Life & Accent

Iowa Reps. support resolution on Congolese adoptions

Congolese government stopped issuing permits in Sept. 2013

Practical Farmers of Iowa play tackles tricky farmland transfers

“This is designed to get people in the conversation about land transfer issues”


Cannabidiol law reviewed at Iowa City meeting

Concerns of mosquito-borne illnesses also discussed

The complexities of the state’s new narrow medical marijuana law and seasonal fears about mosquito-borne illnesses were two issues the Iowa...

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From the pantry: Here’s a brownie everyone can agree on

There are two brownie camps where one can reside: the camp of dense, fudgy brownies with a crinkly top and the camp of the thick, cakelike brownie...

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People and Places

Clerk takes charge in Alburnett


Editor’s note: Each week we will literally throw a dart at a map of Eastern Iowa. Where the dart lands, we’ll head in search of a...

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Grand Central: Original Stories of Postwar Love and Reunion

Historic compilation a compelling, emotional read

‘The Fever’: Author captures teenagers thinking, behavior


3 Doors Down

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