Sunday, April 19, 2015
Rural health part 4: Budgets are a balancing act for rural hospitals

When it comes to a rural hospital's budget, it's all about balance.

These hospitals generally have more narrow financial margins in additio ... »

Obama administration proposes removing hurdle to ‘wellness’ penalties
By Sharon Begley, ReutersNEW YORK — In what would be a significant and hard-fought victory for U.S. businesses, the Obama administration on Thu ... »
Mercy, Rockwell open telehealth clinic
CEDAR RAPIDS — A different kind of health care clinic will open on the Rockwell Collins’s campus.The Cedar Rapids-based avionics and inf ... »
Linn County offering free STI testing
CEDAR RAPIDS — In an effort to reduce Linn County’s high sexually transmitted infection rate, the health department will offer free test ... »
$130,000 grant intended to improve bmix of planning and public health
CEDAR RAPIDS — The American Planning Association-Iowa Chapter recently received a $130,000 grant from its parent organization to implement two ... »
Wednesday, April 01, 2015
COOK CLUB: A shortcake treat to make skeptics sweet on rhubarb

It’s appropriate that April — the month that brings us fools and jokes — is also rhubarb season.

Rhubarb is no joke. It ... »

Saturday, April 18, 2015
Pants Free Parenting: How do you raise a boy? Just like a girl

Before I had a boy a lot of people said to me, “What will you do with a boy?”

This comment was probably prompted by my complete ... »

New life, look for old Bohemian cabin
ELY — A log cabin that was built in the 1800s is getting a face-lift on Paul Morf’s property near Palisades-Kepler State Park. The cabin ... »
Strong African American Families focuses on goal setting, positive interactions
CEDAR RAPIDS — A new program aims to help African American families set goals, plan for the future and interact in a positive environment.The f ... »
Kites for Kids Festival taking place in Iowa City, North Liberty
This year’s Kites for Kids Festival will take place this year to North Liberty, in addition to its original location in Iowa City.The impetus b ... »
Pants-Free Parenting: Despite our fears, kids really are resilient
When I called poison control after my baby ate a cigarette, the woman on the line just laughed. “You’d be surprised at how much nicotine ... »
Saturday, April 18, 2015
REVIEW | ‘Vano and Niko and Other Stories’

A hot topic in education is divergent thinking. Often a 1968 study by George Land and Beth Jarman is cited. In this study, researchers asked 1,600 ... »

‘Autumn Dead’ and ‘The Night Remembers’: Two of Ed Gorman’s best recently re-released together
Two of Ed Gorman's finest novels are out in an omnibus offering that gives longtime fans an opportunity to revisit them and new readers a chance at di ... »
Local Best Sellers
FICTION/NON-FICTION1. “How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others” Laymon2. “On Immunity” Biss3. “A Wrestling Life ... »
Iowa City woman consulted to create story for current American Girl of the Year
IOWA CITY — For nearly 30 years, American Girl dolls and their stories have charmed America's girls. The doll collection started with historic ... »
‘The Distant Marvels’: Acevedo is a true storyteller in every sense
When I was in graduate school in Syracuse, our best nights seemed to always involve a guy named Phil LaMarche. He wasn’t a partyer or a wild gu ... »
Saturday, April 18, 2015
From the ground up: Address the carbon dioxide factor in garden

Your carbon footprint or CO2 output is important. As a gardener, do you contribute to the problem or solve the problem? The answer depends on how y ... »

Plan to plant
Just like you should avoid grocery shopping when hungry, you shouldn’t start a landscape project without a plan.“You may end up with wha ... »
From the Ground Up: Feed hummingbirds and they will come
Q: I love seeing hummingbirds, and I’d like to attract more of them to my garden. How do I do that? A: Hummingbirds are wonderful creatures to ... »
Tips for making choosing cabinets easy
Kitchen cabinets do more than store dishes and hold up countertops, they are literally the foundation of a kitchen, both functionally and aestheticall ... »
From the Ground Up: Gardening for butterflies
Milkweed is a well-known way to lure monarchs to our yard.Other plants, though, attract local butterfly and moth species and support bees. Research wh ... »