Let people of Crimea decide their future

The Gazette Opinion Staff
Published: March 25 2014 | 3:05 pm - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 10:09 am in

Sometimes it is best to stay out of other people’s business. Crimea is one example.

As I understand it, in 1954, the Crimean province of the Soviet Union was transferred from the Russian republic to the Ukrainian republic. In 1991, the Crimean province was upgraded to an autonomous Soviet republic. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, Crimea temporarily became an independent republic before becoming part of the newly independent Ukraine. Since that time, there has been tension between Russia and Ukraine.

So maybe, other countries need to just stand back and let the people of Crimea be the deciders of their future.

Jim Niday

Cedar Rapids

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