Streets department needs to do things right

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Published: March 31 2014 | 1:21 pm - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 10:22 am in

The city streets department is going to get pothole-filling machines to replace the current practice of shoveling blacktop into a hole and whacking it with a shovel, which is about zero percent effective. I hope that the machines will work, but I don’t hold much hope. There are too many holes and the holes become bumps if the blacktop is not smoothed out.

I would like to see the “powers that be” be good stewards of the new money that will be coming into that system to “think smooth.” Patches on patches have become bumps, so too are the joints of every section of paving, and every manhole cover constitutes a bump, etc.

I would like to see a fleet of the surface-grinding machines purchased and before the pothole brigade goes to work, to “smooth” the streets with the grinders. Let’s do things right this time around.

There will be no excuse of lack of money because we voted to make sure there is money in the future. When subcontractors are hired to do work, make sure that City Engineer Dave Elgin and crew are one scene to make sure the work is done right. An example of poor workmanship and inspection is the section of Third Avenue SE near Park Court, which is like a rumble strip. I would bet every citizen in Cedar Rapids knows other similar situations.

Phil Saunders

Cedar Rapids


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