‘Ramblin’: Recollections of 30 Years on the Road’: celebrates what we have in common

If your faith in mankind feels a bit tattered these days, you can spruce it up by reading Dave Rasdal’s latest collection of stories about E ... »

‘Little Things Long Remembered’: Book offers ideas for making every moment special

Twenty years ago, Susan Newman wrote the original version of “Little Things Long Remembered.”

This year she released an update ... »

Local Best Sellers


1. “Peter Paul & Mary: Fifty Years in Music & Life” Yarrow and Stookey

2. “The Long Haulȁ ... »

‘In Pursuit of Enlightenment’: Author still seeking enlightenment by end of book

Stephanie Rivera recounts the story of her family in “In Pursuit of Enlightenment (on a shoestring budget)” (FriesenPress, 149 pages, ... »

“A Map of Betrayal’: Spy storyline sluggish but thoughtful

In most novels and movies, the life of a spy is a glamorous one. But for many real spies, a successful career means a quiet life: a split-level hou ... »

Gift Guide: There’s a book for that

William Ingles of The Book Shop in Iowa City has been selling books since 1963. In that time he’s found that this time of year is a great ti ... »

Need to know what book to buy? Ask a librarian

A  National Book Award nominee, a controversial selection about one of America’s most private authors, and Anne Rice’s latest ... »

Books we loved in 2014

Our favorite titles of the year are books that took us away to another country or helped us see our own lives from a new perspective.

Here, ... »

‘Outlander’: Diana Gabaldon in Davenport today

Diana Gabaldon's “Outlander” series is red-hot at the moment. In August, a television show based on the books debuted on Starz. Just th ... »

‘Peter Paul and Mary: Fifty Years in Music and Life’ - Trio collaborated on book looking back over 50 years of music with a mission

“Peter Paul and Mary: Fifty Years in Music and Life” chronicles the history of the famous trio as both musicians and activists. Fille ... »

Book about Peter, Paul, Mary reflects more than musical success

Peter Yarrow believes “Peter Paul and Mary: Fifty Years in Music and Life,” which he co-authored with bandmate Noel Paul Stookey, is ... »

‘Twilight of the Eastern Gods’: English translation of Kadare’s ‘Twilight’ cause for celebration

The name Ismail Kadare is often batted around as a possible recipient for the Nobel Prize in Literature — especially since Kadare received t ... »

‘Four Before Their Time’: Have tissues handy while reading this memoir

Anne is an army officer, physician and wife. When she and husband Rob decide to start their family they become pregnant with quadruplets.

As ... »

‘The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons’: Short fiction winners worthy of the prize

The stories in Heather A. Slomski’s “The Lovers Set Down Their Spoons” (University of Iowa Press, 125 pages, $16) are driven b ... »

‘Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography’: Book is a must for any Ingalls fan

In 1929, when Laura Ingalls Wilder was 63 years old, she sat down with a pencil and six writing tablets and wrote the story of her life growing up ... »

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