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Lynda Waddington
At The Gazette I serve as a columnist, blogger, community engagement co-leader and member of the editorial board. I've been both an insider and observer of Iowa politics and, shockingly enough, I still enjoy it. While I write on a variety of topics, I enjoy telling the stories of everyday people most of all. My house is home to two cats, two dogs, two children, a few hundred dust bunnies, at least a couple of MIA hamsters and, of course, my spouse. Our oldest daughter was released into the wild a few years ago, and should phone her mother more often.

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In Iowa, rural being defined as unequal

Long-anticipated growth has finally come to rural Iowa, but is hardly the harbinger of prosperity so many wanted.

A study released this month by Iowa State University sociologist Dr. David Peters crunches 40 years of U.S. Census data, showi [...]

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Telemed case will find justice

No matter our stance on controversy de jour, we can agree on the importance of an independent judiciary. No one wants to stand before a judge and wonder if his or her ruling is based on placement of a wet finger in the political winds.

We u [...]

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It’s not just the money, honey

Food and living expenses have new meaning for three Eastern Iowa state senators who recently accepted a national challenge to “Live the Wage” for one week. Rob Hogg of Cedar Rapids, Joe Bolkcom of Iowa City and Tom Courtney of Burlin [...]

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Another year, hole remains

He should have turned sweet 16 today.

It’s kind of funny, or maybe just sad, that even today, 16 years after our son was stillborn, I still pause and wonder what he’d be doing if he had lived. Maybe he’d be running foot [...]

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Local opposition to ‘ineffective’ immigration program not enough

Iowans concerned about increased crime resulting from a decision by some law enforcement agencies not to honor federal immigration detention requests should take solace in new evidence that the local-federal partnership does little, if anything, t [...]

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Addressing the GOP gender gap

Labeling the GOP as the party of “old white men” reached new fervor in the wake of a report commissioned by two major Republican groups, which detailed the currently insurmountable gender gap faced by the party.

The report, le [...]

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A case for oversight

PICHER, Okla. — The devastation of small towns near the Oklahoma-Kansas state line and at the heart of the Tar Creek Superfund site appears fairly straightforward. In the most simple terms, the problem is as prominent and overwhelming as th [...]

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Stage set for Ft. Madison battlefield

Although leaders in Fort Madison have not reversed an earlier decision to split a historic parcel of land and allow retail development on one section, they have entered into an agreement aimed at historic preservation and management of the remaind [...]

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Renewing the promise of Women’s Equality Day

On this day in 1920, not yet 100 years ago, Congress granted women the right to vote. This day — now celebrated as “Women’s Equality Day” — marks the end of an 80-year campaign for women’s suffrage.

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Kick-start diversity with board

Much consternation has taken place over the past few years in Johnson County due to the Iowa City Schools’ facilities plan and diversity policy. Here’s a suggestion: let’s start enacting needed changes in the way board members [...]

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