Toast to roasting

As the season changes and moves our activities inside, our approach to getting meals on the table also adjusts.

The oven door might be a bit squeaky and dusty after a summer of neglect, but it’s ready to fire up again to roast a lar [...]

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COOK CLUB: Classic BLT can be transformed into salad

All cooking methods bring something to the table.

Puns aside, though, if I had to choose, roasting comes out on top.

Sure, the hands-off approach — ju [...]

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From the pantry: Pop these pastries for portable breakfast

Did you know Pop Tarts have been around 50 years?

I was surprised to discover the age of this breakfast pastry and laughed at the irony as I recently purchased my first box of Pop Tarts in about 20 years. It was all for research, you see. < [...]

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Inside the Better Homes and Gardens test kitchens

DES MOINES — Just like Vogue magazine wouldn’t show last season’s handbags, Better Homes and Gardens strives for recipes that reflect the latest trends in cooking and baking.

“Food is just like fashion,” s [...]

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From the pantry: Peach crisp satisfies summer cravings, crunch with less butter

Summer is the time of cravings — the kind of cravings that really can’t be satisfied any other time of the year.

Corn in the throes of winter? Not so sweet. Tomatoes in the heart of the big chill? They lack tenderness and the r [...]

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Everybody eats: You can fill fair food cravings year-round

‘So, what are we going to do first?”

That was the conundrum my friend and I faced when we arrived at the Iowa State Fair last week. Free from our responsibilities — work, family, housework — we had the entire day [...]

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Cooked, not charred

Broiler drawers are like a kitchen’s garage — often used for storage, rarely for its intended purpose. Just as we fill garages with everything but the family car, we stuff our oven’s broiler drawers with pots and pans, [...]

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Broiling isn’t an open-and-shut case for this cook

I’ve always thought cracking the oven door was part of using a broiler.

I was under this impression because that’s how my mother broiled dishes. Whether it was garlic bread, halibut or salmon, the oven door always was slightly [...]

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From Iowa farm to table

For me and most Iowans I know, the arrival of sweet corn is a highly anticipated moment each summer.

Since summer and ice cream go together just as well, I was understandably excited when my sister told me she was creating a recipe for swee [...]

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From the pantry: Cucumber makes for a refreshing summer sip

Scorching hot summer days require lemonade. It’s a simple truth. This tart and sweet sunny-colored drink is both refreshing and quenching at the same time. Just the thing you want to greet you after an afternoon of working or playing outsid [...]

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Everybody eats: Enjoy taste of Harry Potter’s world

‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!”

That’s what was shouted, by me, several months ago when my husband asked for summer vacation suggestions. Luckily, the kids were on board with the idea right away.

Three again [...]

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From the pantry: Here’s a brownie everyone can agree on

There are two brownie camps where one can reside: the camp of dense, fudgy brownies with a crinkly top and the camp of the thick, cakelike brownie topped with a thin layer of frosting.

The former is my encampment of choice. For me a thin, d [...]

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Everybody eats: Search for clever dinner options

Cooking is always an adventure, but in the days leading up to a vacation, preparing meals becomes more of a quest.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to go out to eat before a vacation — you’ll be doing that soon e [...]

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Cook club: Move over meat

Summer is the season of the backyard grill.

And no day is more popular for grilling than the Fourth of July.

According to the 24th annual Weber Grillwatch Survey, a whopping 86 percent of grill owners fire up the coals (or gas burners [...]

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COOK CLUB: Buffalo chicken kale salad brings the heat without breaking a sweat

Summer presents a conundrum. It’s a season for getting together with friends, parties, potlucks and picnics. Unless you always volunteer to bring the chips or buns, there’s plenty of opportunities to cook for a crowd.

A [...]

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