Life & Accent

Kids in the hood

Fun, cozy DIY Halloween costumes

Sanders say goodbye

Couple closing pumpkin patch after 40 years


Ebola-fueled fear

Health officials: ‘Be concerned about getting flu shots, not Ebola’

CEDAR RAPIDS — Southwestern College in southern California went on lockdown Thursday after someone tweeted that a vomiting student recently...

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Base: It’s the type of vegetables that gives a dish personality

To build flavor, start with a great base

You don’t need to know how to pronounce mirepoix or suppengruen. You just need to know that a mouthwatering dish, no matter what the...

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People and Places

World-renowed speaker, minister visits Marion church

The Rev. Gemechis Buba believes in power of the gospel

MARION — World-renowned speaker and minister, the Rev. Gemechis Buba, will be at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Marion this month to...

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‘Proclivity’: Midwest author sets up series but doesn’t instill need to read more

‘A Quilt Club For Christmas’: ‘Pickle Club’ prequel worth the wait for Dallas fans


Photographs capture Civil War experience at CRMA starting Oct. 10

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