Regents’ ‘transparent, inclusive’ meetings remain closed

Despite the name and mission of a Board of Regents-created subcommittee formed to oversee a systemwide “Transparent, Inclusive, Efficiency Review” of Iowa’s public universities, the group’s meetings have been kept close [...]

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Iowa Board of Regents to review admission gauge

The Board of Regents in the coming year will reassess a scoring system it enacted five years ago to gauge the potential for success of incoming students and qualify them for automatic admission to the state’s three public universities. The [...]

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Students discover surprise study abroad expenses

Steffi Lee had been told about all the expected costs she might encounter while studying abroad from Simpson College of Indianola. Then, something unexpected happened.

A $530 monthly stipend to help Lee, a 20-year-old sophomore, with costs w [...]

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Online college agrees to $7.25 million settlement with Iowa

DES MOINES — Thousands of Iowa students could be in line for refunds from a California-based for-profit school.

At a Friday news conference, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said Ashford University and its San Diego-based parent comp [...]

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Sororities seek out self-defense

IOWA CITY — After receiving notification after notification this school year warning of another sexual assault on campus, University of Iowa senior Jillian Brooks and other sorority members grew increasingly concerned — even scared  [...]

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Three area colleges join federal food waste project

The University of Iowa, Coe College and Luther College are joining the Environmental Protection Agency’s Food Recovery Challenge, which asks institutions to reduce food waste through leaner purchasing and diverting food waste from the landf [...]

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Iowa lawmakers approve compromise on education funding

DES MOINES — A House-Senate panel Wednesday approved a $986 million education budget compromise for fiscal 2015 that would cover a tuition freeze at state universities, fund K-12 education reforms with $49 million and boost operating money [...]

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Private colleges adapt or wither in face of declining enrollment, financial challenges

Sticker shock didn’t scare off Spencer Stout, 19, a college sophomore from Westminster, Colo., from looking at Coe College in Cedar Rapids.

He wanted the small-school experience, a quality liberal arts education and a reasonable cost, [...]

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