Pills have same effect on babies as surgical abortion

The Gazette Opinion Staff
Published: March 11 2014 | 3:49 pm - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 9:28 am in

Abortifacient forms of birth control such as “Plan B” or “The Morning After Pill” kill a developing child by altering the lining of the womb.

Most birth-control pills prevent the implantation of a living embryo to the lining of the womb, thereby starving a child to death. Conservative estimates state the pill functions as an abortifacient between 2 percent and 10 percent of the time.

The I.U.D. inflames the lining of the womb so that the living human embryo is unable to attach. Norplant works as a contraceptive and an abortifacient.

Depo-Provera, an injection administered every three months, uses the same mechanism as the pill. RU-486 starves a child to death through hormone deprivation and expels the corpse through muscular contractions.

The Bible teaches human life begins at fertilization (Psalms 139:13-16 and Genesis 9:6). All sciences support this fact. Abortifacients used as birth control have the same outcome for developing babies as surgical abortion.

Donna Holman



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