Health threatened by tobacco products
To the editor:Tobacco products still threaten the health of millions around the world whether they smoke or not. Let’s pursue the problem close ... »
Tailgating is unsafe and unnecessary
To the editor:Every day, whether it be on city streets or Interstate 380, I get tailgated. Someone rides my back bumper as if it had super glue on it ... »
Climate change demands attention
We are not scientists. But when 188 researchers and scientists from 39 Iowa colleges and universities call on legislators to address environmental and ... »
Commencement wisdom for us all
It's commencement season; a time to offer heartfelt congratulations to Corridor and Iowa graduates, and to their families and instructors who helped t ... »
Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Partnership must tackle real issues

Note: This is a condensed for print version of »

The Week — Water wars and the Straw Prom loses its theme
SHILL WATERS RUN DEEPSo a couple of weeks ago, I noted Mayor Ron Corbett’s plan for a “pivot.” He told reporters in Des Moines th ... »
Linn feud remains very fluid
Linn County Auditor Joel Miller carried a big bottle of blue Gatorade to the lectern Monday as he faced question time from the Board of Supervisors. B ... »
A little caucus advice
(Warning: Satire)Ring … Ring … RingHello?“Jeb, little bro! It’s W. 43 calling …”Oh, hey, George. Good to hea ... »
Monday, May 18, 2015
Eminent domain bill deserves fair hearing

A  decade has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court decided private property could be legally seized by the government and handed to a differe ... »

Losing the wisdom of strangers
Since grade school, I’ve kept a notebook to document the pearls of humor and wisdom dispensed by strangers. The first entry was courtesy of my ... »
Paranormal investigation at Abbe Center? Why not?
The shuttered Linn County facility that formerly housed Abbe Center for Community Mental Health has remained useful as a training site. Last year it w ... »
‘Looker’ offers peek into women’s realities, seeks empowerment
There are certain things women seem to just know.Walk with a buddy. Park under a streetlight. Pretend it’s a compliment. Never leave a drink un ... »
Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Moving forward with STEM

Over the past several years, Iowa has seen a rise in the number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) college and university g ... »

Huckabee: From hope to higher ground
Gov. Mike Huckabee, guest columnistEight years ago, a young, untested, inexperienced, and virtually unknown freshman Senator made great speeches about ... »
Proud to have played a role in eradicating polio
The school gym at Kenwood Elementary School seemed strangely quiet. No basketball games, rope skipping, dodgeball contests or kids jumping on the tram ... »
Writers Circle: One person, one vote
Oregon, which already holds elections with mail-in ballots, recently passed a law that will automatically register adult citizens to vote, using infor ... »
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