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Retired without the RV

A comforting campfire glowed as a rising full moon bathed distant rocky outcroppings in soft light. While we savored the evening's peace a wo ... »

Iowa All Over: ‘Agriculture is our industry’

DYERSVILLE — They are green and yellow, they are red and blue. They are intricate and detailed, some antique and some foreign.

But al ... »

True grit: Winterset’s new museum celebrates an American icon

In a career that spanned five decades, John Wayne appeared in more than 175 movies and won a host of honors that included both an Academy Award and ... »

Pants-Free Parenting: Forget lectures, turn to ‘silent parenting’ instead

My 4-year-old fell asleep coming home from the park one day. She never does this. So, I brought my toddler in the house first and then, carried her ... »

Profile: Fritha Coltrain finds ‘true bliss’ in ‘orientale’ dance

The first time Fritha Coltrain saw Marie Wilkes — founder of Kahraman Dance Co., a small orientale dance company (she spells it with an ̶ ... »

Drift to Mineral Point

Mineral Point lies in Wisconsin's Driftless Region. Carved hundreds of years ago by glaciers, the town seems to have eluded the forces of metaphori ... »

Dance finds audience embrace in Iowa City, tougher sell in Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS — Dance has had a toehold in Iowa City for more than four decades, thanks to a groundbreaking Hancher/Joffrey Ballet pas de deux ... »

Traer took more than a grain of salt for tourism

TRAER — At an economic-development conference in Des Moines a few years ago, Ellen Young was told Traer should focus on what it has and brin ... »

Pants-Free Parenting: Don’t diminish daughters for their emotions

People like to warn me about my daughter and her feelings.

“Girls are so hormonal,” they will say, as she sits there making up ... »

TIES Program offers parents techniques to reduce stress

About a year ago, Molly Chambers stopped sending her now four-year-old son, Cal, to playdates.

“My son was hitting other children and ... »

Hoover: The Great Humanitarian

Twenty million tiny beads fill giant plexiglass panels in a new exhibit at the Herbert Hoover Presidential Museum and Library in West Branch.

... »
Mural appears over graffiti on side of Downtown Tire in Cedar Rapids

UPDATE: The mural will be allowed to stay. The City of Cedar Rapids clarified the city code, which requires businesses paint over graffiti but all ... »

Two quilt shows under one roof this week in Cedar Rapids

The Machine Quilters Showcase and East Iowa Heirloom Quilters are coming together to host their annual events this week in Cedar Rapids.

Lind ... »

Nigerian teen studying in Iowa City

IOWA CITY — Nigerian student Esther Bila said she thought she was competing for a school trophy when she was asked to take a special exam. ... »

Teen named ‘youth of the year’

CEDAR RAPIDS — The local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club once again is the home of the organization’s State Youth of the Year.

... »