Thursday, July 09, 2015
Change up your workout routine by trying free yoga sessions at area parks

Yoga is a great way to stay fit, and the Cedar Rapids and Marion parks and recreation departments are offering free, summerlong yoga classes for al ... »

Thursday, July 16, 2015
Families ditch the dine-n-dash and use Sunday dinner to slow down and get together

The text messages usually begin shortly after church. “What's the plan for dinner? What should we bring?” This is the modern beginning ... »

Sunday, August 02, 2015
Group building support for North Liberty dog park

NORTH LIBERTY — A group is working to create an off-leash dog park in town.

Members of North Liberty Residents for a Dog Park are ask ... »

Pants-Free Parenting: Breaking the glass ceiling of presidency
With all the recent political traffic in Iowa, my 4-year-old daughter has a lot of questions about the presidency. What is a president? Do they have k ... »
Gallery: Rain falls on Johnson County Fair, but the fair goes on
Visitors to the 2015 Johnson County Fair had to put up with some rain Tuesday, but the inconvenience didn’t stop the fair attendees from taking ... »
Concert at CSPS Hall to benefit Nepal quake victims
Suresh Basnet is helping organize a fundraiser this weekend to benefit those affected by a devastating earthquake in his native country.“A Conc ... »
Gallery: Tournament of Drums at Kingston Stadium in Cedar Rapids
The event celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Emerald Knights Drum & Bugle Corps and featured five groups from around the United States and Canada ... »
Sunday, August 02, 2015
Ernie Buresh: Longtime banker reflects on a lucky life

With Ernie Buresh, what you see is what you get.

“I’m just Ernie,” says the longtime banker and author of a new memoir, ... »

‘The Advantage of Being Poor’: Ernie Buresh — Giving credit where it’s due
Ernie Buresh has written a book that’s just like he is — honest, humble and filled with good will. “The Advantage of Being Born P ... »
‘The Red Collar’: Book on loyalty is not to be missed
It’s the summer of 1919 in a small town in France, and a mangy dog sits outside a makeshift military prison, wailing “methodically, more ... »
‘The Star Side of Bird Hill’: Book offers a cool dive into different cultures
Naomi Jackson’s debut novel, “The Star Side of Bird Hill,” is a moving exploration of the ties that bind a family together. For J ... »
‘Confession of the Lioness’: Plot full of metaphors is to be savored
While author Mia Couto may not be a household name in Iowa, he is in Portuguese-speaking Africa, and after reading his latest novel, “Confessi ... »
Sunday, August 02, 2015
From parties to relaxing, gazebos offer elegant shade, shelter in summer’s heat


What structure could better fit this traditional month of hot days and nights than the shaded confines of a gazebo? That venerable e ... »

From the Ground Up: Get ready to enjoy summer flowers this winter
As the gardening season changes, many of us mentally move from the tulip to iris to lily to mums. But now is the time to harvest beautiful summer blo ... »
At Home: Let there be light
For many cooks, a well-lit workstation can make a world of difference.Whether designing a new kitchen or just thinking about upgrades, the placement o ... »
At Home: Grow small
Need to escape summer heat or stay dry in the rain? Miniature gardens and terrariums can keep green thumbs going indoors. Miniature gardens These ga ... »
From the Ground Up: With wet weather gone, know your garden’s watering needs
Summer is in full swing and it’s getting a bit dry. We had wet weather this spring and early Summer, but now it’s time to water? And how ... »