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University of Iowa debuts new online training to reduce sexual assault

Here's the scenario. You're at a college party, and you see a guy take a female student a drink — presumably one with alcohol. He offers her a shot. Then he leans in and she steps back. Later, he leads the stumbling woman from the room.


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Iowa Regents to OK last budget without new metrics

The Board of Regents next week is expected to approve the 2015 budgets for its three public universities, marking the final time it plans to allocate state dollars without weighing enrollment and performance metrics.

The University of Iowa [...]

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Bar exam debacle affects anxious law school graduates

A national company, ExamSoft, that processes bar exams for many states, including Iowa, had a major failure with its software Tuesday and already-stressed law school graduates faced more anxiety as they mis [...]

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Iowa Regents could approve spending more on efficiency review

The Board of Regents at its meeting next week could be asked, again, to approve paying more money to a consulting firm it hired to help find efficiencies within Iowa’s three public universities.

Deloitte Consulting LLC was hired last [...]

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University of Iowa officials employ consultant to spur growth

IOWA CITY — The University of Iowa must enroll thousands more in-state students in the coming years to avoid losing tens of millions in state funding, and officials are looking at building a second new residence hall to accommodate that ant [...]

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University of Iowa managing the international student surge

IOWA CITY — A push to grow the student body is underway at the University of Iowa. But that doesn't necessarily include international students.

If anything, admissions officials said they want to diversify the UI international studen [...]

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Higher education tax credits falling short nationally, in Iowa

Use of higher education tax credits has skyrocketed, but a new study shows they’ve fallen short of their mission to make college more accessible and affordable.

Rising tuition costs, student debt, and access to low- and middle-income [...]

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University of Iowa law school discrimination suit will go back to court

IOWA CITY — A University of Iowa College of Law employee who sued the school’s leaders for political discrimination will get a new trial.

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday sent Teresa Wagner’s lawsuit back to [...]

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Task force recommends ending VEISHEA, creating new series of events

If Iowa State takes the advice of a task force charged with studying and recommending a way forward for its historic but troubled VEISHEA celebration, the annual springtime event will be canceled and possibly replaced by a series of smaller events [...]

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University of Iowa launches $756,000 marketing blitz

In hopes of attracting, enrolling, educating and graduating more Iowa students, the University of Iowa today launched an initial $765,000 marketing campaign aimed at shaping how residents refer to and perceive the institution.

The Universi [...]

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Sally Mason: University of Iowa focused on recruiting and outcomes

Just days after Gov. Terry Branstad voiced support for a new Board of Regents funding model that ties more money to in-state students, and thus could take millions from the University of Iowa, UI President Sally Mason said her staff is gearing up [...]

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Kirkwood Community College ups tuition deadline to lower risk

The more than 15,000 students expected to take classes at Kirkwood Community College this fall will have to pay their tuition — or at least make payment arrangements — earlier than in the past.

Instead of being due by one week [...]

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UI to launch massive marketing campaign next week

Herky the Hawkeye, his Tiger Hawk logo, and many other couriers of the University of Iowa brand will be appearing in the coming months at ballparks, racetracks, malls, and fairs near you.

Increasing its brand presence statewide is part of th [...]

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College recruiting in Iowa gets tough

Of the 12 schools she applied to, Sydney Alexander received admission offers to eight.

The Birmingham, Mich., teen then narrowed her options to a few top choices by weighing each school’s theater program — her intended major & [...]

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Flood protection at the UI expected to cost $4 million

IOWA CITY — With the Iowa River in Iowa City breaching its banks and encroaching on nearby buildings, paths, and roads, the University of Iowa is preparing to spend as much as $4 million to keep its property safe.

That total covers th [...]

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