Money only flows one way to casino

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Published: March 7 2014 | 11:05 am - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 9:16 am in

How much money arrives in Cedar Rapids and Linn County from Riverside and other nearby casinos? Very little. It is a one-way street from Cedar Rapids.

The Kehl group has no need to dominate this territory and degrade Linn County’s (proposed) Cedar Crossing Casino. The 1,040 Riverside residents, the Kehl group, plus five individuals on the gaming commission should not

offset the desires of the vast majority of 210,000 Linn County residents as evidenced by the 61 percent “yes” vote win in the gambling referendum.

People, think. Casino Cedar Rapids’ survey is every bit as believable as Riverside’s.

There are reasons for the commission’s approval, as the casino will be prominent in flood revitalization continuity and economic recovery. Supporters of the Cedar Crossing Casino have to hope commission members are open-minded and consider what a license will mean for future Linn County and Cedar Rapids growth.

I do not feel it is fair to deny Cedar Rapids, thereby supporting Riverside. Should the Kehl group sign on the dotted line and agree to return an acceptable percent of its profits to Linn County residents (our own money), I might reconsider my position. After all, Cedar Rapidian casino losses should benefit Cedar Rapids and Linn County, not Riverside.

James E. (Jim) Fine

Cedar Rapids

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