‘At the Water’s Edge’: Historical novel falls flat with whiny characters

When I learned that Sara Gruen was coming out with a new novel set during World War II, I was eager to review it.

Her best-selling book  ... »

“Dark Rooms’: Author conjures up creepy novel

The success of Lili Anolik’s debut novel “Dark Rooms” can largely be credited to the creepy atmosphere she conjures.

Thi ... »

‘The Crime of Our Lives’: Master crime writer takes on crime fiction

In “The Crime of Our Lives,” acclaimed mystery writer Lawrence Block collects pieces he has written over the years about other writer ... »

‘Shotgun Lovesongs’: Novel tackles life in small town, friendship

Writers’ Workshop alum Nickolas Butler knows the Midwestern landscape and the landscape of the human heart. In his debut novel, “Shot ... »

‘The Dead Lands’; Adventure story set in future mines the past

In Benjamin Percy’s “The Dead Lands” (Grand Central Publishing, 416 pages, $26), Lewis and Clark set off from St. Louis and he ... »

‘God Help The Child’: Master storyteller pens complex, graceful love story

The main arch of Toni Morrison’s new novel, “God Help the Child,” is a steady one, but pulsing closely under its surface are a ... »

‘Inspector of the Dead’: Rambo creator back with best mystery yet

Move over Rambo, papa’s got a brand-new bag.

David Morrell, the former University of Iowa professor who introduced Rambo to the world ... »

REVIEW | ‘Vano and Niko and Other Stories’

A hot topic in education is divergent thinking. Often a 1968 study by George Land and Beth Jarman is cited. In this study, researchers asked 1,600 ... »

‘Autumn Dead’ and ‘The Night Remembers’: Two of Ed Gorman’s best recently re-released together

Two of Ed Gorman's finest novels are out in an omnibus offering that gives longtime fans an opportunity to revisit them and new readers a chance at ... »

‘The Distant Marvels’: Acevedo is a true storyteller in every sense

When I was in graduate school in Syracuse, our best nights seemed to always involve a guy named Phil LaMarche. He wasn’t a partyer or a wild ... »

“Snippets”: A life told in ‘Snippets’

Gordon Strayer, known to many from his long career with the University of Iowa News Services, has collected memories from his long life into ȁ ... »

‘Triumph over Destiny’: Stories are a worthy, but challenging, read

Knowing that the events recounted in Peladija Woodson-Diers story of her mother’s “Triumph Over Destiny” actually happened und ... »

Review: How Tom Eliot grew up to write ‘The Waste Land’

Golly, but T.S. Eliot was an unhappy fellow.

Open almost any page in Robert Crawford’s biography, “Young Eliot,” to be p ... »

‘The Brueghel Moon’: Author untaps the power of the heart

“The Brueghel Moon,” the latest work from highly acclaimed Georgian author, poet, and playwright Tamaz Chiladze (Dalkey, $14.95), beg ... »

‘Thrown’: MFA grad writes about MMA training

Kerry Howley’s “Thrown” (Sarabande Books, 282 pages, $15.95) is a non-fiction book with a fictional narrator.

The book ... »