Articles on South Slope not telling whole story

The Gazette Opinion Staff
Published: January 26 2014 | 1:44 pm - Updated: 29 March 2014 | 2:42 am in

In the newspaper lately, there have been negative articles concerning South Slope Cooperative Communications. I have been a South Slope member for the past 40-plus years and am very satisfied.

I donít know who is giving the newspaper false information, but I would say itís union employees not happy in their position. Rather than smear the reputation of a great company, they should find employment elsewhere. I know of many employees who are happy with their employer. Employees mistreated? How many employees have left South Slope voluntarily in the past 10 years because they were mistreated?

The articles are downgrading the cooperative and top management. These articles have been written by union officials who I believe are not affiliated with South Slope. You are hearing only their side.

How about hearing from the employees of South Slope? I hope members of South Slope back the company and donít let these articles damage a good company. Negative propaganda only hurts the co-op, employees and local economy. We have lost several big companies in the area because of union disputes. Letís not lose our local cooperative. Talk to South Slope directly, get the facts from them, and then base your opinion.

Dorothy Ditch



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