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Raw food diet gets even sweeter with tasty desserts

Perception is everything.

This is especially true for those who investigate the raw food lifestyle for the first time — an approach t ... »

Cook Club: Quick pickling takes time, guesswork out of preserving produce

Pickling is an excellent way to preserve summer’s bounty, to ensure that nothing goes to waste and produce can be enjoyed in the throes of w ... »

Pink popcorn for mud-loving princess is a real treat

When our daughter was born, my husband and I agreed that we were not in love with the color pink.

Just because she was a girl didn’t ... »

Raddicchio’s bitter flavor balanced by creamy eggs in frittata

Our taste buds — numbering near 10,0000 — act as guard dogs for our mouths. They let us know the instant something hits our tongues w ... »

COOK CLUB: A shortcake treat to make skeptics sweet on rhubarb

It’s appropriate that April — the month that brings us fools and jokes — is also rhubarb season.

Rhubarb is no joke. It ... »

Maple: It’s not just for syrup

In coffee, tea and barbecue sauce, with duck, turkey and salads, it’s become a go-to flavor.

Growing up, I associated maple flavor wit ... »

Cooking Club: Make-ahead chicken salad satisfies all week

Lunch is breaking free of its boring brown bag. Photoworthy midday meals streaming on social media make us drool all over our computer keyboard. En ... »

COOK CLUB: Gently poached salmon tops trendy grain bowl

Poaching outside of the kitchen is illegal, a practice of thieves and other ne’er-do-wells.

In the kitchen, though, poaching becomes ... »

Veterans Building project benefits from donated equipment

Furnishings left behind when a Ruby Tuesday restaurant closed in May 2012 will help the Cedar Rapids Veterans Memorial Commission replace chairs, t ... »

Legumes for Lent

I have friends and family who eat out almost every meal. I just can’t do it — I enjoy cooking, but mostly I covet control of my food ... »

Cook quick: Planning makes meals easier

Planning makes meal-making easier on busy days. Since pretty much every day is busy, these tips will help carry you through.


Warm up in winter with molasses hot chocolate

As a child, snow days were all about gearing up in layers of puffy outerwear to spend the day slogging through the snow building forts with ... »

Cook Club: Celebrate finding a new flavor in celery root

Like people, winter vegetables dress for the season.

Their thick outer skins allow them to thrive in the cold. Even then they manage to mai ... »

Iowa City’s new Pullman Bar and Diner brings fresh concepts to diner template

First Matthew Swift and Benjamin Smart smelled the marrow bones at a restaurant they were trying in Chicago. They decided they had to order them. T ... »

Diet is dirty word in recipes to fuel new year resolutions

Somebody got smart about promoting the early onslaught of healthful cookbooks in 2015: The word “diet” is missing from many titles, and ... »