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Digital Marketing: In content promotion, you must be present to win

One of our clients recently won a customer service award from a national review site dedicated to the client's industry. Elated, the client wanted ... »

On Topic: What next, Mr. Draper?

“It’s a hoot.” — Joan Harris, on her job at a 1960s advertising agency.

It seems worth noting — at least t ... »

Social media: We’re no longer in the communications business

On a recent family vacation, we took our kids to Legoland in Schaumburg, Ill. It was a fun experience in more ways than one.

For anyone who&# ... »

On Topic: Art and commerce, not always peanut butter and jelly

Commerce — the engine that turns the world, as author Ayn Rand would tell us — hasn’t always sat comfortably next to art ... »

Tech Connect: Hostage taking on the Internet

In the good old days (a few years ago), we users of the Internet had to deal with pranksters, vandals and thieves. Software designed to break into ... »

On Topic: A woman’s perspective

The Association of American University Women released a report this spring that puts a bit of a drag on the celebratory nature of this month’ ... »

Law: Don’t be mean-spirited

Employers get sued nearly every day by former employees. Here is a trio of the biggest personnel mistakes made by employers, and some tips on defus ... »

Digital Marketing: Google — search engine for truth?

When Google sneezes, the world of digital marketing catches a cold.

In the most recent example, Google released a white paper that explored ... »

Emerging Leaders: When colleague takes credit for your work

Has this ever happened to you? You’re in a meeting and the unthinkable happens — a colleague claims credit for your work.

As yo ... »

On Topic: Economists cite ‘dangerous sense of complacency’

About a half-dozen years ago, during the depth of the Great Recession, for a story I was writing on supply-chain issues for the metals industry, I ... »

NLRB targets employee policies: Do yours stand up?

Many non-unionized employers believe the National Labor Relations Act — administered by the National Labor Relations Board, or NLRB, in Wash ... »

Social Media with content, less is more

While we may not own up to it, one of the concepts that most of us believe in is that more is better.

More time spent on a plan makes it bet ... »

On Topic: Not-so private eyes, they’re watching you

It was without a trace of irony when my wife said, “It was in the news.”

I’d pointed out what appeared to me to be the a ... »

On Topic: The evolution of frugal innovation

My grandfather, Ralph E. Miller, after various careers as, among other choices, a chicken farmer, gas station owner and airplane maintenance worker ... »

On Topic: We’ll be traveling more for business this year

A cartoonist friend of mine tells of having been a passenger in a small plane that crashed and resulted in the loss of many of his front teeth.

... »