International consortium may dissolve due to debt owed to Kirkwood

An international consortium hosted by Kirkwood Community College since 1998 may dissolve because of financial woes.

Kirkwood President Mick S ... »

Kirkwood Community College ending horse sciences program

CEDAR RAPIDS — One credit program at Kirkwood Community College is no longer accepting new students.

Administrators say rising costs ... »

Gov. Branstad will work with regents on funding request

IOWA CITY — Gov. Terry Branstad on Thursday promised to work with the Board of Regents on its request for $12.9 million to keep the Universi ... »

Board of Regents approve state funding request

IOWA CITY — The Board of Regents unanimously agreed on Wednesday to ask the state for an additional $12.9 million in the 2016 budget year to ... »

Questions arise around higher education funding changes

IOWA CITY — Critics, including at least one regent, are calling on the Board of Regents to reconsider a new funding model it approved in June ... »

Kirkwood debuts its Washington County Regional Center

For some Washington County students, starting back to school this fall will look different thanks to the newest Kirkwood Community College regional ... »

Regents’ ‘transparent, inclusive’ meetings remain closed

Despite the name and mission of a Board of Regents-created subcommittee formed to oversee a systemwide “Transparent, Inclusive, Efficiency R ... »

Iowa Board of Regents to review admission gauge

The Board of Regents in the coming year will reassess a scoring system it enacted five years ago to gauge the potential for success of incoming stu ... »