Starbucks wrong to initiate conversation
To the editor:I take (and read) The Cedar Rapids Gazette on a daily basis. It is the only local paper. As I’ve said before, and say again, it&# ... »
Wanting a water park isn’t selfish
To the editor:I have to agree with Patricia Kinch’s letter on April 11 “Our ‘neighbors’ are being selfish” about ou ... »
Supervisors should turn on cameras
Smile, Linn County Board of Supervisors. You’re on Joel Miller’s camera. Miller, the Linn County Auditor, carried a video camera into a ... »
“Right to Assistance” law would make Iowa’s local nuisance ordinances better
Ongoing discussions between state lawmakers and City of Cedar Rapids officials have kept a possible “Right to Assistance” bill in the he ... »
Sunday, April 19, 2015
Band law sparks memories, and more music

Sometimes, a column leads me to something unexpected. »

The Week — Marijuana, Hillary’s next trip and hot new spring fashions
SENATE FINALLY GOES TO POTDid you get a load of that Quinnipiac Poll out this week showing 87 percent of Iowans favor legalizing marijuana for medical ... »
Small stops and a very big bubble
MONTICELLO — Some have cracked wise about what Hillary Clinton’s campaign 2016 slogan should be. After watching her first Iowa event thi ... »
Cedar Rapids’ DOT appeal is uphill fight
So Cedar Rapids is going to fight for its right to put speed cameras where it pleases. For safety, of course. Local control is at stake. File the appe ... »
And how will they know us?
This column was filed late. You see, I’d planned to begin it with a prayer for the harm of another person. Seriously. I considered being a copy ... »
A ‘rock star’ caucus won’t serve rural America
If rumors are believed, this is the day Iowa Democrats have either been wanting or dreading: Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her entry into th ... »
Rayhons case reveals law’s flaws
Jury selection took place this week in the trial of Henry Rayhons, a former Iowa lawmaker who stands accused of sexual abuse against his ailing wife, ... »
Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Trees Forever: A week of Earth Day activities

Environmental issues may seem overwhelming on a global scale.

Wildlife extinction, loss of habitat, climate change and natural disasters such ... »

We need nature and nature needs us
I am a resident of Cedar Rapids, born and raised. This city has been good to me. The attitude of the Midwest is unique to many regions in our country ... »
Iowa Utilities Board should wait on Bakken Pipeline
Letter submitted to Iowa Utilities Board related to the Bakken Pipeline:I waited to submit my comments so as to give my response deep thought, focus o ... »
What are schools for?
This month, Writers Circle members met to discuss what should be the question, “What is the 21st century mission for our public schools?” ... »
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