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From the ground up: Address the carbon dioxide factor in garden

Your carbon footprint or CO2 output is important. As a gardener, do you contribute to the problem or solve the problem? The answer depends on how y ... »

Plan to plant

Just like you should avoid grocery shopping when hungry, you shouldn’t start a landscape project without a plan.

“You may end u ... »

From the Ground Up: Feed hummingbirds and they will come

Q: I love seeing hummingbirds, and I’d like to attract more of them to my garden. How do I do that?

A: Hummingbirds are wonderful cre ... »

Tips for making choosing cabinets easy

Kitchen cabinets do more than store dishes and hold up countertops, they are literally the foundation of a kitchen, both functionally and aesthetic ... »

From the Ground Up: Gardening for butterflies

Milkweed is a well-known way to lure monarchs to our yard.

Other plants, though, attract local butterfly and moth species and support bees. ... »

From the Ground UP: Pinning down proper time to prune is tricky

Proper pruning time is one of the hardest landscape tasks to pin down. March is ideal because it is the late dormant season, just before the onset ... »

Buying and Selling: All the home’s a stage

Don’t confuse decorating with home staging.

That’s the mantra home staging expert Lori Matzke repeats to clients.

You may ... »

From the Ground Up: Enjoy the fruits of spring labor

Spring is a good time to prune fruit trees. Pruning should be done before the fruit trees begin to break bud (leaf out) in early spring. Summer pru ... »

4 tasks you can do now to spruce up your yard

Once the snow melts, it can be tempting to start puttering in perennial beds and tackling other outdoor tasks.

Hold on to your hoe, though, ... »

Want dream home? Don’t move

HACKENSACK, N.J. — David Shanks longed for a bigger house. A roomy kitchen was on the list — he loved to cook and had a hard time whi ... »

From the Ground Up: There are plenty of activities for gardeners to do now

As we know, March can serve up a wide range of weather. Once it starts to warm up, gardeners are itching to get outside. Here are some guidelines a ... »

Green light: Get landscape plans started with a budget

Put your dreams of warmer weather to work by planning landscaping projects while there’s still snow on the ground, says Lucy Hershberger, ow ... »

From the Ground Up: On your marks, get set — grow

March is seed starting time. Growing seeds is rewarding, but correct supplies are required.

Get flower and vegetable seeds from local garde ... »

Home: 1950s home hides 2,000 square feet behind petite facade

CEDAR RAPIDS — It looks petite, sitting sedately, slightly back from busy 34th Street SE. A cool gray exterior enhanced by navy blue shutter ... »

From the Ground Up: Create your own Japanese garden

Q: I’m interested in Japanese gardens. I don’t want a whole garden, but maybe just a “touch of Japanese.” Where do I st ... »