Casinos should be allowed to compete

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Published: March 14 2014 | 10:55 am - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 9:36 am in

The argument advanced by the Riverside and Tama casinos that a casino in Cedar Rapids would cannibalize their casinos rings hollow. Itís just plain greed and selfishness.

For several years, Walgreens drugstore was alone at the corner of Edgewood Road and 16th Avenue SW. When CVS drugstore built a store right across the street, we didnít hear of Walgreens trying to keep them out. When Fareway grocery stores announced they would build a new store in the Town and Country Shopping Center, we didnít hear Hy-Vee at Lindale or 32nd Street advance the argument that Fareway would cannibalize some of their business.

That could be true, but thatís called competition; itís the American way. Neither Hy-Vee or Walgreens went before our City Council and whined and tried to block competition.

The people of Cedar Rapids voted overwhelmingly to have a casino here. It may lure more people into our new convention center and our new amphitheater, knowing there is another big drawing card here. Dubuque has two casinos and the Quad Cities has three casinos. Why canít Cedar Rapids have one?

I hope the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission approves our casino and then just lets the chips fall where they may.

Ken Thimmesch

Cedar Rapids


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