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Todd Dorman
I'm a columnist, editorial writer and blogger for The Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I write about local and state government, politics, social issues, children, dogs, barbecue, or whatever shiny thing catches my woefully short attention span. I've been here since October 2007, after covering the Statehouse for nearly a decade, and my blog has been online since November 2007. I was student body president of my high school in 1988-89 and that's the last time I'll run for anything. Except maybe a free beer or an ice cream truck.

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Video gambling grows like weeds in Illinois

If you’re still bummed about Cedar Rapids missing out on gambling, you can always meander into Illinois.

In the Land of Lincoln, you can’t swing a bag of disposable income these days without hitting a little gambling parlor. Fi [...]

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Governor follows an ill wind

Our weather vane governor always knows which way the political wind is blowing.

So it was no great surprise last week when Gov. Terry Branstad swiftly slammed the state’s door on the idea of sheltering any of the undocumented immigra [...]

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Political groups a mix of opinions

Apparently, our politics is being driven by proud pessimists and disappointed optimists.

At least that’s one conclusion you can draw from the sprawling statistics yielded by the Pew Research Center’s continue »

The camera never blinks on a Senate race gone gothic

Videos dogged Iowa’s U.S. Senate stars this week.

First, there was a video of U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley walking an In [...]

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Iowa’s fireworks debate still smolders

It’s been 76 Independence Days since Iowa banned the sale and use of most types of fireworks. Thanks to that law, peace and domestic tranquility reign each July 4, he types sarcastically.

But will this be the last one?

I doubt [...]

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Raging runoff should prompt commissioners to think twice

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about continuing efforts to scrap a state rule requiring builders with required stormwater handling permits to put four inches of topsoil back on finished sites, if those sites had topsoil removed before construction [...]

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Protecting the faithful purveyor of handicrafts from besmirchment

(Warning: My annual Independence Day-ish historical satire.)

From a long forgotten debate at the Constitutional Convention.

“The chair recognizes Mr. Madison.”

Fellow delegates [...]

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A nation in need of perspective needs kids who know history

It’s been a couple of weighty weeks for Tess Adeline Dorman.

Tess, my brainy 12-year old daughter, earned a slot at College for Kids on Coe’s campus. When she got her schedule, [...]

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A civil rights history project derailed by a veto pen.

With the 50th anniversary of Freedom Summer approaching, Gov. Terry Branstad used his veto pen to give the African American Museum of Iowa in Cedar Rapids freedom from state funding.

The governor scrap [...]

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Memo: My desk beach is beautiful, wish you were here

(Warning: Satire)

Memo to all Grindstone Group employees.

From: Your Work -Life Balance Team (formerly Human Resources)

Subject: Vacations.

First, we’d like to thank you for your efforts. We know the uncertainties yo [...]

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