Rathje has specific plan to solve our problems

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Published: March 2 2014 | 2:04 pm - Updated: 1 April 2014 | 9:04 am in

Our elected representatives in Washington have had more than enough time to understand that what the citizens of this country really want is a growing economy and a supply of living-wage jobs that will allow them the opportunity to work and support their families.

Nothing is being done to support this goal by those in office; compromise of any type seems to be impossible to achieve.

It is time that voters put in office individuals who are willing to see that our country moves forward; it is our responsibility to do so.

I am tired of listening to candidates (no matter the party) spout the same words and promises and, once elected, take no action to achieve what they said they would. I want a candidate who not only says what needs to be done, but one that can outline specific steps for attaining the plans that they endorse.

I have found such a candidate in Steve Rathje and am supporting his candidacy for Congress. He has had the courage to put in writing his specific recommendations for needed actions that will address not only improving the economy, but bringing back jobs that have migrated outside our borders and assisting our children in being able to afford a college education.

I endorse Rathje and hope that you will as well after you have had the opportunity to review his recommended solutions to this nationís challenges.

Chuck Wieneke

Cedar Rapids

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