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On Topic: Cloudy thoughts for a new year

Things are going to get easier, at least according to what I’ve been reading lately.

I just figured you’d want to know.

F ... »

Emerging Leaders: Five ways to be a leader, not a manager

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?

Jennifer Hill, a seasoned financial leader, has held senior leadership positions ... »

Know, like and trust in the digital age

We do business with brands we know, like and trust.

This tried and true expression has guided marketers for decades, helping us align our or ... »

The power of a thank you

Maybe I’m getting old, or this particular holiday season is getting to me, or maybe I’ve taken a piece of my own advice and slowed do ... »

On Topic: With friends like these

Just admit it: No matter that casual Friday took over the whole workweek some years back, and that T-shirts and bluejeans are now the default unifo ... »

Four ways to lose a noncompete case

In this global economy, the battle for talent and customers is always fierce. Many employers aggressively protect both assets by enforcing noncompe ... »

On Topic: Everybody’s working for the weekend

This is it, the big showdown for retail.

It used to be that the general consumer retail industry geared up for three significant selling peri ... »

Digital marketing: When is less really more?

How’s this for a holiday gift? It turns out the digital revolution didn’t kill retail after all.

And, if you’ll forgive ... »

Emerging Leaders: Dealing with difficult conversations at work

Did you notice? The headline for this article is not “Dealing with difficult people” but “Dealing with difficult conversations ... »

On Topic: Still some time on the clock

Every Sunday this month. starting on page 1A, we’ve been running installments of our series titled Aging in Iowa. The stories take a look at ... »

Get back to basics to build your brand

We can’t do that! We’re in [insert regulated industry here].

How often have you heard this? Maybe you’ve even said this ... »

Get informed

OK, I just got hammered with a solid dose of reality.

Get this, just because a person is a business leader that doesn’t mean he or sh ... »

Back to the Futures: Tricks from grain markets, treats from gas prices

Low Gas Prices are a Treat

Gasoline prices are tumbling, scaring refiners, but giving a welcome treat to drivers. Accordin ... »

Digital Marketing

Every business has — or should have — marketing goals and a strategy for how to reach those goals. Digital marketing is no different. ... »

On Topic: Innovators and troublemakers

Alan Turing suddenly is everywhere.

The English mathematician is the subject of a new movie, “The Imitation Game,” about the cr ... »

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