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Urban orchards taking root

In a few years, visitors to Noelridge Park in Cedar Rapids, Lowe Park in Marion and Wetherby Park in Iowa City will be able to pick an apple or a p ... »

Honeybees aren’t the only pollinators on the block

After being taken for granted for decades, pollinators are in the spotlight due in large part because of dramatic declines in honeybees and monarch ... »

From the Ground Up: Enjoy beauty of garden flowers inside

We all love fresh bouquets of flowers, and they're even better when they come from your own gardens. Fresh cut flowers need a little tender loving ... »

How does your garden grow?

It doesn't get any fresher than making a meal with vegetables picked in your backyard. As you plant your vegetable patch, here are some tips to get ... »

At Home: Ready to relax

Ready to relax outside this summer? You’ll likely have plenty of friends to join you.

“Patio furniture is probably one of the h ... »

From The Ground Up: Tips for caring for spring-flowering bulbs

Q: When can I remove the flowers and leaves on bulbs that have faded?

A: You can remove the flower heads as soon as the flowers fade. Removin ... »

At Home: Patio season

Patio season is in full swing. To create your perfect outdoor space, consider shade, screening, ambience and flow, says Lucy Hershberger, owner of ... »

From the Ground Up: Hollyhocks reign tall in the garden

I’d like to honor my mother and grandmother today by sharing their favorite flower with you: the Alcea rosea or Hollyhocks. These stately pl ... »

Right plant, pot, spot

Nicholas Staddon is a plant expert by trade, a charmer by nature. Says the native of Britain in a telephone interview: “Life is so much of ot ... »

From the Ground Up: 5 ways to deal with weeds

Q: It's spring, and the weeds are growing faster than the plants. How do I keep the weeds from taking over?

A: ... »

Modern art, contemporary colors keep 1860s home fresh

Entering Gae and Deane Richardson’s house at 1414 Eighth Ave. in Marion is like walking into an art gallery.

Sculptures, art and memen ... »

At Home: Plant happy Sunlight, soil play role in plant selection

If you want your garden to grow to its fullest potential, look up and dig deep before you head to the garden center.

“The more knowled ... »

From The Ground Up: Bountiful gardens don’t need a lot of space

You don’t need to have a big space to plant a vegetable garden.

First, determine how much space you do have and plan your garden on p ... »

From the ground up: Address the carbon dioxide factor in garden

Your carbon footprint or CO2 output is important. As a gardener, do you contribute to the problem or solve the problem? The answer depends on how y ... »

Plan to plant

Just like you should avoid grocery shopping when hungry, you shouldn’t start a landscape project without a plan.

“You may end u ... »