Congress doesn’t need more lawyers

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Published: April 8 2014 | 2:54 pm - Updated: 8 April 2014 | 10:14 pm in Letters to the Editor,

In the March 25 KCRG-TV9 news, there was film taken by an amateur of Bruce Braley in Texas trying to raise campaign funds from a group of trial lawyers.

Braley said that Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley was not qualified for his position in the Senate because he was only a farmer before starting his political career in the House and Senate and was not a lawyer. This film of Braley reminds me of a film taken two years ago, by an amateur, of Mitt Romney talking to a group of investors. Romney told them that only half the people in this country pay income tax. The comment was true, but hearing it upset people, those who pay income tax and those who donít. The Democrats played this tape over and over on TV to help beat Romney.

Grassley has done an outstanding job of representing Iowa and its bigger industry, which is farming. If Grassley decides to run for the Senate again in two years, I will vote for him. A person who has been as outstanding business executive, who knows how to grow a business, should fill our upcoming Senate vacancy and not Braley. We have too many lawyers in Congress, we donít need more. I wonít be voting for Braley this fall.

Robert Cribbs

Mount Vernon

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