Missing memorials honored son’s life
To the editor: Since our son, Dave, died in November 2010, our family has kept his memory alive many different ways. On his grave at Cedar Memorial, w ... »
Common core about centralized control
To the editor: In response to “Get answers from common core” letter of May 13, the 10 posed questions are well addressed in two books, & ... »
School boards make vital decisions about your child’s education, so why do so few want to serve?
It’s not often we stop to consider the importance, impact and reach of a school district.Take the Cedar Rapids School District as an example. E ... »
A major milestone for Eastern Iowa Airport
It may have looked risky at the time, but 30-plus years later, it seems that forward-thinking investment has paid off.We’re talking about $28 m ... »
Tuesday, June 23, 2015
Priorities in need of adjustment

As contrasts go, it’s pretty striking.

On Friday the Iowa Economic Development Authority »

The dirt on Father’s Day, after all these years
Father’s Day has me thinking about dirt. And no, this isn’t another topsoil column. Promise.It’s that my dad, Howard Dorman, who ... »
EPC washes away the topsoil rule
Iowa’s Environmental Protection Commission took a short field trip to a parking lot outside their meeting on Tuesday.There, they saw an Iowa St ... »
Searching for sustanence in Iowa’s water quality tussle
I guess it’s fitting for an organization that bites the hind-ends of so many Iowa public officials that run afoul of its principles to serve up ... »
Sunday, June 21, 2015
Deportee, son discuss separation on Father’s Day

The connection left a lot to be desired. But, actually, that was the point.

Pastor Max Villatoro and his son, Anthony, reunited in a public ... »

Of bullets, Bibles and bullies
Nothing I write can return Andrea Farrington to her family and friends. That truth rests like a chunk of lead in my stomach. It has been sitting there ... »
Even in death, straw poll hype continues
Candidates, please idle your wallets. Members of the Republican State Central Committee voted Friday morning to officially end the Iowa Straw Poll, a ... »
Time for some more ‘real talk’
Suicide rates for young black children have nearly doubled over the last two decades, even as rates for white children in the same age group have decl ... »
Saturday, June 27, 2015
Criminal sentence was warranted

Your front-page coverage, “Facing the reality of ... »

Our fragile, but optimistic consumers
As a recent Federal Reserve survey indicates, the lack of financial reserves of many households in the U.S. is distressing. Twenty-four percent of fam ... »
‘How are you doing?’ Not well.
“How are you doing today?” is often a simple question met with smile and a quick, “I’m doing well and you?” Yet, ov ... »
Show support for student drivers this summer
Student drivers will be hitting the roads in full force this summer learning the ropes of the road. Driver’s education is taught all throughout ... »
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