Iowa City has much to offer retirees

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Published: April 8 2014 | 2:53 pm - Updated: 8 April 2014 | 10:14 pm in

The Johnson County Senior Center is at the center of the future growth of Iowa City.

Joseph Lubow in “Choose a College Town For Retirement: Retirement Discoveries for Every Budget” believes college towns give the best bang for the retirement buck. Lubow makes a list of criteria.

The College Town Scoreboard:

l The town has to be a distinct community.

l There has to be at least one college or university that could be seen as a major focus of community life.

l There had to be a hospital, preferably a medical center serving a region.

l There has to be a cultural center, which could be the college itself.

l There has to be parks or open space and recreational areas.

l There has to be a senior center or programs for seniors.

l At least one college in the town had to offer educational opportunities to adults, preferably to seniors.

l A government, chamber of commerce, college, church or other organization has to hold events that bring the community out of their homes to interact together, such as street fairs, concerts in the park and historical celebrations.

l There needs to be a cultural life. It could take the form of art or historical museums, musical performances, theater arts, or dance and the groups or performances needed to have a student/faculty or community component.

l The town’s location has to be beautiful, the streets pleasant to walk and the people friendly

Iowa City scores

100 percent.

Mary Gravitt

Iowa City


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