Elizabeth Warren is the voice we need
To the editor:Sen. Elizabeth Warren is the crucial voice missing from the 2016 presidential race. Hardworking Iowans, like me, are looking for a candi ... »
U.S. established as a secular Republic
To the editor:In regard to Steve Hufferd’s May 13 letter “We have a right to pursue happiness”:Why is Hufferd assuming Thomas Jef ... »
Hit the pause button on Knutson
The Knutson Building has been standing on the west side of the Cedar River downtown since 1887. We think it should be allowed to remain there a while ... »
Easing debt burden takes planning
Hopes and dreams and debt. That is what a majority of Iowa’s recent college graduates are left with as they walk across the stage and enter the ... »
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Embrace Cedar Rapids’ speedy new brand

Cedar Rapids’ speed cameras have given this fair city what no branding effort or marketing firm could deliver: a genuine, authentic, organic ... »

The Week -- Moon travelers and straw poll skippers
Why is it that our legislators have time to vote on fireworks but haven’t funded schools?It’s a question ringing across social media, wh ... »
Soil rule running out of time
There was a refreshing shot of honesty at this week’s Environmental Protection Commission meeting, where members again talked about scrapping a ... »
Partnership must tackle real issues
Note: This is a condensed for print version of a piece posted on Saturday.A couple of weeks ago, I noted Mayor Ron Corbett’s plan to “pi ... »
Sunday, May 24, 2015
Providing for the living honors the dead

Monday I will honor my brother, who gave his life in Vietnam while serving our nation.

I won’t stand at his gravesite and mourn, nor w ... »

Variety by choice, not mandate
Column readers, some in dismay, have been reaching out over the past few weeks while channeling Ronald Reagan. “There you go again” is h ... »
Eminent domain bill deserves fair hearing
A  decade has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court decided private property could be legally seized by the government and handed to a different ... »
Losing the wisdom of strangers
Since grade school, I’ve kept a notebook to document the pearls of humor and wisdom dispensed by strangers. The first entry was courtesy of my ... »
Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Assessing our county’s health

Together! Healthy Linn is a local, collaborative effort to complete a Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan for all of ... »

Understanding federal sentencing
Support for federal mandatory minimum drug sentences dwindles each day, but there are still some holdouts, including the Senate Judiciary Committee ch ... »
Are states in the crosshairs of trade deals?
For two years, along with other state legislators, I have waved yellow flags about the Pacific and European trade deals being negotiated by the Obama ... »
Don’t waste valuable agricultural land
How often have you heard someone say, “We Iowans should count our blessings.” If we actually took the time to do that, we could all come ... »
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