Lynda Waddington
At The Gazette I serve as a columnist, blogger, community engagement co-leader and member of the editorial board. I've been both an insider and observer of Iowa politics and, shockingly enough, I still enjoy it. While I write on a variety of topics, I enjoy telling the stories of everyday people most of all. My house is home to two cats, two dogs, two children, a few hundred dust bunnies, at least a couple of MIA hamsters and, of course, my spouse. Our oldest daughter was released into the wild a few years ago, and should phone her mother more often.





Providing for the living honors the dead

Monday I will honor my brother, who gave his life in Vietnam while serving our nation.

I won’t stand at his gravesite and mourn, nor w ... »

Variety by choice, not mandate

Column readers, some in dismay, have been reaching out over the past few weeks while channeling Ronald Reagan.

“There you go again&#x ... »

Eminent domain bill deserves fair hearing

A  decade has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court decided private property could be legally seized by the government and handed to a differe ... »

Losing the wisdom of strangers

Since grade school, I’ve kept a notebook to document the pearls of humor and wisdom dispensed by strangers.

The first entry was court ... »

Paranormal investigation at Abbe Center? Why not?

The shuttered Linn County facility that formerly housed Abbe Center for Community Mental Health has remained useful as a training site. Last year i ... »

‘Looker’ offers peek into women’s realities, seeks empowerment

There are certain things women seem to just know.

Walk with a buddy. Park under a streetlight. Pretend it ... »

Iowa advocates push for police oversight, accountability

This column would have been less difficult to write earlier in the week, before Baltimore was engulfed in flames. But it wouldn’t have been ... »

Bird flu outbreak is a disaster

More than 10 million Iowa birds, mostly commercial layer hens, have been or soon will be culled in an effort to combat the spread of H5N2, an avian ... »

Cedar County historians say ‘Little House’ worth saving

Adam Robinson knows, one way or another, the tiny farmhouse and smokehouse that have stood for more than 100 years just steps from the back of his ... »

Should Iowa have more official state symbols?

Tennessee’s ... »

And how will they know us?

This column was filed late. You see, I’d planned to begin it with a prayer for the harm of another person. Seriously. I considered being a c ... »

A ‘rock star’ caucus won’t serve rural America

If rumors are believed, this is the day Iowa Democrats have either been wanting or dreading: Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her entry into ... »

Rayhons case reveals law’s flaws

Jury selection took place this week in the trial of Henry Rayhons, a former Iowa lawmaker who stands ... »

Carly Fiorina gives GOP an opening

Merit-based pay structures are key to lifting women up and closing leadership and pay gaps. That’s what Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packar ... »

Lack of openness has led to ‘Save Iowa History’ concerns

In politics, the truth is too often drowned out by perceptions, and such perceptions are driven by a lack of transparency.

Like most of you, ... »

Villatoro closer to deportation

An Iowa City pastor swept up in a federal initiative to arrest and expel migrant criminals from the country has been relocated to a detention facil ... »

There’s still time to be brave

Sit down and have a conversation with Iowa City blogger Brook Easton and you won’t walk away with the impression that she is a person coping ... »

Let’s drop the SOTU responses

Let’s be honest: the state of the union response is not strong, nor is it necessary.

This is not a slam against newly minted U.S. Sen. ... »