

DES MOINES — Iowa voters would no longer have the option of voting a straight-party ticket under a bill that cleared a House subcommittee on ... »

Funeral protest restrictions move forward in Iowa Legislature

DES MOINES — A bill to extend the buffer zone between funerals and protests from 500 to 1,000 feet won House Judiciary subcommittee approval ... »

University of Iowa grad and peeping victim lobbies for change to Iowa’s peeping law

IOWA CITY — A University of Iowa graduate who testified against an Iowa City landlord convicted in 2013 of spying on female tenants is now l ... »

Iowa DHS looks to move Medicaid to managed care to save money, improve outcomes

DES MOINES — With Medicaid expenses rising at double the rate of state revenue, Department of Human Services Director Chuck Palmer is lookin ... »

Branstad signs gas tax increase

DES MOINES — With little fanfare Wednesday, Gov. Terry Branstad signed a fuel tax increase that would hike prices at Iowa pumps for gasoline ... »

Iowa Senate votes to raise Iowa’s minimum wage

DES MOINES — Without debate, the Iowa Senate voted 27-22 Tuesday to boost the state’s minimum wage to $8.75 an hour by July 1, 2016 & ... »

Smoke-free casino bill gets hearing, little more

DES MOINES — A House subcommittee spent about 15 minutes Tuesday hearing the pros and cons of a bill seeking to authorize up to two new gamb ... »

Iowa House joins Iowa Senate in approving gas tax increase

DES MOINES — The state’s gas tax will increase 10 cents per gallon if Gov. Terry Branstad signs a measure approved Tuesday by state l ... »

Catholic bishops urge Iowa lawmakers to increase minimum wage

DES MOINES — Bishops from Catholic Church dioceses in Iowa took on the role of lobbyists Tuesday in urging state legislators to approval a b ... »

Iowa's deteriorating transportation system costing motorists $2 billion per year

DES MOINES — More than a fourth of Iowa's major urban roads and highways and 13 percent of the state's rural roads are in poor condition, and ... »

Gas tax hike takes another step closer to law

DES MOINES — A 10-cent increase in Iowa’s gas tax was approved Tuesday by a committee of a dozen state lawmakers.

The Iowa Sena ... »

Iowa minimum wage increase clears first legislative hurdle

DES MOINES — Dozens of Iowans converged on the Statehouse Tuesday in support of giving Iowa’s lowest-paid workers their first wage in ... »

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