‘Gotz and Meyer’: Family story, writing style are simply unforgettable

Many novels and non-fiction books about the Holocaust take place in Germany and Poland. But David Albahari’s remarkable short novel, ȁ ... »

Travel guides help plan perfect vacation

If you are not a frequent flier, you may have only one shot to make the most of your vacation. Planning ahead with a travel guide ensures you hit t ... »

Iowans’ secret lives provide inspiration for Iowa author

In the spring of 2012, Dean Bakopoulos was having trouble sleeping.

“I would take long walks,” the author says in a phone inte ... »

‘Summerlong’: Love, grief mix in with summer romance novel

Four people, each wrestling with personal demons, offer both solace and conflict to one another in “Summerlong,” Dean Bakopoulos' third ... »

‘Orange is the New Black’: Topic is titillating, but book lacks personal introspective

In 2010 Piper Kerman was known to readers and booksellers as the author of “Orange is the New Black,” a memoir detailing her year in ... »

Author’s memoir inspires Netflix hit ‘Orange is the New Black,’ role as an activist for prison reform

Fans of the uber-popular Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” likely spent a good portion of the last week binge watching recently ... »

‘The Indian’: Poet, comedian fails to connect with his audience

Frustrated with his country in the midst of the 2009 global financial crisis, Icelandic poet and comedian Jon Gnarr founded a new political party ( ... »

‘Fangirl’: Author pens fun coming-of-age tale of fan fiction, family, love

It’s not surprising that with the rise in interest in fan fiction in recent years, an author would explore the idea of pop culture obsession ... »

Author Profile: Fans find plot of gold at the end of the Rainbow

Rainbow Rowell’s characters — from a workaholic wife/mother who worries that putting her career first has ruined her marriage, to an ... »

Emily St. John Mandel finds acclaim with fourth novel

Author Emily St. John Mandel isn’t one to write in a straight line.

“I have always written non-linear narratives with multiple ... »

Critic has a passion, profession for books

Maureen Corrigan thinks there’s a good chance her mailman is retiring this summer thanks to her.

That’s because Corrigan, on av ... »

‘Time Ages in a Hurry’: Readers should savor every minute of this collection of tales

All classic stories have one thing in common: by the end of the tale, the main character has undergone a transformation — grand or small, he ... »

‘The Silent Girls’: A dark, twisty tale for readers to cozy up to this summer

Eric Rickstad’s “The Silent Girls” was first published only as an e-book by Witness Impulse, an imprint devoted to e-originals ... »

REVIEW | ‘Inside the O’Briens’

In “Inside the O’Briens,” best-selling author, Lisa Genova, has written a book that raises awareness of Huntington’s Di ... »

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