University of Iowa

Video Sessions Part 3

Video No. 1 — Iowa WR Tevaun Smith showed some frustration last week. The WRs want a bigger piece of this. Can you blame them?

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Iowa notes: Special teams, timeouts, recruiting

IOWA CITY — Placekicking continues to plague Iowa’s special teams the way a dull razor blade scratches a bearded face.

With the team lined up for a game-tying, 44-yard field goal and only 4 minutes, 8 seconds remaining a [...]

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Video Sessions Part 2

Video No. 1 — Iowa OT Andrew Donnal on the running game: “Sometimes, you have to do other things. Sometimes, you’ve got to throw the ball. You [...]

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Audio: Hawkeyes talk Pitt

Hear what Hawkeye players had to say a few days removed from their loss to Iowa State, and as they looked ahead to this week's game against Pittsburgh.