'Superstar' farmer wows with conservation techniques

WELLMAN — Iowa's tile-drained farms are notoriously “leaky systems,” by nature unable to contain all the nutrients both applied t ... »

Marion trains staff, gardeners to prepare for emerald ash borer infestation

MARION — Residents and officials are not idly awaiting the eventual destruction of their ash trees by the emerald ash borer.

“W ... »

CR praised for working with farmers to prevent runoff

WASHBURN — Iowa farmers much prefer cooperative rather than confrontational approaches to improving water quality, several of them said Frida ... »

In Iowa: Milkweed worth the work

Until Monsanto comes out with Roundup Ready milkweed seed, we all would do well to grow the monarch butterfly-sustaining plant in our yards and gar ... »

Another Decorah eagle electrocuted by a utility pole

A Decorah eagle was electrocuted last week — the fourth offspring of the world-famous parents to suffer that fate, the Raptor Resource Proje ... »

Officials: Derailed train cars still burning near Galena, but no environmental concerns

GALENA, Ill. — Two tank cars from a derailed Burlington Northern Santa Fe oil train continue to burn near Galena, but officials said Friday ... »

Researchers dispute claim that eagle populations are crashing

State, federal and other bald eagle researchers dispute the recent assertion by Terrence Ingram, executive director of the Eagle Nature Foundation, ... »

$3.5 million renovation planned for Linn County’s largest lake

PALO — Linn County’s largest and most popular lake will undergo a $3.5 million renovation this year, the Iowa Department of Natural R ... »

Hunters to collect 200 Allamakee County deer samples

ALLAMAKEE COUNTY — Local landowners and hunters are collecting about 200 deer samples in an area of Allamakee County where chronic wasting d ... »

Gray wolf returned to protected status in Great Lakes

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Federal protection for wolves in the western Great Lakes region, including the northern half of Iowa, was reinstated in a ... »

State will watch use of Jordan aquifer more closely

DES MOINES — New rules are in the works to more closely monitor how cities and industries extract water from the Jordan aquifer, a major wel ... »

Decorah Eagles lay first egg of the season

WINNESHIEK COUNTY — A power struggle for ownership of the Decorah eagles nest has apparently been resolved in favor of the world-famous eagl ... »

Iowa DNR wants to prevent spread of Chronic Wasting Disease in deer

HARPERS FERRY — An unprecedented special deer hunt will likely be conducted near here in the coming weeks to gather tissue samples for addit ... »

Rural residents face limits to recycling

For those living in a city or suburb, recycling collection can seem like a given service. Residents in the remote pockets of the Corridor, however, ... »

University of Iowa study: Floods not markedly bigger, but they are getting more frequent

IOWA CITY — The central United States — including Iowa — has seen more flood events in recent years, although the magnitude of ... »