Bully pulpit, yes; pulpit bully, no

To the editor:

T.R. Roosevelt, our 26th president, is famous for coining two enduring phrases: the “bully pulpit” as well as &# ... »

Safer crossing on 42nd not a priority

To the editor:

I am a bicycle rider and I wish to comment on the plans for a safer crossing on 42nd Street NE by the railroad tracks.

I ... »

‘Right to Assistance’ bill necessary

Feeling safe in your own home and neighborhood is a critical quality-of-life issue — especially for those who are victims of crime.

A ... »

Iowa DOT traffic camera ruling is reasonable

In 2013, when the Iowa Department of Transportation wrote new rules governing the use of automated traffic enforcement cameras, we saw the move as ... »

Thursday, March 26, 2015
Pledge allegiance, or get lost

OK, Republican caucus campaign staffers, repeat after me.

“I (state your name) pledge allegiance to the First-In-the-Nation Iowa caucu ... »

Looking back after a week away

So I missed some news while taking the family to warmer climes last week. Developments galore, but precious few surprises.

It was no surpris ... »

Speak out on topsoil next week

The risk of escaping for a spring break is that I might miss some big moment or development in a news saga I’m following. It’s happen ... »

There’s still time for openness in CR superintendent search

So Cedar Rapids’ superintendent search is down to three finalists, but their names are being kept confidential.

“At this point ... »

Sunday, March 22, 2015
Political spin turning voters off

A  new study by a Philadelphia media watchdog group has found that, in the lead-up to the 2014 midterm elections, more time during broadcast ... »

Goodbye, Sunshine

Few times in history has a time period devoted to awareness of a cause been bookended by two high-profile examples. Yet, that is exactly the case f ... »

Villatoro closer to deportation

An Iowa City pastor swept up in a federal initiative to arrest and expel migrant criminals from the country has been relocated to a detention facil ... »

All about that race (no trouble)

Decades ago, when our family came to Iowa, I found the Hawkeye State uncomfortable.

Not only did our oldest daughter and I have twangy southe ... »

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Email privacy loophole has an easy fix

The privacy of Iowans’ emails, texts, and similar online messages are protected by an outdated law. The Electronic Communications Privacy Ac ... »

School funding: Why Democrats stick with 4 percent

You’ve got to wonder what other states think of the debate Iowa is having over local school funding.

Davenport’s school superin ... »

Lawmakers can leave a real legacy

The Iowa Legislature and Governor have an extraordinary opportunity to leave a legacy more enduring than anything the state has accomplished in dec ... »

What role does money play in citizens’ disengagement?

There has probably never been a time in human civilization when money did not have an influence on politics. It is unlikely, though, that its influ ... »

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