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Rock Island Clean Line not yet approved in Illinois

The Rock Island Clean Line project has not yet received regulatory approval from the Illinois Commerce Commission. The original story [...]

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Details of South Dakota traffic camera bill incorrect

The number of a bill signed into law in South Dakota, continue »

Donation of Santa's Workshop figures incorrectly characterized

Sue Zazza Hutchcroft donated continue »

Coralville police chief misquoted in burglary story

A story about a home burglary in Coralville incorrectly quoted Coralville Police Chief Barry Bedford. The correction was made at 3:44 p.m. on Thursday Nov. 21, 2013.

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Incorrect address given for Paramount Theatre box office

A story about the renovation of the Mighty Wurlitzer organ at the Paramount Theatre in Ceda [...]

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Incoming Police Chief's name misspelled

The headline of a story detailing Diane Venenga's selection as the next North Liberty police chief misspelled her name. The headline was corrected [...]

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Incorrect location for new Cedar Rapids fire station

An article posted Sept. 12 included an incorrect address for continue »

Defendant accepting plea deal misidentified

The headline of a story involving Dominique Fisher pleading guilty to reduced charges misidentified the defendant. Dominique Fisher [...]

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The Gazette is committed to accuracy, fairness and completeness of news articles, headlines and captions in print and online.

We are committed to correcting all errors and encourage our sources, our readers and the community to point out any [...]

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Iowa State coach misidentified

A post published Sept. 6, 2013 dealing with NCAA's satisfaction with self-imposed sanctions at Iowa State incorrectly identified Iowa State basketball c [...]

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