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Thank You!
Thank You! Thank you for taking me for a "stroll down Memory Lane" with all the birthday greetings. It brought a smile to my face. It's been a fun trip. — Louie Folken »
"Pretty Lady " turns 90
"Pretty Lady" turns 90 Please join us in a card shower to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday on April 1. You can send birthday wishes to: Joyce Mounts "Pretty Lady" 1125 Longview Dr. Marion, IA 52304 »
Frankie Bowden - 90 years young!!!
Frankie Bowden -90 years young!!! Please join in the joyous celebration of Frankie's 90th birthday. There will be an open house on Ap ... »
Happy Sweet 16
Happy Sweet 16 Olivia Bell on April 1st We just want to tell you how special you are and how much we love you. No Foolin'! - Love, Great-Grandma Saldana and your family »
NEXT week’s question

l Because of health concerns, state lawmakers are considering banning tanning facilities from allowing people younger than age 18 to use a tanning ... »

Hay 60th Wedding Anniversary
Hay 60th Wedding Anniversary Robert and Joyce Hay (Novak) were married April 1, 1955 in Marion, IA. This occasion was celebrated on March 28 ... »
Happy 90th Birthday, Art!
Happy 90th Birthday, Art! Happy 90th Birthday to Art Taschner on April 4, 2015. Join us for an Open House on Sunday, April 5 from 2 ... »
Budget cuts will affect patients

To the editor:

If you run a business and find you need more money to continue doing business, then you raise prices to stay afloat.

Whe ... »

Vote yes on CCSD bond referendum

To the editor:

As longtime residents, parents and alumni of College Community School District, we are urging patrons to vote yes on a bond re ... »

Congratulations Dad!
Congratulations Dad! Congratulations John Fayram on your retirement from the Anamosa State Penitentiary after 36 years! We could no ... »
Koos - Schulte
Koos - Schulte Leon and Joan Koos of LaMotte, IA are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter, Mallory Janae Koos, to Jordan Da ... »
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! This wonderful lady turns 90 on March 31st. Happy Birthday to Madonna "Donna" Taylor! — From your loving family »
Answers: Traffic Cameras

Now that the DOT has ruled some of the Cedar Rapids traffic cameras have to be relocated or removed, what should happen to the citations issued by ... »

The Mc Donalds Thank You
The Mc Donalds Thank You Thank you for participating in our 60th Anniversary. We had a great turnout and a fantastic time that we will reme ... »
Imogene T. (Winch) Snell
Imogene T. (Winch) Snell Turned 90 on March 20 — With love from your whole family Join us in sending cards to: 2435 12th Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403 »