Positive change difficult to achieve

To the editor:

Regarding Phil Alexander’s March 22 column “What’s the best way to share our causes?”:

I&#x ... »

City only interested in making money

To the editor:

If the City of Cedar Rapids was interested in safety, they would have photo radar signs that are 4 x 8 with blinking lights on ... »

Iowa school funding impasse is about competing values, not money

Last week, the school funding impasse took another ugly turn, with Democratic and Republican leaders accusing each other of playing politics with o ... »

‘Right to Assistance’ bill necessary

Feeling safe in your own home and neighborhood is a critical quality-of-life issue — especially for those who are victims of crime.

A ... »

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Branstad should stand up for equality

So I’ve made a surprise cameo appearance in the big legal tussle between Iowa’s governor and the state’s former workers’ ... »

The Week — Cruz news amuses and Hoosiers take culture war to overtime


It was U.S. Sen. ... »

Pledge allegiance, or get lost

OK, Republican caucus campaign staffers, repeat after me.

“I (state your name) pledge allegiance to the First-In-the-Nation Iowa caucu ... »

Looking back after a week away

So I missed some news while taking the family to warmer climes last week. Developments galore, but precious few surprises.

It was no surpris ... »

Sunday, March 29, 2015
Why Hillary Clinton isn’t a done deal

Despite its auspicious beginnings in about 500 BC and subsequent debate, the idea that nature abhors a vacuum was imprinted upon American conscious ... »

Has UKIP arrived in Iowa?

A significant (and I believe growing) number of Iowans no longer fit neatly into the two historic political categories that have dominated American ... »

Political spin turning voters off

A  new study by a Philadelphia media watchdog group has found that, in the lead-up to the 2014 midterm elections, more time during broadcast ... »

Goodbye, Sunshine

Few times in history has a time period devoted to awareness of a cause been bookended by two high-profile examples. Yet, that is exactly the case f ... »

Friday, March 27, 2015
Unite in mental illness fight

As I write this, the Des Moines metro area is grieving the loss of two middle school children who committed suicide and the death of a veteran who ... »

Email privacy loophole has an easy fix

The privacy of Iowans’ emails, texts, and similar online messages are protected by an outdated law. The Electronic Communications Privacy Ac ... »

School funding: Why Democrats stick with 4 percent

You’ve got to wonder what other states think of the debate Iowa is having over local school funding.

Davenport’s school superin ... »

Lawmakers can leave a real legacy

The Iowa Legislature and Governor have an extraordinary opportunity to leave a legacy more enduring than anything the state has accomplished in dec ... »

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