Pipeline could be hazardous project
To the editor: Since the pipeline project was announced and I received notice that my land was in its path, I have become aware of the problems in the ... »
Native Iowan proud of her roots
To the editor: During the recent RAGBRAI I had the opportunity along with some colleagues to provide hospitality along the riders’ route in Hia ... »
Pushing the minimum wage debate
The debate over Iowa’s minimum wage has reached a new pitch in Johnson County, where some members of the Board of Supervisors are pushing to ra ... »
Marion library backers have spent years studying options for a new facility. It’s time to take those plans to the people.
Marion Public Library Director Doug Raber had a question for the Marion City Council during its most recent work session. “In your mind, what&# ... »
Tuesday, July 21, 2015
Branstad energizes Democrats

Iowa Democrats gave out their »

Find a place to disconnect before summer’s over
My cellular provider has a series of TV ads claiming its powerful coverage will reach unexpected places. One insists “now the middle of nowhere ... »
A wide open race for mayor in Marion
So Mayor Snooks is moving on. ‘I was on the fence for a while,” said Marion Mayor Allen “Snooks” Bouska, who told me this ... »
The ‘stache always knows best in Iowa
Fun fact: Iowa is the only state with a ‘stache-cameral form of government. It’s true.Sure, civics class taught us a bunch of stuff abou ... »
Sunday, July 19, 2015
People, struggles get lost in transgender hype

Like many readers, I observed Caitlyn Jenner’s coming out party from afar. Unlike many of you, it wasn’t the first time I or those cl ... »

Pardon me for not rejoicing
Another day, another spitting match between Gov. Terry Branstad and a public employee union.The latest lawsuit was launched by AFSCME in response to B ... »
The big issue with the other Branstad veto
Perhaps Gov. Terry Branstad doesn’t have a clear understanding of what benefit cliffs are or how they hamper economic advancement.Amid the flur ... »
Johnson County Community ID begins next week
Rollout of the long anticipated Johnson County Community ID begins Friday, another Midwestern first courtesy of the People’s Republic.The cards ... »
Thursday, July 23, 2015
Policies are a critical piece of cybersecurity

In the late 1990s, U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson noted that a historic breach in his department occurred because it had neglected the human ... »

Preparing to respond to disasters
Summer elicits thoughts of family vacations, baseball games, campfires and swimming pools. But we also know that every year communities are struck by ... »
Does Iowa really need Ex-Im?
Has Iowa’s economy suffered since July 1? It was supposed to. At least, that’s what lobbyists in Washington predicted would happen after ... »
West Liberty has a lot to brag about
Just over a week ago, editorial board members Quinn Pettifer, Teresa Daubitz and I set up our tent in West Liberty’s annual picnic in Kimberly ... »
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