Flood Recovery

Cedar Rapids plans to spend $1.5 million more in LOST funds for northwest rec center

CEDAR RAPIDS — The City Council this week is slated to approve the spending of an additional $1.5 million in revenue from an earlier 1-perce ... »

Audit: FEMA should have contributed $10.8 million less to new Cedar Rapids library

CEDAR RAPIDS — The Federal Emergency Management Agency contributed $10.83 million more than it should have for the city’s new, $46 mi ... »

Trashmore 5K for epilepsy foreshadows landfill’s next life

CEDAR RAPIDS — They're running up a hill of trash to get to the bottom of the befuddling mysteries of epilepsy.

But the idea for the ... »

Cedar Rapids council sets 90-day moratorium for Time Check properties

CEDAR RAPIDS — Fewer than 10 homes and only two business addresses remain occupied in a wide area of the flood-hit Time Check neighborhood, ... »

Cedar Rapids council proposes investment moratorium for Time Check

All along, Cedar Rapids city officials knew that the city’s voluntary flood-recovery buyout program would leave a small number of uninterest ... »

Congress takes another step toward Cedar Rapids flood protection

CEDAR RAPIDS — Federal funds to help build the city’s flood protection system took another step toward reality.

On Tuesday, the ... »

Congressional action gets Cedar Rapids closer to federal flood protection money

CEDAR RAPIDS — City leaders were overjoyed Friday as they reported that a joint U.S. House-Senate conference committee has approved a final ... »

Completion of public works building to be delayed

CEDAR RAPIDS — Heavy rain on April 13 undermined several footings at the construction site of the public works department's new City Services ... »

Hach building demolished

CEDAR RAPIDS — Preservationists were on hand Monday morning to mourn as demolition crews quickly took down the 113-year-old, flood-damaged P ... »

Cedar Rapids lauds FEMA’s change of heart

CEDAR RAPIDS — It’s not every day that city officials organize a tour of the sewage treatment plant.

The city’s Utilitie ... »

Doing their part: Cisterns show how to keep runoff out of the Cedar River

CEDAR RAPIDS — This is the nervous time of year here as spring rains fall and the Cedar River rises.

Nearly six years now since the ci ... »

Cedar Rapids preparing to start building flood protection

CEDAR RAPIDS — City officials are moving ahead with the start of construction of a flood protection system for both sides of the Cedar River ... »

Cedar Rapids casino is about flood recovery, tour-guide Corbett tells commissioners

As bus tours go, it was a quick one with a clear message:

The Flood of 2008 here hurt, and the ongoing recovery of the city, especially the h ... »

Cedar Rapids' flood-recovery chief departs as flood protection takes center stage

CEDAR RAPIDS — Mayors and city managers stand on the shoulders of people like Joe O’Hern.

O’Hern slipped out of City Hall last Friday and int ... »

Cedar Rapids' abandoned homes the next challenge

CEDAR RAPIDS — City Hall has stood with Matthew 25 as the not-for-profit’s innovative neighborhood-rebuilding efforts have helped core neighborhood ... »