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The holiday season is a decorator’s dream

CEDAR RAPIDS — Christmas reigns at the Minor and Suzanne Barnes home on Cottage Grove Lane in southeast Cedar Rapids. The holidays are king ... »

From the Ground Up: Take advantage of your own microclimates

LINN COUNTY — We’ve had some pretty cold temps already this fall, which makes me think back to last winter and wonder why some plants ... »

From the Ground Up: Gifts for the gardener

LINN COUNTY — As the holidays near, we are all thinking about gifts that will be enjoyed by our gardener friends and family. Gift certificat ... »

From the Ground Up: Still time to help plants weather winter well

Q: Is it too late to protect my plants this winter? What do I do to protect them?

A: Winter hit us hard and fast this year, and it’s o ... »

From the ground up: Tool tips for winter storage

The last bulb is planted and the last plants are dug, right? It’s time to think about giving your garden tools a well-deserved winter vacati ... »

Ode to orchids

NORTH LIBERTY — About 25 years ago, Nile Dusdieker bought an orchid for his wife Lois’s birthday.

“From there, everythi ... »

Off the Map: Garden pulls in Vinton youth

Editor’s note: Each week we target a town on a map of Eastern Iowa and go there in search of a story. We hope to discover and share stories ... »

From the ground up: Three waysto overwinter your geraniums

Overwintering your geraniums is relatively easy to do and can save you a bunch of money next spring. Most of us have a favorite geranium variety, a ... »

Clermont 160-acre homestead a labor of love

CLERMONT — Susan Kuennen Massman and Jim Massman bought a 160-acre farm in Clermont together late in life in 2010.

They spent many lo ... »

Grande dame

CEDAR RAPIDS — She has been one of the grandest ladies of Grande Avenue Southeast for these past 92 years.

A three-story brick house s ... »

From the ground up: An expert’s guide to planting, digging up bulbs in the fall

Q: When can I plant bulbs for spring?

A: September is a great month to purchase daffodils, tulips, crocu ... »

The return of the front porch's popularity

MOUNT VERNON — When Ann Booth saw the grandiose front porch on a Mount Vernon turn-of-the-century home, she wanted it. So when the house went ... »

Country comfort

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series showcasing two homes built in Vinton more than ... »

From the ground up: Should you start new or repair an established lawn?

Fall is the optimum time to start a new lawn from seed. The warm days, cool nights and fall rains encourage rapid growth. Plus, fewer weed seeds ge ... »

Historic Vinton home

Editor’s note: This is the first of a two-part series showcasing two homes built in Vinton more than a cent ... »

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