Cedar Rapids folded its chance for a casino

The Gazette Opinion Staff
Published: March 4 2014 | 2:19 pm - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 9:09 am in

I am a Riverside Casino investor at the low end, so my view might be a bit slanted; however, I am trying to be fair.

I am not sure I agree with the percentages of loss being found, but I do agree if the Cedar Rapids casino goes through it will be felt in Riverside. I always have felt that gambling is the same as a voluntary tax. No one forces you to partake, but many feel itís an entertainment expense.

I also have always believed there are only so many gambling dollars to go around no matter how many outlets. Seems to me that Cedar Rapids had the first opportunity to get involved, but turned out they were shortsighted and turned it down.

Mayor Ron Corbett states the casinos have been cannibalizing the revenue out of Cedar Rapids and Linn County since opening. Is it still considered cannibalization since you didnít want it to begin with?

(Columnist) Todd Dorman states should the future home of James T. Kirk trump Iowaís second-largest city? I certainly hope so and hope the gaming commission agrees as Riverside didnít trump inasmuch as Cedar Rapids folded their hand on their first vote and now want to replay it. Any card game I have ever been in, once you fold, you are out.

Wayne Anderson



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