Don’t let Iowa turn its back on the hungry

The Gazette Opinion Staff
Published: February 8 2014 | 1:17 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 3:21 am in

On Jan. 14, David Roederer, director of the Iowa Department of Management, told us (the state of) Iowa will be leaving food banks out in the cold. We who volunteer at Iowa food banks know growing numbers of senior veterans, young parents and innocent children are going hungry.

According to Feeding America, a national food banks coalition, more than 146,000 Iowa children lack access to a healthy diet.

The USDA tells us that the number of Iowans with unmet basic food needs surged to one in eight over the last two years.

Food program cuts, job scarcity and rising prices are increasing demands on food banks. Many are forced to limit the number served. Religious communities and charitable groups do all they can, but we can’t keep up.

We always have been proud when Iowa comes to the aid of disaster victims, here and abroad. We always have been proud of Iowa’s role in feeding our country and a hungry world. Must we hang our heads in shame, as our state turns its back on hungry


We know Iowa cares deeply about her farms and businesses. We must show, with more than words, that Iowa still cares about her people. Please everyone, ask our governor to reconsider.

Dan Daly

Iowa City


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