From the pantry: Cucumber makes for a refreshing summer sip

Scorching hot summer days require lemonade. It’s a simple truth. This tart and sweet sunny-colored drink is both refreshing and quenching at the same time. Just the thing you want to greet you after an afternoon of working or playing outsid [...]

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Everybody eats: Enjoy taste of Harry Potter’s world

‘The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!”

That’s what was shouted, by me, several months ago when my husband asked for summer vacation suggestions. Luckily, the kids were on board with the idea right away.

Three again [...]

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From the pantry: Here’s a brownie everyone can agree on

There are two brownie camps where one can reside: the camp of dense, fudgy brownies with a crinkly top and the camp of the thick, cakelike brownie topped with a thin layer of frosting.

The former is my encampment of choice. For me a thin, d [...]

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Everybody eats: Search for clever dinner options

Cooking is always an adventure, but in the days leading up to a vacation, preparing meals becomes more of a quest.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to go out to eat before a vacation — you’ll be doing that soon e [...]

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Cook club: Move over meat

Summer is the season of the backyard grill.

And no day is more popular for grilling than the Fourth of July.

According to the 24th annual Weber Grillwatch Survey, a whopping 86 percent of grill owners fire up the coals (or gas burners [...]

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COOK CLUB: Buffalo chicken kale salad brings the heat without breaking a sweat

Summer presents a conundrum. It’s a season for getting together with friends, parties, potlucks and picnics. Unless you always volunteer to bring the chips or buns, there’s plenty of opportunities to cook for a crowd.

A [...]

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World market

One Iowa City author wants visitors to this summer’s Iowa farmers markets to know they are connecting with an international market tradition dating back thousands of years.

After more than 10 years visiting farmers markets around the [...]

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Everybody eats: Caffeine fix with fewer calories

Where did spring go?

I know the calendar says June, but doesn’t it seem like the summer started early this year? Perhaps this is Mother Nature’s way of apologizing for the long winter we had to endure.

While I am in compl [...]

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Everybody Eats: Leftover Thursday by way of Taco Tuesday

In our house, leftover night often falls on Thursday. I do our weekly grocery shopping on Fridays so by Thursday fresh ingredients are scarce. On the other hand, food storage containers seem to have multiplied in the refrigerator.

Plus, it& [...]

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COOK CLUB: Let spring veggies shine in simple stir-fry

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COOK CLUB: Sauteeing requires a cook's trust

One year in elementary school, I was obsessed with keeping all my English homework on one piece of paper.

I wrote in teeny tiny print to squeeze all my homework into the lined space. Not surprisingly, I got in trouble. I was even sent to the [...]

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COOK CLUB: Learn the art of the simple saute to make Pork Cutlets with Curried Onion and Mango Sauce

Whether you are a practiced home chef or more of a microwave cook, you probably have a sauté pan or skillet in your kitchen if for no other reason than to fry an egg. Saute pans are a pretty basic tool in any kitchen.

Similarly, think of sau [...]

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From the pantry: Enjoy a bite of summer with street food

I think we can all agree spring weather cannot come soon enough. (Spring, do you hear us?)

I certainly am craving a sunshiny day that brings warmth along with its golden rays. And I am so ready to stuff my heavy jacket away in storage.

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COOK CLUB: No nose-wrinkling: These cabbage recipes don't stink

Last week, The Gazette KCRG Cook Club introduced cabbage as an alternative to noodles in a continue »

Cabbage deserves more than coleslaw, sauerkraut

I’m cheap. Cabbage is cheap. It’s like we were meant to be.

For years, though, I ignored our destiny. I couldn’t let go of our introduction in the form of goopy coleslaw.

Then, one day, a friend made larb for a get together. Her larb — [...]

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