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Home: 1950s home hides 2,000 square feet behind petite facade

CEDAR RAPIDS — It looks petite, sitting sedately, slightly back from busy 34th Street SE. A cool gray exterior enhanced by navy blue shutter ... »

From the Ground Up: Create your own Japanese garden

Q: I’m interested in Japanese gardens. I don’t want a whole garden, but maybe just a “touch of Japanese.” Where do I st ... »

Think pink: The 1950s, 1960s pink bathroom

When Stacey Lopis’ friends see the bathroom in her 1960-vintage Hawthorne ranch, they all say the same thing: “You have to get rid of ... »

From the Ground Up: Tips for pruning young trees

CEDAR RAPIDS — Many of us don’t think about pruning trees and large shrubs until winter winds blow twigs and branches across our yard ... »

From the Ground Up — Burdened by snow: to brush off or not?

LINN COUNTY — The recent winter storm that left Eastern Iowa digging out also took its toll on our landscapes. When we get heavy, wet snow, ... »

Fired up: Taking care of your fireplace

CEDAR RAPIDS — When the weather outside is frightful, homeowners with a fireplace can curl up in front of crackling logs and warm flames.

From the Ground Up: Be sure to evaluate mail order purchases

When shopping online or in catalogs for plants, it’s important to understand what you are buying. Know both common and botanical names of pl ... »

Greenhouses are winter’s refuge

CEDAR RAPIDS — Who among us Iowans, hunkered down in a winter marked by either a mantle of snow or gray hazy days, does not salivate for the ... »

From the Ground Up: Caring for birds in the winter

LINN COUNTY — As we move though the coldest days of winter — we need to remember our wildlife friends. Although birds are well adapte ... »

From the Ground Up: These plants are easy to grow at home

Green plants inside your house are a great way to keep your spirits up and get a start on spring.

Remember, though, that houseplants need th ... »

From The Ground Up: Protect your trees, shrubs from winter harsh salt damage

De-icing salts are one of the necessities of winter in Iowa.

De-icing compounds, such as NaCl, CaCl2, KCl and MgCl2, can damage landscape pl ... »

From the Ground Up: From onlooker to insider

Shortly after I moved to Iowa, I attended the Linn County Master Gardener Winter Gardening Fair in February, 2012. You may not know it, but the LCM ... »

Learning to care for your holiday plants

You may already have purchased a seasonal flowering plant or received one as a gift.

Keeping that lovely holiday color as long as possible ... »

The holiday season is a decorator’s dream

CEDAR RAPIDS — Christmas reigns at the Minor and Suzanne Barnes home on Cottage Grove Lane in southeast Cedar Rapids. The holidays are king ... »

From the Ground Up: Take advantage of your own microclimates

LINN COUNTY — We’ve had some pretty cold temps already this fall, which makes me think back to last winter and wonder why some plants ... »

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