Time Machine

Time Machine: Union Passenger Station

CEDAR RAPIDS — Cedar Rapids’ union depot was a small, unattractive building that hardly suited a growing city.

In 1891, a Gaze ... »

Time Machine: Undefeated

CEDAR RAPIDS — The Tigers of Washington High School in Cedar Rapids had built a strong reputation as a good football team in the 1920s. The ... »

Time Machine: Veterans Memorial

CEDAR RAPIDS — According to a May 19, 1920 Gazette story, “Battery E of the 126th Field Artillery was regarded during the war by loca ... »

Time Machine: Dr. James Van Allen

CEDAR RAPIDS — Abigail and Dr. James Van Allen and his wife, Abigail, met “by accident” when she backed into his car at a stop ... »

TIME MACHINE: Herbert Hoover comes home for the last time

CEDAR RAPIDS — Herbert Clark Hoover, 31st President of the United States, died Tuesday, Oct. 20, 1964, at the age of 90. Wishing to be burie ... »

Time Machine: Mayor’s murder

CEDAR RAPIDS — John T. Carmody was an experienced machinist when he arrived in Cedar Rapids from Lima, Ohio, in 1885. He immediately went to ... »

Time Machine: Kingston hosted a series of pro football games

CEDAR RAPIDS — A group of businessmen formed the West Side Civic Club in May 1959 as a way to promote Cedar Rapids’ west side.

... »

Time Machine: Eleanor Roosevelt helped celebrate United Nations Week in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS — The United Nations’ 10th anniversary was cause for celebration in 1955. Cedar Rapids Mayor Milo Sedlacek appointed a c ... »

Time Machine: Trains bring Mexican immigrants to Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS — In the middle of May 1910, a train pulled into Cedar Rapids's Union Station on Fourth Avenue and Fourth Street downtown. The s ... »

Time Machine: A death at the Wild West show

CEDAR RAPIDS — The interurban circus grounds on Sixth Street West in Cedar Rapids were used on a weekly basis in spring through fall seasons ... »

Time Machine: The Iowa Cornets

CEDAR RAPIDS — “Just as little boys sometimes dream about becoming the next Pete Rose or O.J. Simpson, here in Iowa the little girls ... »

Time Machine: The pet of The Gazette

CEDAR RAPIDS — It began with a joke. When asked what souvenir a friend could send to him from Florida, Gazette Editor Fred Faulkes replied an ... »

Millville's haunted house

Was it haunted or not? The house, whose address was “End of Skip Level Road,” stood three miles west of Millville in Clayton County.

Pioneer Cemetery

Iowa Code 523I.102 — “Pioneer cemetery” means a cemetery where there were twelve or fewer burials in the preceding fifty years ... »

Cold War fallout

The United States’ diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and China were in tatters, the Soviet Union had tested its first atomic bomb ( ... »

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