Johnson County board gives initial approval to agriculture-related ordinance amendments

JOHNSON COUNTY — The Johnson County Board of Supervisors is moving forward with a pair of proposed ordinance amendments that would bring loc ... »

Cedar Rapids casino plan hopes take double hit

CEDAR RAPIDS — Both Plan A and Plan B for a Cedar Rapids casino took it on the chin this week, Mayor Ron Corbett said Thursday. But he said ... »

Bills would ban local restrictions on unrelated roommates

Two similar bills working through the Iowa Legislature have the potential to eliminate a neighborhood stabilization tool used by several Iowa commu ... »

Bills live and die in face of Iowa Legislative funnel (List)

DES MOINES — Plans to ban cellphone use while driving, make children attend school until age 18, require Iowans to show a photo ID to vote a ... »

Landowners express concerns about Highway 30 bypass

Robert Broulik, 59, estimates he will lose 126 acres he's been farming since high school to a bypass south of Mount Vernon and Lisbon.&#x ... »

Nicotine ban vote delayed by Marion Council

MARION — City Council members here punted last night.

On a 5-2 vote, the council put off a decision on an ambitious ordinance that wou ... »

Which laws are living or dying on funnel week at the Iowa Legislature?

DES MOINES — An effort to expand broadband Internet access in Iowa — a priority of Gov. Terry Branstad two years in the making ȁ ... »

Gun bills advance in Iowa House, Senate

DES MOINES — A bill that “advances Iowans' constitutional rights” — specifically 2nd Amendment gun rights, won bipartisan s ... »

Abortion bill clears Iowa House subcommittee

DES MOINES — Doctors would be required to show a pregnant woman an ultrasound image of her unborn fetus before performing an abortion or ris ... »

C.R., ISU join forces to support Cedar Rapids ag industries

CEDAR RAPIDS — Central to the city's beefed-up economic development effort, city officials said Wednesday, is an initiative to focus on the c ... »

Iowans could take time off work to participate in presidential precinct caucus

DES MOINES — Iowans would be able to take unpaid time off from work to attend a presidential precinct caucus under a bill that cleared a Sen ... »

Iowa City charter draft nearing completion

IOWA CITY — With less than one month left before the Iowa City Charter Review Commission dissolves, the committee is nearly ready to recomme ... »

Human Services will create bed-tracker for mental health beds, Iowa leaders say

CEDAR RAPIDS — The Iowa Department of Human Services plans to create an electronic database of inpatient psychiatric beds, relieving the pro ... »

Program aims to bridge gap between youths, public safety

IOWA CITY — A new multiagency program aims to build relationships between youths and their local public safety officials and encourage more ... »

Suppressors, secrecy for permit holders stand to gain ground in Iowa weapons legislation

DES MOINES — Legislation to clean up the permit process for carrying concealed weapons, prohibiting so-called straw man gun purchases, and ma ... »

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