From The Ground Up: Protect your trees, shrubs from winter harsh salt damage

De-icing salts are one of the necessities of winter in Iowa.

De-icing compounds, such as NaCl, CaCl2, KCl and MgCl2, can damage landscape pl ... »

Learning to care for your holiday plants

You may already have purchased a seasonal flowering plant or received one as a gift.

Keeping that lovely holiday color as long as possible ... »

From the Ground Up: Still time to help plants weather winter well

Q: Is it too late to protect my plants this winter? What do I do to protect them?

A: Winter hit us hard and fast this year, and it’s o ... »

Off the Map: Garden pulls in Vinton youth

Editor’s note: Each week we target a town on a map of Eastern Iowa and go there in search of a story. We hope to discover and share stories ... »

From the ground up: Three waysto overwinter your geraniums

Overwintering your geraniums is relatively easy to do and can save you a bunch of money next spring. Most of us have a favorite geranium variety, a ... »

From the ground up: An expert’s guide to planting, digging up bulbs in the fall

Q: When can I plant bulbs for spring?

A: September is a great month to purchase daffodils, tulips, crocu ... »

From the ground up: Should you start new or repair an established lawn?

Fall is the optimum time to start a new lawn from seed. The warm days, cool nights and fall rains encourage rapid growth. Plus, fewer weed seeds ge ... »

From the ground up: Deadheading your plants encourages re-blooming

Q: I am confused about deadheading. How do I deadhead plants? What plants should — and should not — be d ... »

Stop. Smell the flowers

DECORAH — In England, it’s common to say — when one is going out into the yard — that you are going into the garden. ... »

From the ground up: Pick carefully for beautiful arrangements

August brings an abundance of beautiful flowers for cutting, from sunflowers and black-eyed-Susan’s to roses and coneflowers in many colors. ... »

From the ground up: Ward off tomato blight, other disease by watering ground

Tomatoes have a lot of enemies in the garden, even deer. But more common are the fungus and bacterial diseases of tomato plants.

Tomato blig ... »

From the ground up: How to become a Master Gardener

Besides questions on plants, lawns, insects and flowers, a lot of you ask “What is a Master Gardener”?

A Master Gardener is som ... »

From the ground up: Go crazy for coneflowers

When the heat of midsummer hits, and rain becomes more sparse — my favorite flower must be the native echinacea, commonly known as the purpl ... »

From the ground up: Showcase lilies in your garden

Many plants called “lily” aren’t lilies at all. Day lilies, lily of the valley and peace lily aren’t members of the lil ... »

From the ground up: Moisture problems often to blame for mildew and mold

With summer activities in full swing it is easy to ignore the garden and hope everything is doing OK without your constant surveillance. However, e ... »