Frank and Jennie Smith 60th Wedding Anniversary
Frank and Jennie Smith 60th Wedding Anniversary Frank and Jennie Smith celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on January 15 in Blu ... »
60th Anniversary
Young - 60th Anniversary Alan and Marilyn Young of Cedar Rapids will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary Jan. 30, 2015. The ... »
McAtee 50th Anniversary
McAtee 50th Anniversary Gene and Mary McAtee of Olin were married on January 30, 1965, in Oxford, IA. They are the parents of Carol (Stev ... »
Gericke 40th Anniversary
Gericke 40th Anniversary Janet (Schnepf) and Mitch Gericke, of Walker, are celebrating 40 years of marriage together. They were married ... »
Moody's reach 40 years
Moody's reach 40 years Bill and Kathy Moody were married January 29, 1975 in Rock Island, IL and later renewed their vows at St. Matt ... »
Vaughn 70th Anniversary
Vaughn 70th Anniversary Evelyn and Arky Vaughn are celebrating their 70th Anniversary on January 31, 2015. Please send cards and well-wishes to: 2305 Glacier St. SW Cedar Rapids, IA 52404 »
60th Anniversary
60th Anniversary Garland and Iris (Harris) Waddilove were married in Cedar Rapids on Jan. 21, 1955. They have 5 children; Garland "Joe" (Caro ... »
45th Anniversary
45th Anniversary Gary & Tanja (Herzog) Foster of Manchester, IA will celebrate 45 years of marriage. They were married Jan. 24, 1970 at Metho ... »
Gerald and Zarita (Zeller) Eastridge
Gerald and Zarita (Zeller) Eastridge Married Janury 23, 1960 In the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Cedar Rapids, IA. They have th ... »
65th Anniversary
65th Anniversary Milo (Pete) Cassidy and Kathryn (Kathy) Charipar were married January 14, 1950 in Cedar Rapids, IA. They celebrated 65 yea ... »
Carter 50th Anniversary
Carter 50th Anniversary Gerald & Cathy Carter celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a family dinner at their son's in Minnesota. ... »
The Sueppels' "55" Christmas!
The Sueppels' "55" Christmas! Bob and Laurine celebrated "55" years of being together for the holidays with their grandchildren (4 ... »
Mortimore 50th Anniversary
Mortimore 50th Anniversary Nancy and Steve Mortimore of Swisher were married on January 9, 1965, in Las Vegas ... »
Happy 50th Anniversary Joan and Andy Weber!
Happy 50th Anniversary Joan and Andy Weber! Joan Bobst and Andy Weber were united in marriage Janua ... »
Rock 40th Anniversary
Rock 40th Anniversary George and Donna (Earl) Rock will celebrate their 40th Anniversary today. George and Donna were married on Jan. 4 ... »
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