Time Machine

Time Machine: ‘Love is a fleeting thing at best ...’

(Second of two stories)

CEDAR RAPIDS — Jury selection for the murder trial of Dr. Robert C. Rutledge of St. Louis began May 2, 1949, i ... »

Time Machine: Murder of passion

(First of two parts. Part 2: “The trial” next Sunday)

CEDAR RAPIDS — Margaret Bell was cleaning Room 729 at the Roosevel ... »

Time Machine: Pioneers of Linn County

LINN COUNTY — The McKean brothers were born in Burlington, Bradford County, Pa. Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson McKean came to Linn Coun ... »

Time Machine: Union Passenger Station

CEDAR RAPIDS — Cedar Rapids’ union depot was a small, unattractive building that hardly suited a growing city.

In 1891, a Gaze ... »

Time Machine: Undefeated

CEDAR RAPIDS — The Tigers of Washington High School in Cedar Rapids had built a strong reputation as a good football team in the 1920s. The ... »

Time Machine: Veterans Memorial

CEDAR RAPIDS — According to a May 19, 1920 Gazette story, “Battery E of the 126th Field Artillery was regarded during the war by loca ... »

Time Machine: Dr. James Van Allen

CEDAR RAPIDS — Abigail and Dr. James Van Allen and his wife, Abigail, met “by accident” when she backed into his car at a stop ... »

TIME MACHINE: Herbert Hoover comes home for the last time

CEDAR RAPIDS — Herbert Clark Hoover, 31st President of the United States, died Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1964, at the age of 90. Wishing to be burie ... »

Time Machine: Mayor’s murder

CEDAR RAPIDS — John T. Carmody was an experienced machinist when he arrived in Cedar Rapids from Lima, Ohio, in 1885. He immediately went to ... »

Time Machine: Kingston hosted a series of pro football games

CEDAR RAPIDS — A group of businessmen formed the West Side Civic Club in May 1959 as a way to promote Cedar Rapids’ west side.

... »

Time Machine: Eleanor Roosevelt helped celebrate United Nations Week in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS — The United Nations’ 10th anniversary was cause for celebration in 1955. Cedar Rapids Mayor Milo Sedlacek appointed a c ... »

Time Machine: Trains bring Mexican immigrants to Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS — In the middle of May 1910, a train pulled into Cedar Rapids's Union Station on Fourth Avenue and Fourth Street downtown. The s ... »

Time Machine: A death at the Wild West show

CEDAR RAPIDS — The interurban circus grounds on Sixth Street West in Cedar Rapids were used on a weekly basis in spring through fall seasons ... »

Time Machine: The Iowa Cornets

CEDAR RAPIDS — “Just as little boys sometimes dream about becoming the next Pete Rose or O.J. Simpson, here in Iowa the little girls ... »

Time Machine: The pet of The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — It began with a joke. When asked what souvenir a friend could send to him from Florida, Gazette Editor Fred Faulkes replied an ... »

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