Nation fooling itself on abortion

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Published: January 27 2014 | 12:01 am - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 2:42 am in

By John Sheda


Jan. 19 was “Sanctity of Life” Sunday. It is always held the Sunday before the anniversary of Roe vs Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion, which is a word tossed around instead of murder. Legalized abortion’s 41st birthday was “celebrated” on Jan. 22.

Should one use the word “celebrate” for such an occasion? Or “birthday” or even “anniversary?”

What would be the correct and humane way to mark such an event? For that I have no idea.

But speaking of birthdays or anniversaries, there are

56 million babies who will celebrate neither. 56 million!

Do you have any idea what 56 million means? Think of this: 56 million encompasses the entire populations of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma and Ohio.

That’s 11 states’ population completely eradicated. The entire Midwest.

And each one of these 56 million babies (some would be 41 years old this year) had the absolute right to live.

At the moment of conception, each one had his or her own distinct DNA. Not many days hence, each one had a heart beating.

How could we as a nation have let this happen? We know it’s wrong, yet we do nothing about it. We look the other way. We

don’t think about it. We keep electing politicians who are in favor of it.

We have been duped to believe (and deep down we know it’s not true) that the life in the womb is just a thing — an it. But we can’t decide when this “thing” or “it” becomes a human being.

So we arbitrarily announce that perhaps it’s after the second trimester (though abortions are still done later than this), or most likely, we say when this thing is born, than this thing becomes a human being.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to state the truth, the obvious: Life begins at conception. No exceptions.

On television, I’ve seen over and over again the commercials that depict the horrible mistreatment and abuse of animals. The commercials are heartbreaking. Pets and farm animals mistreated in horrific manner.

In fact, it’s hard to watch these commercials from beginning to end. Those sad eyes, the gaunt appearance and their inability to do anything about their plight. It’s gut-wrenching to watch.

Can you imagine the outcry if commercials of abortions were permitted to be shown on television and then a plea to help?

Yet it’s all right to show defenseless animals being mistreated but not human beings. What kind of a people are we? Don’t we know that the worst kind of child abuse is the act of abortion?

Stop this horrible thing called abortion now. Call your elected officials and ask them their stance on this issue. If they are in favor of legal abortion, tell them that you aren’t going to vote for them. Remember, it’s still “we the people.”

John Sheda is pastor of Living Water Church in Independence. Comments:

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